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Marian Colby Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Marian (maiden name unknown)

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown Marriages: Larry Colby (deceased) Stuart Chandler
Liza Colby - daughter with Larry
Mia Saunders - step daughter with Larry Scott Chandler - step son with Stuart
Grandchildren: Colby Marian Chandler (Liza and Adam's daughter)

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Marian Colby was the whirlwind that took Pine Valley by storm. She carried on a torrid affair with Tad Martin, her daughter, Liza's, lover. Liza left Pine Valley ashamed of her mother, and Marian's husband Larry died of a heart attack. her next lover, Zach Grayson, wound up dead and Daisy Murdoch was blamed. It was later revealed to be the work of Marian who had caught on to his swindling ways. She went to prison for the crime of murder.

Marian would make a return in an attempt to break Tad free from Dixie Cooney. The attempt failed, but an alliance was formed between she and Adam Chandler.

Liza returned to run WRCW and Marian attempted to reconcile. Her efforts fell on deaf ears when she chose her lover, Dr. Jonathan Kinder, over Liza's love. She helped Kinder flee the mob of Janet Green, Skye Chandler Kinder, and Erica Kane who where hot on his trail. Eventually, she turned on Kinder and helped the femme fatales to return him to PV.

In an attempt to help Liza in her divorce from Adam, she slept with him to add leverage to her case. She later found out that she in fact has slept with Stuart. Slowly but surely, they fell in love. With Liza's blessing they wed in a ceremony that resembled a deck of cards with she as the Queen of Hearts, and Stuart her King. Liza later surprised her with the birth of daughter Colby Marian Chandler, named after her grandmother. It seemed as if old wounds had healed between mother and daughter.

Life took another turn for Marian when Stuart was presumed dead after his annual fishing trip. In fact, he was alive and Arlene Vaughan had hid him in the Chandler Attic after hitting him with her car. The two had a reconciliation and she vowed to separate Arlene from Adam. In the end, Adam and Liza would wed again with Marian and Stuart there to witness the occasion.

Liza and Marian's relationship was tested with the arrival of Mia Saunders, Larry Colby's illegitimate daughter. Liza at first did not want to accept her and was angry when Marian took her in to live with her. Soon the sisters bonded, and the Colby women where a complete set. Liza eventually grew jealous of Mia's relationship with Adam and Colby and pushed her out a Chandler Mansion window. Marian tried to defend her daughter and told her to lie, but Liza came clean, and Mia forgave her in a great Christmas moment.

Marian now works as a real estate agent, most recently for Mary Smythe. Although her manipulative ways shine through at times, it looks like the kinder version is here to stay.

Portrayed by:

Jennifer Bassey (1983-85, 1989-present)

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