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May 11, 1998

Mateo sure is taking this whole "danger" thing too far, huh? OK, I understand he wants to protect Hayley, I have no problem with that. But the way he's going about it is really bad. First of all, Edmund comes to see him (no Mama yet though!) and Mateo tells Hayley to leave the room. OK fine, he wants to talk to Edmund alone. But Hayley would never stand for that. This is (as Mateo said) a marriage based on trust. They will never keep anything from each other. Sure sure, like that's possible on a soap. The thing that really bugs me about this scene, is when Hayley came back to the room with that pouty little "can I come back in now" look, Mateo says (very sternly I might add), "Come over here, NOW!" And the suddenly meek Hayley obeys her man, and goes to him. This whole exchange was gag inducing. Then, when Edmund comes back, again Hayley is dismissed and she goes! What is with her!? Why wouldn't she say no, I want to know what's going on, like she usually does?

Enter Frederick who comes in and hypnotizes Mateo right there on the spot. And again we see the vision of the carnival. The one where it seems Hayley is getting beaten to death with a sledgehammer. Too bad Mateo couldn't see the man because it was most likely the guy he's sharing his hospital room with. Yes, that man is Lee Hawkins, Camille's father. What really irks me about this is that Hayley has been overly kind to this man, more than she should be for someone who's name she doesn't even know. And yet, this man is still going to want to kill her for absolutely no other reason than he hates Adam. But back to Mateo. Mr. Macho takes over again when Hayley comes back into the room and sees Frederick there. Edmund tries subtly to entice Hayley into staying at Wildwind, but Mateo, not being one to mince words suddenly demands that they go, and doesn't want to hear another word about it! Nice manners, nice way to treat your wife.

His behavior this week, leads us to THE LINE OF THE WEEK. When Mateo was under hypnosis, he said "I see a light, it's getting bigger, it's very white, I'm going into it." YOU GO MATEO!!! Go into the light!! Don't look back! Do us all a favor and don't fight it any longer, go into the light! But I did get a chuckle out of Frederick walking into Mateo's room and saying, "Death, there is death here." Well gee Freddie, haven't you ever been to a hospital before?? Actually he was talking about Lee, Mateo's roommate. And although no one in the room put it together, when he touched Lee's bed, and said the death came from there, that was the big clue. And what about Hayley's scene straight out of "It's a Wonderful Life" with the wine, the bread and the salt. George and Mary Bailey did that exact speech when the Martini's got their first house. OK, one last thing about this storyline... since when do interns (or whatever the heck Jake is) sign out patients? OK, I lied, one more thing... loved the mention of Noah and Julia!!

That brings us to Allie. Although there were numerous people to slap this week (Camille was her usual annoying self, Scott was really a dork when he was trying to keep Marian away from Stuart, Gillian and her oh whoa is me attitude and Ryan with his overactive libido), I'm giving the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD to Allie. She was only on this week on Monday, but that was enough. She shimmies down the elevator shaft to play the hero, and when she emerges, she expects the hero's welcome. Well as Dim would say Allie, "sorry to prick your balloon." Joe was still seething mad, if not more so. And what exactly did she expect? I think she figured that if she went against her superiors orders and helped a patient that he would suddenly drop the whole ugly mess she's involved in. NOPE! Dr. Joe was none too pleased, that's for sure. And I have to say, I enjoyed seeing her happy, I'm a hero face drop. Next time, don't push your luck and just leave!

Adam was the king of the zingers this week. And all having to do with Marian. When there is a scene with David Canary, Marcy Walker and Jennifer Bassey, I'm all ears! This stuff is priceless. Here are just a few of the great lines from this week (any of them could have been chosen line of the week, but it was too hard to decide), Adam (to Marian about her lying), "Your tongue is so twisted you could open a wine bottle with it." Adam (to Liza about the pairing of Marian and Stuart), "It can't happen again, that way madness lies." Adam (again to Liza about Marian and Stuart) "There has never been a greater mismatch in the history of mankind." He's right about that, but so what! I've given in (although Adam and Marian still to me seems like the greatest match ever), and I'm liking it. See... I can change my mind, just don't push your luck with Janet and Trevor, I'm not budging on that one! Adam (to Scott about keeping Marian out of Stuart's room) "She'd eat Stuart alive and then use the bones to pick her teeth." and "Marian is like second hand smoke, lingering and lethal." What a riot! Only problem with this storyline this week, not enough Liza.

So Brooke, why don't you incriminate yourself a little more. Declare to the world that you are happy that you killed Jim, oh and make sure the ADA is within earshot. Her case gets worse and worse, but what I don't understand is that I've heard that Keith offers Brooke a plea bargain. Now why on earth would he do that when he's having such fun tormenting her and telling her what a great case they have against her. But hey, how about those sparks between Belinda and Keith? I didn't really notice it at first, but when Belinda said, "save it cute stuff, we're not impressed," to him, I thought.... hey! Looky here! Something is happening. Personally I think she should go for it with that hunky doctor that came to see Stuart this week. Mmm mmm where did he come from? I guess since Allie's on suspension they had to find another doctor quick. But back to Brooke, it seems odd that Dim's interest has come to a complete halt now that he sprung her on bail. But he'll be back soon once he gets that subpoena.

Oh how I love Dimitri. I just had to laugh when he was looking on at Erica and Mike with that smug grin of his. He's enjoying this so much. And why shouldn't he? Mike doesn't stand a chance with Erica if Dimitri throws his hat into the ring, and he knows it. Mike may think he's the love of Erica's life, he's wrong... Dimitri is. Poor Jack though, he's always the in between guy. The shoulder for her to cry on, her rock. What does he get for it? Dumped! With all Mike's lies, how can he actually win back Erica? Lies always come back to haunt you, just ask Skye, and Adam, and Dimitri and Erica herself! Dimitri is going to win the hand of Ms. Kane, I can just see it. He's playing it cool, and biding his time. Waiting for the right moment to swoop in for the kill, and I can't wait for it! Dimitri and Erica belong together. Dimitri is our PERFORMER OF THE WEEK this week, YOU GO DIMMIE!! And what about his great scene this week with week between Eddie and Dim when Dim told him he was moving back into Wildwind so that Ed could keep an eye on him. Loved that! Dim just keeps getting better and better!! Good or bad, I love the guy!

The Esther watch, week eleven.

Is she back? I heard Erica ask Mike if Esther changed the furniture, does that mean she's back and just not scene? Has she gone the way of all the cooks in Pine Valley (Adam's cook, Lucretia; Opal's cook, Flossie; and Erica's cook; Coral) and will only be referred to and never seen???????