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March 9, 1998

Oh Jim, your slime is showing. That man just gets more and more evil. And does he have an endless supply of listening devices? Now he bugs Boo Hoo Brooke's house. I love how the writers have put Phoebe into this storyline. She's been there for Brooke, has helped her, and now she's the one who finds the bug. How great is that?! She's not just a fixture, she actually has a purpose. I think it's terrific.

Jim's little speech to Eddie this week was a joke. He tells Ed to stay away from Brooke? Oh yeah Jim, that will happen. Brooke isn't doing a very good job of hiding her feelings though. You don't catch the crook by blowing him off, crying and being an utter basketcase all the time, Brooke. Did you learn anything from your reporting days?

What was the point of involving Miles in this? Was it to give the guy five minutes of airtime this week? Hold on to your hats people, he gets another 5 minutes this week as he leaves Pine Valley for Japan. Why is he leaving? Well I have my own guess, but AMC claims the usual "storyline reasons." How about; they never developed his character at all, never gave him a storyline, and it took over 2 months for him and Belinda to have their first date? Maybe Roger Smith (Miles) got a little tired of the lack of attention that these characters get? If that is the case, then good for you Roger!!! It's ridiculous how his story was never developed, but even worse that Belinda's hasn't yet been!!

OK, where was I before that tangent? Back to Jim... Dimitri is also involved in this now. Edmund found Dim at the hospital... Ed visiting Mateo, Dim visiting Bianca. Interesting how Dim didn't ask about Mateo and Ed didn't ask about Bianca, but that's beside the point. This week Dim comes up with the info that Eddie needs, but what will it be? Will it have anything to do with pornography? I'm not sure, I do hope that this part of Jim's past comes to light though. It has to, it cannot just be forgotten.

As Coma Boy continues to dream, I continue to yawn. These stupid visions and stuff just annoy me to no end. And even more annoying is knowing that these dreams are glimpses into a big storyline for summer, when Mateo and Hayley are yet again put in danger somehow. How is it that these restaurant owners keep getting involved in these dangerous situations? PERFORMER OF THE WEEK once again goes to Coma Boy. I do so enjoy him this way. Lying there, not speaking. But I am getting a little sick of Hayley hovering over him in a robe that can probably walk down to the laundry by itself.

As funny as all this Stuart and Marian stuff is, I can't say that I actually like it. I do find it funny, that's for sure. And I'm dying to see the look on Marian's face when Liza tells her that she actually had sex with Stuart, not Adam. But the total disregard for Stuart's character is very annoying. Stuart would never act this way. He would not look at the compromising pictures of him and Marian and giggle, he would be mortified! He wouldn't be proud of his actions, he'd feel guilty. Where is that Stuart? Did he disappear with Esther? Where is SHE??? That really bugs me to no end. Esther has just disappeared. I suppose she is up in the attic with Bobby Martin, polishing skis??? From what I hear, Marian and Stuart will become a couple. I just can't picture this. You're probably saying, jeeze woman, aren't you ever happy?? Well I would have been if they had put the right twin with Marian!! I never asked for Marian and Stuart, I asked for Marian and Adam!!! Now that makes sense! Stuart and Marian? No, that makes no sense. Stuart and Esther made perfect sense. I find the scenes with Adam and Marian so enjoyable. And this week when Marian went to confront Adam. Poor Adam had no clue what Marian was going on about, and Marian thinking Adam was in denial about their night of passion. Great stuff. Which brings us to the LINE OF THE WEEK. Adam called Marian, "A lunging libido in stiletto heels." Too funny!! These two, together, have spark, fire and passion. And yes, Stuart is played by the same person, but it's not the same. Stuart and Marian together is like putting Esther with Dimitri. I don't like it.

For the first time since he's been on the show, I actually liked a scene that David Hayward was in. When he went to Liza's office and confronted her about tricking him. He was interesting and I thought he showed a lot of chemistry with Liza. His departure was far from climactic, but it sure was a big open door for his return. I can see him and Liza being an interesting couple. I'm surprised that David didn't tell all about Allie before he left. So now that big, boring, stupid secret is still hidden. It has to come out sometime and I suspect her guilt will start to eat at her and she'll crack and turn herself in. There is no one else that would rat her out, so she must do it herself. Just get on with it. Does anyone care about her stupid secret? I know I don't.

The Mystery Woman falls off the side of Adam's building... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Will Scott and Gillian marry so she can stay in the country? Highly doubtful. Scott doesn't want to date Gillian anymore, let alone marry her. And Ryan isn't about to give up that easily. Nice move Kelsey, calling Immigration. For that little stunt, my dear, you get this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. That was just a low blow. What's going to happen when Scott does find out that she was behind it? I'm sure he will find out. Too many people know that she did it (well, only Ryan and Kevin, but still). It was a treat to see Kevin this week. We don't see nearly enough of him. And I love how whenever he's on, he at least gets to talk about Richard. I would like it much better if we got to see Richard, if they actually showed us that Kevin is in a relationship, not just referring to it, but at this point, I'll take what I can get. It was also nice to see Eugenia this week. I'm still waiting for her and the Phoebster to meet and become friends. They would be so great as a pair!

Bianca's storyline is really heating up. This week we had the oh so wonderful pleasure of seeing Travis and Barbara. I came very close to giving Barbara the slap this week for saying to Jack, "Travis doesn't attack Erica!" What rock are you living under, babe?! Those two are constantly attacking each other! And why were Travis' undies in a knot about Jack and Erica's engagement? Still some feelings there, Travvy baby? Say what you will, but I think Bianca's storyline is the best one on AMC right now. It's compelling and it's about something real. Natalie Paulding (Bianca) is doing one hell of a job with some very difficult material. I think all involved, especially Bianca and Dimitri, have been terrific. It will all come to a head this week when we finally hear what Bianca has to say. From what I hear, the episode that airs on Tuesday, March 10 will be a very emotional one. I can't wait to see it!!!