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May 9, 1999

WELCOME to sweeps month! Wow, this week was the complete opposite of last week and totally loaded with action! There was a birth, a divorce, wedding plans, divorce plans, confrontations, misunderstandings, the arrival of Alice Dawson and the grand opening of Sounds of Salsa! Let's start with the birth of little Colby. After beating a hasty retreat from the Sleepy Hollow Inn to escape David's constant interference, Liza and Adam find that the bridge back to Pine Valley has been washed out and they are stuck. They head to Stuart's cabin with Liza in full labor. What did you expect? A hospital birth on AMC?? After getting Liza into the cabin, Adam heads out to try and call for help since he don't know nuthin 'bout birthin no babies. While Adam is out, who should show up but Dr. Devious. This time Liza is not too upset to see him, she's even somewhat relieved. He is a doctor after all, and seems like he is their only hope. When Adam comes back and finds David with Liza, he panics, something he has gotten pretty good at lately. He gives David a warning about upsetting Liza during the delivery and then goes to Liza. After examining Liza and telling her it's time to start pushing, David realizes that the baby is breech and tells her to stop pushing! Now it's David's turn to panic. Being a cardiologist he's never delivered a breech birth and doesn't know what to do. He's going to try to find some help, and tells Adam to make sure that Liza does not push. While David is gone, Adam comforts Liza and Liza tells Adam that if a choice has to be made between saving her or saving Colby, to save Colby.

David races back into the cabin with his computer that contains a medical program and he pulls up procedures for delivering a breech birth, all the while Adam is soothing Liza with talk of their future and all the things that they will do with Colby while she's growing up. Adam is so full of emotion about this child that I even have a fleeting moment where I think that David notices. David decides to try to turn the baby around by pressing on different areas of Liza's abdomen to try and force Colby into the head down position. David is actually doing all he can to save both mother and child and it's very evident that the man isn't completely without feeling. But when that doesn't work, David tells Adam to read him the directions off the computer screen for breech delivery while he delivers the baby. Marcy Walker is totally amazing throughout these scenes of Colby's birth. This is actually a birth that looks believable and all involved deserve kudos. But especially Liza, who gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. Once the baby is delivered David even lets Adam cut the umbilical cord, but then panic sets in when Colby doesn't immediately cry. Once David clears out the airways, Colby lets out a cry and David hands her to her mommy. Adam decides to go call an ambulance, leaving David alone with Liza. Grateful for saving their lives, Liza thanks David. When Adam comes back, he too thanks David and it looks like Adam thinks that David will let him off the hook. Unfortunately for Adam, David has not changed his tune and tells Adam that once Liza and the baby are stable and in a hospital, all bets are off.

Next thing we know, Liza is in Pine Valley hospital and wouldn't you know it, it's the one day a year that Jake has a night off so he doesn't see them come in. He's at S.O.S. so Dr. Clador pages him. He leaves Gillian in Ryan's hands and races off to the hospital with Tad and Dixie. And on his way to the hospital, David finds Erica sitting alone on a park bench. He gets to her just in time to catch her when she faints. After she comes to, David urges her to tell him what happened. She finally does, but doesn't want his help. He tells her he is on his way to the hospital to see Liza after delivering her baby and would she like to go, so he can check her out too? She goes, and I can't believe my eyes as she heads off to get into a car with David again!

Jake, Tad and Dixie all arrive at Liza's hospital room and soon after, Dr. Joe comes in with Colby, handing her to Jake. Adam is visibly not thrilled by the Martin clan oohing and ahhing over his kid, but of course, what choice does he have? Oh wait, he could tell Liza the truth! Haha, silly me. Outside of the room, Erica looks in and sees Jake holding the baby with Adam and Liza looking on and has a sudden flash of memory and realizes why David was in such a hurry to get back to Pine Valley, and it wasn't because he had a patient! And when Erica overhears David taunting Adam, she gets full recollection of the night of the accident. Once David leaves, Erica goes to Adam and tells him she knows he's Colby's father, while Adam stares at her in shock.

With their wedding day fast approaching, Tad and Dixie are having a hard time finding a place to hold the nuptials. Tad suggests the perfect solution, they get married at Ruth and Joe's house. Oh Tad, how tacky you are! Don't you remember that that is exactly where you were supposed to marry GloHo? Unfortunately, or is it fortunately, Dimmie interrupted that wedding and then Joe suffered a heart attack. Do you really want to try that again?

