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Michael Cambias


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born: Michael Cambias
Died:  August 29, 2003

Mother:  Unknown
Father:  Alexander Cambias, Sr.

Siblings:  Alexander Cambias, Jr. (aka Zach Slater)

Children: Miranda Mona Montgomery (with Bianca, rape)

Occupation:  Cambias Industries

Michael Cambias introduced himself as Michael Kinsey to Kendall Hart while at a cosmetics convention in Aspen. The two had a romantic dinner while Michael wined and dined her. Mysteriously that night, Michael would disappear from Kendall's sight with no mention of good-bye.

Michael later arrived in Pine Valley and revealed himself to be Michael Cambias, of Cambias Industries. He told Kendall that he wanted to team up with Fusion to take down Erica Kane and Enchantment. Little did Kendall know, that Michael had planned everything to take both Fusion and Enchantment down. He put an agent, Lena Kundera, at Enchantment to get as close as she could to Bianca Montgomery in order to acquire the formula for Boyd Larraby's anti-aging cream. Blinded by love, Kendall helped Michael in planning Fusion's and Enchantment's undoing. Lena would be successful in stealing the formula and Michael revealed his true nature. Little did Michael know, as Lena was sleeping with Michael, she fell in love with Bianca. Kendall began to be suspicious and was almost raped by an enraged Michael who caught her in his apartment. Erica would come in time to stop him. In a phone conversation between Erica and Michael, Kendall learned the truth that she was being used. Erica agreed to sell Enchantment to Michael on the condition that Kendall not become CEO. Michael revealed he had no intentions of keeping Kendall on board. The next day, Michael and his father Alexander called a large press conference to reveal the merger. Erica revealed the truth that showed that he had stolen the wrong formula. Humiliated, Alexander Cambias was forced to add Erica to the Board of Directors for Cambias Industries. Alexander put down Michael calling him a failure in the eyes of his late brother and more or less disowned him. Michael would be arrested for Corporate Espionage.

Adam Chandler would bail Michael out and hired the ruthless businessman. Lena would eventually be arrested for Michael's charge. Michael's first act of terror would be to rape Erica. Kendall showed up at Enchantment just in time to save her. With this last draw, Kendall would team up with Mia Saunders and Aidan Devane to take down Michael. With information from Lena and Michael's former business associate, Bob Barrett, Michael was arrested again. He promised to claim revenge on all of them: Kendall, Erica, Lena, Aidan, and Mia.

Michael posted bail and got out of prison. As the lights went out in scorching Pine Valley, he found his way to the Fargate Boarding House. An unsuspecting Bianca would arrive at home and was welcomed by Michael. Alone, Michael completed the task that he could not with her mother and sister, he raped Bianca.

Bianca kept the rape her secret for as long as she could, but soon, Maggie Stone found out. Jackson prosecuted Michael for rape, but his attorney was able to set him free. The other residents of Pine Valley all wanted to settle their score with Michael. Before being arrested for the rape, he loaned Fusion money to get out of debt, all the while gaining control of the company. He also stage another takeover of Enchantment and won out over Erica. Michael was saddened to learn his father died of a heart attack in Las Vegas, yet at the same time he was ready to accept his inheritance. Michael soon disappeared from Pine Valley leaving Kendall behind claiming she was Mrs. Michael Cambias. Michael was found dead, frozen in a meat locker, weeks later by Ryan Lavery, the new heir to the Cambias fortune. Kendall went to trial for the murder, until Bianca revealed herself to have been his killer.

Although there was a funeral for Michael, his body was really thrown into a dumpster, a fit ending to the scumbag he was.

Portrayed by:

William deVry (Jan. 23, 2003-2004, Sep 2004 (ghostly vision)

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