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November 2, 1998

Why oh why would Ryan just walk into David's room?? Ugh, I can't believe he would do that. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up. Ryan lays into Gillian and Raquel for their sudden friendship and for trying to break up Hayley and Mateo. When they get back to Wildwind, Gillian is going on and on about how Hayley should just step her skinny butt aside and let Raquel and Mateo be together. To which Hayley tells her to pack her bags. Sure Hayley, you really have the authority to kick Gillian out of Edmund's house don't you? So once Hayley is gone again, it's back to Gillian and Ryan fighting. Gillian decides to become Ross's new wife Emily on Friends and tell Ryan that she will accept that he cannot say he loves her if they move out of Wildwind and he never sees or talks to Hayley again. Geez Gilly, get over it! Then Gilly, not knowing when enough is enough pushes Ryan too far by asking over and over if he loves her and he finally tells her no he doesn't. So off she goes to boink David. Oh is she dumb! She tells David that she really does love Ryan and has only been using David. David can't help but turn around and laugh so she doesn't see him! This ninny thinks that David really does love her and that this info is going to hurt him. Say Gillian has one moment of clarity a day, how could she not see that there is no love between her and David? They don't even speak ever! All they do is have sex and then she goes into some long soliloquy about Ryan and her relationship with him.

Back at Weirdwind, Mr. Pinkerton of Immigration shows up and tells Ryan that after seeing that lovely display of affection at the health club, they are off the hook and are no longer being investigated. So they are free to divorce and Ryan realizes that he doesn't want a divorce, he really does love Gillian. So off he goes to find her and waltzes right into David's room and catches her in the sack with David. Another shining example of unlocked doors. I still can't believe he walked into that room, but even more than that, I can't believe he would go searching for Gillian and end up there. What's the deal with that? Gee, I can't find my wife, I think I'll go look for her in another man's hotel room. Can you see how much David is going to enjoy this confrontation? He is such a slimeball. He could care less about ruining any chances that Gillian and Ryan have to be together. Then Ryan is going to be in for a heap of trouble this coming week involving Kit. I know that Ryan is not going to be the one to rape her. My hope for this storyline is that Gilly will stand by her man and believe him. Maybe they will even work together and find out who the rapist really is. I have a theory, but I hesitate to say who I think it is because it's kind of gross. If you want to know, write to me and I'll tell you. I don't know who it really is going to be yet, I just have a guess.

Speaking of Kit, how scary was her father's house? It was like the sanctuary of all things Kit. That must have been some whacky childhood she had. Her father seems to be obsessed with her. Time to move on Nathan. Sheesh, how long has she been gone from Kansas that his house is still all about her. Yuk. That whole scene creeped me out. I guess it was appropriate for Halloween week though. It's like the place was haunted. Haunted by the ghost of Kit and she's not even dead. Then to make matters worse, Kit wastes no time on preliminaries and immediately rips into her father demanding to know if he is really her father. She doesn't even bother to introduce Edmund. The poor old guy doesn't even know who Edmund is and Edmund is ripping into him and telling him to tell Kit the truth. Gee Edmund, when did you become the big brute? He really laid into this poor man. I thought he was going to grab the old man by the collar and start shaking him. And he refused to budge, so Edmund threatens him with exhuming the grave of his wife to see if her DNA matches Kit's and she really was Kit's mother. Kit doesn't like this idea. After Nathan tells Kit that he no longer has a daughter after the treatment she and Edmund have given him (and who could blame him really) Kit leaves the house pretty easily after about a millisecond of tears. For not wanting to hurt the man, she did it pretty easily and then left even easier. I just can't get behind this woman. I realize she probably really is Jack's sister but she just seems to be embarrassed by her upbringing. Hey honey, lots of people grow up poor. It looks to me like she thinks she should be some princess or something and had to settle for two parents who loved her and showered her with attention, the poor thing. And then Edmund, what's his deal? He alienates all his friends to help this virtual stranger. He's spouting off about loyalty while he himself has been disloyal to his friends by helping Kit. I get the similarities in Kit's story to things that have happened in his own life, but why does he have to estrange himself from everyone in the process? And suddenly he's a big bully too. Edmund's behavior through all this is really bothersome.

Why does Raquel keep clutching that empty bag like the bag is really her child. I don't get that. When we do finally see Max, he's a little carbon copy of Mateo. Just what we need. I can't tell you how sick I am of this story already. Mateo: "I love Hayley, I don't love you anymore." Raquel: "I only love you Mateo, you'll love me again." Oh I can't take it anymore! Then Hayley goes off and breaks into Raquel's room and when she comes back she gets all sheepish thinking that Mateo is going to be angry with her. Excuse me? What does he have to get angry about? She's at least trying to find things out about Raquel, not sitting around saying "I don't love you anymore so go away." So then Mateo finally admits he's a big stupid ass and that this is all his fault when Hayley says, "oh honey, it's not your fault." WHAT? Yes it is his fault! It's all his fault for never telling Hayley about any of this and for telling Raquel she could fight the no fault divorce if she wanted to! I can't wait for that smug jerk to see that he actually has a kid. Wait, can you see this happening... Mateo trying to fight Raquel for custody of a kid he never even knew existed and asking Hayley to be a mommy to him? And what will our brain dead, no longer gutsy Hayley do? "Yes dear, I'd love to play mommy to a child you never knew existed, no problem. How convenient that we can't have kids right now, we can just take this one." Ugh.