Raquel, who has had a faster than the speed of light redemption, is all set to be released from the hospital. Mateo and Hayley are getting her condo all set up with balloons and decorations, and a hospital bed. A hospital bed that Mateo tackles Hayley on as they get all smootchy wootchy and icky again. Harness the hormones huh George Hamilton? I'm getting nauseous. What is with that guys tan anyway?

At the hospital, Trevor comes to pick up the divorce papers, but realizes that Raquel has not signed them. Raquel is scared and feels alone in the world. I'm even feeling sorry for her as Trevor browbeats her into signing the papers. Gillian comes in and has Trevor leave. As she and Gillian talk, Raquel musters up her nerve and signs the paper, with Gillian as the witness. Gillian is inspired by Raquel's actions and decides that she must do the same and goes to Trevor asking him if he will start divorce proceedings for her and Ryan. Trevor is shocked that after all they have been through Gillian would want a divorce now, but she is convinced that it is what Ryan wants.

George.. er Mateo, is stunned and happy when Raquel gives him the signed divorce papers and he tells her that he is taking her home. Raquel says that he doesn't have to go to the trouble because the EMT's are going to take her home in the ambulance. Once there, Mateo helps her get set up in her home hospital bed and as he gets ready to leave, the nurse pulls a major snit fit. She hasn't signed on to care for an invalid and her child, just an invalid. As both Raquel and Mateo try to convince the nurse that Damian is obedient (yeah right), the nurse gets more and more pissed off and suddenly decides she doesn't have to take this treatment and leaves! That nurse, uh, what the heck was her name (?), gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Sheesh, what a bitch! Of course Mateo can't find anyone to stay with Raquel and Max so it looks like he's going to miss the grand opening of S.O.S!

Over at S.O.S., before the doors are opened, last minute preparations are going on. Hayley gives Ryan a pep talk about his relationship with Gillian, but is he really listening? You know, I adore Ryan and Gillian, but this pride thing of Ryan is really getting on my nerves. He needs to get over himself just a bit. A little while later, Dixie comes by to wish Hayley luck on the grand opening and Hayley tells her that she and Mateo have the green light to start a family. Gee Hayley, weren't you and Mateo going to keep this news hush hush? I swear that girl is telling anyone and everyone!

With or without Mateo, it's time to open the club, so Ryan goes and opens the doors. People immediately start to flock in, and evidently they aren't charging a cover price. Gillian is one of the first to arrive and for the life of me, I can't figure out why she wore an Indian sari to a Latin club. She looked gorgeous though, as usual. Dimitri spots Ryan and goes to talk to him about Gillian. Ryan doesn't want to hurt Gillian, or drag her down and as these two compare their dark pasts I can't help but wish my Dimmie had something going on! Get that man a woman, preferably Erica, pronto! But I digress... back to the club. Now Opal is in the spirit of things! She comes in dressed as Carmen Miranda! She is back! Opal shows us she has not lost that certain something that she has always possessed, and I don't mean a sense of fashion! It's just that special Opal flair that has been missing lately. Then, to get the ball rolling, Hayley announces that Ryan and Gillian will start the dancing, and the sparks between them start to fly all over again.

Gillian decides it's time to tell Ryan that she is filing for divorce when, after they dance he asks her to go outside for some air. She tells him that first she is going to do something, then she is going to tell him something. So first she lays one hell of a kiss on him. Then tells him she is having Trevor start divorce proceedings. Ryan is stunned, and the misunderstandings continue. Gillian believes this is what Ryan wants, Ryan thinks that he can never be a good enough husband to Gilly so he agrees to the divorce. But back inside, Jake is telling Trevor that they have to do something to stop this divorce, that they are so much in love and should be together. But Trevor can't do anything, being as Gilly is his client, he just has to do what she wants.

Mateo misses the big Tito Nieves number at the club, but he does eventually show up. Hey did you know that Tito is a big AMC fan and was really thrilled to be a part of one of his favorite shows? Mateo and Hayley share one steamy dance at the club. The opening is a big success and everyone.. well not everyone, but just about everyone is there. Hey, Edmund is even there with Leslie Coulson, so when did these two meet?? Everyone is dancing and having a good time. Adrian and Belinda are there, Tad and Dixie, Jake, Gillian, Brooke and Jack, Janet and Trevor. Opal even led a conga line! It's a great time, but how long is it going to last? What I mean is, Holidays was a restaurant and everyone hung out there. But a night club? Who is going to go there once the novelty wears off? And a Salsa club in Pine Valley? It all just strikes me as a bit odd. But the place looks great and everyone seems to be having a great time. And the added effect of the professional dancers was pretty cool. It's nice seeing people who can actually do those moves. I wonder if Pine Valley has a big Salsa dance school?

