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November 22, 1999

Bad news folks, I sat down Sunday evening to watch my tape of the week's shows and found my tape is uh... kaputz. The sound goes in and out, mostly out, and the picture goes from a little fuzzy to black screen with no notice. I guess I used that video tape one too many times! Who'd of thunk it could be totally unwatchable that quickly, when it was fine last week. This is my luck. So without further ado, here is what I think happened:

Waifley whined.

Ryan pouted and nipped at Waifley's heels.

Assholeo was an assholeo.

Palmer suspected, Vanessa covered.

Adam stayed hidden away, while Marian tried to cover her tracks.

Adrian was on for 5 minutes.

Gillian is still struggling.

Sophie lurked and threatened.

Janet got more nervous, while Trevor remained oblivious.

Erica and David had sex.

Liza and Tad humiliated Stuart on live TV, and for some unknown reason didn't know it was him.

Becca longed for Scott, Scott longed for Becca.

Greenlee acted like a trampy ho.

From what I hear about this week, I'm not missing much at all anyway. Rest assured, I do have new tape all set for this week. I was sorry about not being able to hear the saga unfolding with the "pie in the face" thing, but I've been told by numerous people already that it was horrible. Well, I guess I'm off to to read some recaps.