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March 16, 1998

How great was the intervention show!? That had to be the most intense show I have seen for a long time. Wow, if AMC could maintain that level of intensity in more of it's storylines, it would be back on top for sure. From start to finish it just had me riveted. Everyone bickering and blaming each other. I wanted to smack Erica for not wanting Dimitri there. He had probably helped her more, before the intervention than anyone else had. At least she sort of opened up to him. But it was just Erica being Erica, as usual. I don't get her. Sometimes she blames herself and other times she blames everyone but herself. I guess that's just the kind of whirlwind of emotions something like this causes. And wouldn't it have been even more of a bombshell if Travis had admitted he still loved Erica in the meeting rather than Dimitri. Oh the look on Barbara's face would have been priceless!

But since it was Dimitri who did, let's talk about that for a moment. Now of course we knew that Erica and Dim would eventually end up back together. I guess I think it's realistic that Dim would still have feelings for her (even have love for her) after all they had been through. But as Erica said, he sure did seem to hate her. But that was Bad Dimmie. What we have now is Working His Way From Bad Back To Good Dimmie. And personally I think Michael Nader is just fabulous. He was really robbed of that Emmy nomination. He's had a phenomenal year. Redemption is a really great thing when it's done well, and as far as I'm concerned, Dim's has been great. I do hope that it will take some time for Erica and Dim to find each other again though. I want to see the sexual tension, the denial, and the eventual reunion, way down the road. Sorry Jack, as much as I love ya, you and Erica just aren't as powerful as Erica and Dim. You should have gone for it with Janet months ago when I told you to! But back to Bianca, she wins this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. She was absolutely wonderful during the intervention show, or as I like to call it, The Bianca Show. She held her own with the likes of Susan Lucci and Michael Nader. Not bad for a kid. Anyone can act circles around Larkin Malloy (Travis), so I can't give her too much credit for that one. I was very impressed with Natalie Paulding's (Bianca) performance. And was I a weeping fool during that show! Great job AMC! Now keep it up!!!

This weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award goes to the easiest pick I have had since Brooke started all this... Adam. Can he be any more stupid? He comes face to face with the Mystery Woman who has been haunting him, and what does he think... Liza did it! HUH??? Help me out here, HUH???? I just can't figure this out for the life of me. His whole basis for this is that Liza was in his building after hours? Oh that makes perfect sense. Liza found out about Joy, found a look alike and hired her, had her try to drive Adam insane and to make the plan all the more convincing, she had her mother sleep with Stuart. OK Adam, whatever. This has to be the stupidest thing Adam has done for a very long time. Even more stupid than Adam thinking, when Liza was pregnant with his child that it was Tad's. And speaking of that for a brief moment, Liza finds out this week what really caused her miscarriage? Excuse me? The turbulence from her flight sent her into premature labor, wasn't that the diagnosis? Didn't Dr. Clador and Dr. Joe both tell her that? So now all of a sudden we're supposed to buy that it was something else? Why to get Adam off the hook completely? Out of nowhere we are supposed to believe what? That the problem Liza had a few years ago, when she thought maybe she was pregnant but really ended up having pre-cancerous cells that were removed and she had gotten a clean bill of health back then were the cause of her miscarriage? If not that, then what? Back to Adam, ugh he's just so idiotic!! I can't stand when he's made so stupid like this, especially after Tad just called him a genius! And why is it taking Marian so long to find out that it wasn't Adam she did the deed with? Come on.. TELL HER!! I want to see the look on her face so bad!

Jim Jim Jim... my are we just a scum or what? What kind of creep bugs his fiance's house? Bravo to the Phoebster for being the one to find it! I think it's just too cool how Phoebs is an integral part of this storyline. She's been a real help to Brooke. It's so cool! I just love that she's not a fixture, that she's really doing things. She's a smart old cookie, and I love it. I'm so happy that the pornography aspect of this storyline is not being overlooked. I knew it would come out eventually, especially since Laura is going to be on the show for a few shows soon. Personally if I were Brooke, I'd be furious with Laura for never telling me that this man I fell in love with was such a sleaze. Laura could have ended all of this, but she would just rather "talk about something else ok?" I don't really understand what Jim's kidnapping Edmund will accomplish. Brooke's going to, of course try and find him. OK, so Jim was ticked that Eddie found out so much about his past, so why not kill him?? He's planning on it anyway. Of course I don't want Edmund dead, but kidnapping him makes no sense to me. So then he takes him to Hayley's cave? Well no, it's not Hayley's cave actually, her's was in W. Virginia I think, Ed's cave is in New Jersey from what I hear. So unconscious and confused, Ed will conjure up Maria in his mind. This is how Eva comes back. Not a ghost... a hallucination. She couldn't be a ghost, we all know she's still alive. How do you explain a living person having a ghost when she eventually comes back full time? And of course Super Dim, Newly Redeemed Defender of Wrongs will come to Eddie's rescue, further taking his place in the Redemption Hall of Fame. Go Dimmie!!!

Tad finally found out that the Mystery Woman's name is Camille... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Kelsey McBeal really blew it this time. What she did was just wrong, very wrong. She didn't think this one out at all. If even Gillian can figure out that it was her, why wouldn't Scott? And does this really mean that Scott and Gilly will be getting married? I wouldn't hand out the balloons just yet. I can't see Ryan sitting back and letting this happen. Scott's being pretty stupid. He said no way to Gilly when she practically begged him to marry her, but because Kelsey admits she turned Gill in, he's going to marry her out of spite?? That's brilliant Scott. Did that hair gel seep into your brain? What I don't get is this thing about Camille and Kelsey bonding? That makes no sense. Does Camille actually stop thinking of her stupid vendetta for a moment to actually help Kelsey? And why? I can only guess that Camille will see a downtrodden Kelsey sitting alone at Holidays and be overcome with a sense of sisterhood and go try and talk to Kelsey. Yeah that makes a whole lot of sense. And she helps Kelsey so much, that Kelsey runs to Scott, professes her feelings and is rejected by Scott. Whatever!