At home, Erica makes a call to order flowers for Mateo and Hayley, with the card reading... Buena Suerte, Love Erica. Good Luck! Nice touch, I like how the theme was well represented. Vanessa is obviously getting ready to go out, and when Erica asks where she's off to, Vanessa tells her she's going to the opening of Sounds of Salsa! She starts to talk Erica into going, but then shifts gears and subtly talks her out of it. Once Mateo and Hayley receive the flowers, they realize that Erica is not coming, so Brooke dashes off to see her old nemesis. What a scene! I love when Erica and Brooke are in scenes together. Brooke pulled no punches, telling Erica that she never missed an opening of anything in Pine Valley before, why should she now. She won't pity Erica and she's trying hard to not let Erica pity herself. Brooke is getting to her, and once she leaves, Erica goes to get ready and heads out to the club!

Once she arrives, all music, all action, all everything comes to a complete stop and the club falls into silence as everyone stares at Erica. Well gee, it's not like she's drawing attention to herself or anything what with that Zorro mask and the big scarf that she is constantly pulling down over her face. But Erica says a few words and tells everyone to have fun, and the music starts back up. Vanessa spots Erica and quickly dials up her new best buddy, reporter Jerry Reeves and tells him to get to Sounds of Salsa immediately with a camera crew. Erica once again gives Opal the brush off, and Opal gets really upset. Brooke goes over to talk to Erica, and in her own way, she thanks Brooke. Then Vanessa runs over to say hello, just as Jerry and company walk in with cameras running and start to hound Erica. She freaks and runs off as her friends, former lovers and relatives push Jerry out the door. But before he goes, he spots Vanessa and the two exchange thumbs up. This little action did not get by my girl Janet!

Out in the alley, Jake finds Gilly crying. She had hoped that Ryan would not agree to a divorce, but when he did, her hopes were shattered. And inside, Dimitri and Ryan have another talk. Ryan tells Dim that Gillian filed for divorce and Dimmie can't believe it! He tells Ryan that Gillian doesn't really want that and Ryan tells Dim that he still loves her. Dim tells Ryan not to give up on her. Gillian decides she's going to have a good time anyway, and asks Jake to dance. Once inside, Gillian starts drinking and gets really drunk. Ryan watches Gillian as she and Jake dance . Once Jake gets the call about Liza being at the hospital, he tells Ryan that Gillian has had a lot to drink and could he watch after her.

Janet confronts Vanessa about calling the press to hound Erica at the club, but of course, Vanessa denies it. But then Janet takes Vanessa into the back room and pushes her inside, giving us this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. You Go Janet!!! Oh yes, this was most excellent. Janet tells Vanessa that she saw her give Jerry Reeves the thumbs up and she demands to know what Vanessa is up to and why she is out to hurt Erica. Vanessa replies with this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, "I'm simply Erica's friend, and the sooner you and your coven get used to that, the better." Just then, Vanessa throws Janet's past up in her face, and tells her she's done very well for herself considering she's a crowbar killer. Janet is taken aback slightly, but then Trevor comes to the rescue and tells Vanessa to zip it. Vanessa leaves in a huff, and once again phones Jerry. The two meet and she tells him that they cannot give each other anymore signs in public, because they will get figured out. Jerry reveals that he is doing a companion video to Vanessa's tell all book about Erica.

Back at the Martin's table, Opal is upset about Erica still not being ready to forgive her. She's so upset that Tad and Adrian decide to take her home. Once there, they all come face to face with Alice Dawson. She assures them that she was concerned because she has not heard from Adrian, so Tad and Opal leave them alone while Opal changes out of her Carmen Miranda outfit. Opal brings them all some tea, but Tad is ready to head back to the club to get Dixie, and Adrian decides to go back with him, leaving Opal alone with Alice. Opal is very nervous and doesn't know what to expect. But Alice is very supportive of her. The two talk and bond and become friends. Alice tells Opal that she can never understand what she was going through and will not judge her, but Opal continues to beat herself up. Jill Larson once again gives a wonderful performance. This looks to be an interesting beginning, but can it stay this nice and supportive? And what's going to happen when Frank comes back?