I liked how Tad had Jake come up to the roof and bring him Grandma Kate's ring. I love how AMC does things like this, bringing in little bits of history. They've also been doing that with some of those great old Tad and Dixie flashbacks too. The scenes that Jake and Tad have had lately have been so great. I loved the stuff on the roof and then again later when they were both drowning their sorrows in Halloween candy. In fact, I liked this stuff so much I'm going to give Tad and Jake a dual PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. They were both so sure that Dixie was going to show up, and she was. But she's been passed out on Braeden's floor for what seems like 5 days or so. Tad waited all night for Dix to show up and then decided to go find her. When he was talking to the hotel manager, told him how "An Affair to Remember" turns out and started blubbering like she was a character in Sleepless in Seattle or something. But she gives Tad the idea to call the hospitals, unfortunately for Tad she's not there yet. So Tad is distraught. And old PC isn't going to make his life any easier. Palmer continues his meddling ways this week. I have to say though, I'm very disappointed in Braeden. Dixie pours her heart out to this guy about how much she loves Tad and is going to take that chance again. And he uses this to angle for a job with Palmer. What a jerk.

Allie needs to be slapped so bad, and I'm just the gal to do it. So honey, brace yourself for a big huge I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. There are many reasons to slap her this week so where does one start? OK, first she buys all these baby clothes and oohh's and aahh's over them like she's really pregnant, showing them to Jake. Then goes off about how maybe she should have bought a wedding dress first. Jake tells her he will be there for her, and for the baby but doesn't want to marry her. Allie goes bonkers and of course runs right to Liza, telling her that Jake wants nothing to do with her child. Excuse me? I believe I heard Jake say that he will be there for the child? Allie has that selective hearing thing going on. Then she really earns her slap by telling Liza she should miscarry. All her problems are Liza's fault. At least she thinks so. The woman is a certifiable kook.

So, while Allie is busy spouting off to Liza once again, David heads to Myrtle's to find the copy of his confession tape that Allie still has. Jake finds him snooping around and confronts him. What could have been an ugly confrontation turns into a rather interesting alliance. David spills all to Jake about Allie's lies about the tape and about the pregnancy. Jake finally gets it and when Allie comes home, he asks her about 350 times if she's really pregnant. This turns into a big "let's all attack Allie" scene. It was pretty cool. Allie was boxed into a corner and finally cracked that she's not pregnant and that everything is Liza's fault. Liza is there by this time and hears all this. And just as Allie is about to spill the beans that Jake isn't really the father, Adam walks through Myrtle's open door and gives her that intimidating Adam look. Adam stops her from spilling by telling her that she has to leave for Antigua immediately if she wants to get her medical license back. Jake tells Allie they have no future together, no chance at all. Then Adam whisks Allie away. The Adam/Allie association is not lost on David or Liza though. David wants to help Liza figure this all out, but she wants to do it on her own and blows David off. David isn't happy about this, but I think he will figure it out before Liza does. He's already thinking about some things Allie has said. I have a feeling that someday Allie will come back to Pine Valley as someone who is stalking Liza.

Wow, did my eyes deceive me or did I actually see not only Adrian, but Belinda too? I love how Adrian torments Palmer just by his presence in his home. It really annoys me that AMC is dragging their feet on this storyline between Opal and Adrian, and worse that they are dragging their feet on a Belinda/Adrian romance. Why do they have to keep portraying Belinda as someone who is so suspicious? Everytime she sees Adrian she's asking what he's up to, or why he's there or something like that. So when Adrian said he's staying at Cortlandt Manor because Opal wants him there, Belinda just stares at him. And then Adrian gives us this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, "Yeah, I'm good looking, but what are you staring at?" I loved it, and it was quite the understatement! Oh Adrian! I also loved when he and Belinda were leaving for lunch and Tad walked in. Adrian says, "Tad, my man." That was too cute considering these two hate each other. Nearing the end of November, it looks like Frank Dawson will be paying his son Adrian a visit. That should be interesting. I can't wait to see how Opal reacts to seeing him. Hey, people at AMC... step up this storyline and give the Hayley and Mateo Hour a rest huh!?

Couple of random comments: Erica groveling to a man, in this case Jack, is a new concept huh? I kind of like seeing her this way. She's so used to getting whatever she wants, it's a nice change to see her not get what she wants. And as long as she wants to keep hanging out with Dimitri, I'm happy. But why is Jack so mean and cold all of a sudden, I don't like this side of him much. I mean I'm glad he got a backbone where Erica is concerned, but he's so mean to everyone now. And what's with Brooke's sudden change of heart, thinking that Kit might actually be Jack's sister? Oh and a final note, what a blatant and stupid ABC primetime promotion that visit by the Olson Twins was. And worse, the next time we get to see Janet and Amanda won't be until a couple weeks from now when they consider getting a new dog. Any sign of Tim? Nope.