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The PVB Asks 20 Questions!!


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From time to time, the PVB will ask a star of AMC 20 questions! The questions are all the same for each cast member. I will update this as often as possible. Today's guest is Micah Alberti, AMC's former Jamie Martin!! (PVB questions in black, Micah's answers are in purple)



1) Who is your favorite actor?

It's too hard for me to decide... Al Pacino, Ed Norton, Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, Marlon Brando


2) Who is your favorite actress?

Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts


3) What is your favorite movie?

This is very tough... I love movies!! The Godfather Series, "American History X," "Basketball Diaries"


4) What is your favorite TV Show?

Many sitcoms... "Who's Line is it Anyway?"


5) Who is your favorite singer or musical group?

Country music buff!! Love all country music and other music... opera, classical, rap


6) What is your favorite song?

"Red Rag Top" by Tim McGraw


7) What is your favorite book?

"Of Mice and Men"


8) Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

I love animals. I have a dog, a german shepard... Misty, and 2 cats... Chocolate and Cally.


9) What is your favorite scene that you were ever in?

Dramatic - the party at Chandler Mansion.

Comedic - when Jamie picks up a hooker (that happens the week of March 31!)


10) What is your favorite scene that you were not in?

The Fan Fantasy show


11) If you weren't an actor, what would you be doing?

Going to high school


12) Who is your best friend on the set?

Amanda Seyfriend (Joni), Michael Knight (Tad), Julia Barr (Brooke, and Alexandra Daddario (Laurie)


13) What is your all time favorite storyline (yours or other)?

I liked my dad's (Tad - Michael E. Knight) storyline when he was growing up on the show and all the trials and tribulations he went through growing up.


14) What make was your first car?

1986 Mercedes 190-E


15) Who do you wish was still on AMC?



16) What cause do you believe in most?

Cure for cancer: My grandmother and great-grandmother died of cancer. It's a disease that's claimed too many lives.


17) What is your favorite vacation spot?

I love the sun and the beach!


18) Who is the biggest cut up on the set?

Michael Knight (by far!)


19) What is your funniest fan encounter?

I was shopping at Macy's and four girls were smiling at me, one girl came over and started talking to me.


20) Do you ever ad lib on AMC? If so, give an example.

I haven't... I usually stay with my lines.


Thank you for providing this opportunity to me! - Micah


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