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March 22, 1999 - Guest Writer, Anne Marie

Actually this week was kind of slow but still had its usual ups and downs, a little comic relief, a few surprise appearances and one damn good performance! Cameron Mathison continues to outdo himself week after week. I certainly had my doubts when the new "hunk" first appeared on AMC, but he has made a believer out of me! (And I know lots of other fans, too!).Thank goodness the writers chose to give him a storyline he can sink his acting teeth into. He just gets better and better. Call him my ACTOR OF THE WEEK! Jack agreed to drop the charges against Gilly because Ryan said he would recant his confession and make them go to trial. Ryan is trying to protect Gillian while telling her to get a divorce and get on with her life. I think we all know that will not happen. Gillian loves Ryan and will continue trying no matter what it takes. Jack continues to act like a giant Jack ass, I really hate seeing him like this, unreasonable and unfeeling, the writers have gone too far, making Jack a total unsympathetic jerk. We continue to see Chrissy, although she has a new odd looking brown hair color now. She goes to the jail to visit Ryan and berate him again. Enough I say! Ryan continues to apologize to everyone for what happened to Kit, which is his way of saying, I didn't do it, but I owe my brother, blah, blah, blah. Aaaah, we got to see Brooke for a few minutes this week, going on to Ryan about a sex offender rehab program and bringing apology messages to Kit from Ryan. I assume TPTB decided she needed some air time to keep her from complaining. Personally, I say get her a storyline, will ya?

The party for Maddie at Weirdwind was a bit surreal, have you ever seen such stoic kids? Maddie looked positively mellow. And, another surprise appearance, Mama Santos is alive and well and attending the party! The best part of this entire week was the ABSENCE of Mateo, did Mama wonder where her son was? Heck no, not any more than HE ever wonders where she has been for the past year! I just want to say, that his not being on all week made this one wonderful week for me! He gets my FAVORITE ABSENT ACTOR OF THE WEEK!

Tad, Dixie, Hayley and Adrian put their heads together, come up with a hunch about Ryan and Braden being brothers and off T and D go to find out the truth in Ryan's hometown. Took em long enough, huh? I did enjoy the banter between Hayley and Adrian concerning his last name Sword. It was a typical example of one of AMC's strong points, a little comic relief thrown in on occasion.

Speaking of comic relief, I loved Marian's idea about the ad to find Jake a woman with kids or expecting one, this idea supposedly will get him off Liza's back about Colby. Marian's new do is great too, she looks dyn-o-mite! Marian gets my BEST NEW HAIRDO OF THE WEEK! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting a bit tired of the Jake,Liza, Adam, sperm donor, real father nonsense. It took up alot of time on this week's shows. Although David Canary is in top form as usual, the whole storyline makes me gag. Simple solution: tell the truth Adam, and take the fallout like a man! Now he has made Barry the lawyer get Jake a job offer in CA, supposedly an offer he can,t refuse. Bet me! I like Marian's idea better!

It has been wonderful seeing AMC introduce a new character over the age of 40. The interaction between Vanessa and David continues to be intriguing and they are so good together. Their scenes just crackle! We learned this week that David blames Vanessa for his Dad's suicide. David, as a child adored his mom, but that seemed to change over the years. Charles wrote Vanessa out of his will, she seems to be out of money and out of "men and is in Pine Valley to get to David. It is an interesting story and one that has the potential to be a long and great one.

Not sure why Vanessa hates Erica so much, could it possibly be she sees the sparks between Erica and her son? She took great delight in telling Erica about the gravity of her facial injuries and ripping up one of her old modeling pictures. There is more to this than meets the eye, can't wait to see what it is! Erica takes off, slips into a bubble bath at her old house and then vanishes again. Whoa, wait a second here! No# 1, Erica just had major heart surgery, I would think she would never be able to get out of the hospital and into a taxi on her own steam. No# 2, didn't anyone notice a heavily bandaged woman leaving the hospital? No# 3, no baths til all your sutures are out! Shame on you Erica! You get my SMACK UPSIDE THE HEAD OF THE WEEK! I could have done without the mood music, the bubble bath, the old modeling shoot montage, this is NOT Emmy material, at least not yet! Keep trying Susan, you are better than this.

We finally get to see the entire Dillon family, although it was just as a vehicle to present Tommy Michael's exit. It seems Tim is going to France for a month as an exchange student and will return as NuTim, hunkier, more mature and fully equipped with a storyline! We will miss you Tom, good luck and we hope we see you in the future! Tom gets my BEST SOON TO BE MISSED ACTOR OF THE WEEK!

Well folks that's about it, if I failed to mention something I apologize. I am new at this and hope next week to do better! Just remember we watch our soap to be entertained, and it is fair game! See ya next week!