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Mary Smythe


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Mary Greenlee
Nickname:  Niblets (by Jackson Montgomery)

Mother: Millicent Greenlee
Father: Woodruff Greenlee
Married to: Roger Smythe (deceased) Children: Greenlee Smthe duPres (with Jackson, raised with Roger)

Artist Mary Greenlee Smythe entered back into daughter, Greenlee Smythe's, and ex-husband, Roger Smythe's, life on the eve of her wedding to Leo duPres.  At first, Mary did not warm up to Leo, but that soon changed.  She became a supportive mother helping her daughter to prepare for her upcoming nuptials. Greenlee kept Mary at arms length at first, but eventually allowed her into her life.  All the time Mary was holding a dark secret, she was blackmailed by her father to become a mother for Greenlee or risk disinheritance.  Mary acted as the perfect mother, but soon the charade turned into a reality.  Mary was truly bonding wit Greenlee and told her father so who interpreted this as her way of trying nuzzle out of their agreement.

Tragedy struck the Smythe family with Roger Smythe's assassination at Greenlee's wedding.  Greenlee turned to her mother for comfort after the revelation that Simone was sleeping with Roger.  At the funeral, Greenlee overheard her grandfather and Mary talking about their agreement.  Greenlee lashed out at her mother and told her to leave the funeral and Pine Valley.  When Greenlee lost Leo to Proteus, Mary again tried to comfort her.  At times Greenlee let her in, and at others she was pushed away.  Mary left Pine Valley for a cruise, hoping to give her daughter space to mourn.

When Mary returned, it was to the awful sight of Greenlee flirting with Fusion handyman, Carlos Reyes.  But this was the least of her problems.  Former flame Jackson Montgomery needed a blood transfusion from a family member.  With brother Travis dead, sister Kit out of town, and niece Bianca not a match, Mary knew that Jack's welfare was on her hands.  Greenlee was not Roger's daughter, but rather Jack's. Luckily Greenlee donated blood on her own and Jack was saved.  As Mary wanted to reveal the truth to Jack, Erica threatened to reveal the truth of how she was kicked out of France for sleeping with a minor.  This deterred Mary for only an instant and on Jack and Erica's wedding day revealed the truth to Greenlee.

Woodruff grew tired of Mary's schemes, and the revelation of Jack being Greenlee's father, was the straw that broke the camel's back. He disowned his daughter and left all his money to Greenlee. Mary was out on the streets alone. She began to cozy up to Adam Chandler, who with much hesitancy, allowed her to move into Chandler Mansion. Mary still has a wandering eye for young men, namely, Jamie Martin. She has also agreed to help Adam in his quest of uncovering the truth of Babe Carey Chandler, all the while, continuing her pursuit of Jackson.

Portrayed by:

Anna Stuart (May 24th, 2002- present)

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