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November 24, 1997

Well, this has sure been a week of yelling on AMC. First we had Adam and Marian yelling at each other. I just LOVED this scene! It was great!! Adam and Marian have such fire. They would be the perfect couple. Can you see it? I can... most definitely. I've talked about my desire for Adam and Marian to get together before, but seeing a scene like these two had this week brings it all back into focus for me. I guess the possibility of this happening is remote, especially now... but you know what they say, it's a thin line between love and hate! I actually liked Liza and Adam together... well, in the beginning when they still hated each other. Once they realized they loved each other it got way too icky sweet for me. Don't get me wrong, I love romance as much as anyone, but they both got so out of character. Now, let's just visualize Adam and Marian together for a minute. There is so much passion there, you can tell by their fights. Adam comes up with new and delicious ways to insult Marian and the old crone keeps coming back for more. Besides that, she'd love to get her mitts on his wallet again. I just can't help but see Marian, martini in hand, chasing Adam around his bedroom in her skimpy peignoir and those pouffy marabou mules. Oh dahhhhhling, the possibilities for these two are endless!!

More yelling this week, this time at Chez Dillon. Tim and Janet, Tim and Trevor, Janet to Belinda. PERFORMER OF THE WEEK goes to Tommy Michaels (Tim). That kid can act! Sure I don't agree with what he is doing, but I still believe he has every right to feel the way he does. And he is portraying Tim's anguish at all this so fabulously. He is showing himself to be more and more like Aunt Janet everyday. This thing about locking himself in a meat locker is way out there though. What is that all about? OK, he wants to frame Janet and have everyone think that she put him there. I suspect she will really have to do some explaining, and let's just see if Trevor believes she had nothing to do with it. I suspect he won't. I wonder if Tim runs out of air in the meat locker before he is found and needs to be in the hospital for awhile. So, Tim didn't think this whole plan through, or at least didn't think it would take Trevor that long to find him. I was glad to see Janet finally release her anger, and Trevor's reaction to it (no reaction really) was surprising. But once his kid is missing, will he continue to be that casual?

And still more yelling. Dim sure thinks he rules the world doesn't he? He snaps his fingers and his flunkies whisk Edmund away to the wine cellar. Oh, before I go on, the wine cellar. How is it that Edmund didn't know about the secret way to the wine cellar? Didn't he grow up in that castle? Didn't he put Erica in that very same cellar when he kidnapped her? OK... this Budapest stuff has gotten somewhat more interesting since last week. Aunt Eugenia is pretty cool. I think she and the Phoebster would be a nice little gruesome twosome. Maybe they can get to be buddies when Eugenia heads to the states to keep an eye on Gillian. I got such a big laugh out of Eugenia thinking Tad was her late husband, Alexei. Just how many twins does Tad have? This makes Tad the spitting image of Alexei and Ted Orsini. Before long we will find out that Tad is one of the McCaughey septuplets! And I just love how Dimitri loves to hold onto his reasoning for everything thrown at him. Why it's because Edmund and Tad are both insane. Why else would they be saying that Maddie is not his. I can't think of any otherreason. Yep, insanity. And speaking of insanity, it looks like Glo is going to stick it out with Dimitri. I think her brains have been exchanged for cleavage. At least she finally believes that Maddie is really Edmund's child. It's about time! And then the big homecoming on, of all days, Thanksgiving. How appropriate. We can look forward to seeing everyone at this homecoming I'm sure. I don't think I'm going to know what to do with myself once Thanksgiving is here and this storyline ends. Oh, I know what I'll do!!! REJOICE!! I guess this story isn't really over though. Dim has to clear his name, if he can. And what better place to do that than the Cutting Edge. Will it work or will he be found out for the snake that he is, knowing that Maddie wasn't his and trying to keep her anyway? Well, the only one who knows that he knew is Skye (oh and Andy too...but he's gone back to his home in the woodwork). And since Skye is gone now (or is she?) it seems like Dim should be able to convince people that he never knew about the blood types not matching. We know that at the very least Gloria will believe him.

Laura had a great scene this week. She barely spoke! I wouldn't mind seeing Laura if this was how all her scenes were. I'm not so sure why Brooke blew off Jim the way she did that night at her house. OK, she was having a family dinner with Laura, Jamie and the Phoebster (who, by the way, had on a smashing new wig!). But why make Jim feel like he's not welcome near her son? I don't get that. She thinks it's OK to boink on the couch in the middle of the afternoon when the Whiner can come home and see them in all their splendor, but it's not OK for Jim to give him a gift and try and get to know him better? OK Brooke, whatever. And then, Jim comes back and in full kinkman slimy mode he gets Brooke all hot and bothered and leaves! That was great!

Gillian and Kelsey get arrested for prostitution. Alrighty. Isn't Kelsey a brain? Wasn't she supposed to go to Harvard or something? And isn't Gillian really street smart and worldly? So help me out do these two get involved in something like this? I suppose it's just so we can be introduced to Victoria, Erica's new cellmate, but still. I'm getting a little tired of AMC making the smart women look dumb. First Hayley, when that whole Tanner fiasco was going on, then Brooke not only dating, but falling in love with Cowboy Jim and now Kelsey getting involved in this! And exactly what is the point of giving Erica a cellmate at this point? Will this Victoria somehow offer Erica more opportunities for redemption? This week, when Susan Lucci was on THAT show, you know the one... it's on in the morning, it's live, it has two really annoying hosts? Anyway, Susan said that something very special happens on the Christmas Eve show... I think it's safe to assume that Erica will be released from prison (and go home to Linden and have a lovely reunion with Bianca and a very romantic Christmas with Jack). It's kind of strange that they would refuse her parole only to give it to her a month later. That is why I think Victoria will have something to do with her getting out. I know that her part in getting Maddie back to Edmund will play a part in her release as well. And while I'm still talking about Erica, she is the proud owner of the LINE OF THE WEEK!! She said, about Dimitri, "Any man who would steal his own brother's baby, is capable of anything." Hello pot, meet the kettle!

Last, but not least, it's time for the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. I've had a little trouble with this one this week. Whom to give it to? After much pondering, I've decided that the recipient should be Tim. For recklessly driving off in Janet's car, for being so full of hatred and anger, for blaming Janet because Trevor decided to let him sweat out a night in jail, for scaring his little sister and the biggest reason; for hanging out with a kid named Oyster Cracker.