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March 12, 2000

What a week! Let's not waste a minute on flimflam and head right into the juicy stuff... the custody hearing. You know, this was one long drawn out storyline, but I have to admit, the climax has not been disappointing. We start out with Erica in jail because she wanted to testify but neither attorney called her to the stand. Proclaiming "I'm Erica Kane" to the judge didn't really impress Judge Mayo either, so she tossed Erica into the clink and gave her a fine. Erica called David, Myrtle, Palmer and none of them were available to help her. But Rae sensed that Erica needed help and went to the jail to bail her out. Well either I missed something or Rae has some pretty intense intuition... I don't recall Erica telling Rae she was in jail. Well anyway, Erica rejects Rae's help because she's jealous that Myrtle has someone else in her life now. "Oh poor me, Myrtle has a daughter and she's supposed to be only my surrogate mother!" Later, Myrtle tries to convince Erica that she loves her and has room in her heart to love both her and Rae. Oh shoot, I did say I wasn't going to waste any time on flimflam didn't I? Oh well, what's done is done... let's move on.

Gillian is on the stand and Jack is beating the crap out of her. He is badgering her, confusing her, yelling at her and intimidating her. Uh... Leslie, this is where you're supposed to object. Anyway, Jack gets Gillian to admit that she doesn't want to take Colby from her mother. Never fear, this doesn't really hurt the case in the least. Next to the stand is Liza, who says that she would leave Adam if it meant she could keep Colby. Well Leslie goes into action on this because she knows that Jake asked her to do just that in exchange to drop the suit and she wouldn't. So Liza looked like a big old liar on the stand. Then we have Stuart; he admits on the stand that he would rather see Jake as Colby's father, and that Jake is a much better father than Adam. Now here's an interesting twist... neither lawyer calls Adam Jr. to the stand, but the judge does. Are judges allowed to do that in these types of hearings? I haven't a clue. But why could the judge call Junior to testify, but wouldn't listen to Erica at all, even after she said she had important information for this case? Looks like we have a continuity problem here. Fancy that. So, Judge Mayo questions Junior about Adam, and Junior tells her about how he tried to send Junior to boarding school without telling his mom, he tells her he's afraid of Adam at times and all the while, Adam has the door to the courtroom open a crack and is listening. No one sees this. Security!! Security!! We need you in Family Court!

Out in the hall, Liza goes to Gillian and tries to appeal to her once again to talk Jake into dropping the suit. Gillian is showing a distinct lack of brain cells here when she tells Liza that they aren't trying to hurt her and she can see Colby anytime she wants to. Liza tells Gillian that it won't come to that, no matter what. But Liza was just being too vague, she really needed to spell it out for Gilly... "if Jake wins, I will tell the truth." That's basically what Liza was telling Gilly, but Gilly heard "what time can I pick up Colby for my first visit," instead.

The judge makes her ruling and, after telling Liza that she has no doubt she's a good mother, she awards Jake with custody of Colby. A tearful Liza blurts out that Jake is not Colby's father. Liza is freaking out, Jake is telling her this is a sick attempt at trying to keep Colby, the courtroom is in chaos, and Adam sits back with that sick ass smug grin on his face. The judge tells Liza to take the stand again, and as Jack tries to object to this, Adam... yes Adam, overrules him and Liza takes the stand. Yeah, that can happen. Jake is understandably confused and looks to Tad for support, but all Tad says is... "hear her out." Jake is stunned, and sits back to listen as Liza begins her story... from the very beginning and her decision to have a baby on her own. She tells of how she almost used an anonymous donor, and then how Jake offered to be her donor with no strings attached. The judge then reminds us that they had no written agreement saying that, so there is no proof. Alright Judge, that's not the issue here right now OK? Liza then tells exactly how Adam switched the sperm samples by buying the fertility clinic. Couldn't someone mention Ally's involvement in this? She's the one who helped him. I would have liked to have seen Jake's face when he found out his fiance at the time did this! But no one did, and Jake demands a DNA test. Well, as luck would have it, Adam happens to be carrying the DNA test in his pocket and produces it for the court to examine. Jake tries to attack Adam, and it takes Tad, Jack and the bailiff to restrain him.

Joe declares the test accurate and that they were done at PVH. Jake demands a new DNA test, but Tad tells Jake that it's the truth, that Liza is telling the truth. This is the beginning of Jake's devastation and we see some real tears from him. This is also the beginning of a week of wonderful performances by Michael Lowry. I'm the first to admit that I was completely unsympathetic to Jake, and thought he was totally self righteous and obnoxious. He didn't care one little bit about taking Colby from her mother. But, Michael Lowry has succeeded in bringing Jake, in my eyes anyway, full circle and very sympathetic. I didn't think I would feel sorry for him at all, but I do. That speaks volumes for the acting ability of Michael Lowry. He did it, he made Jake a jerk and brought him back to a poor guy that I feel sorry for as I watch him lose everything that is dear to him. And he gets this weeks well deserved PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award.

Back to the action... the court is adjourned until the next day, while the judge reviews all that has happened. As the courtroom clears, Jake and Gillian are left alone. Jake is a total wreck and cries on his wife's shoulder. He's already lost his daughter, was betrayed by his best friend and his brother. He's looking for comfort, but Gillian isn't very good at giving it to him since she was also in the know. Once Jake starts to realize that she knew, Gilly tries to assure him that she loves him. He tells her she couldn't love him and keep this from him. She tries to make him listen to her, to believe that she loves him and tried to protect him. She tells him that the minute she found out about it, she raced to him to tell him, but that was the night the car accident happened. She explains how, every time she tried to tell him, something stopped her. Jake looks for a minute like he might actually believe her, but in the end he doesn't and leaves without talking to anyone else. Gillian gets an honorable mention as performer, for her outstanding performances on the stand, in the court room, and especially while she is finally telling Jake the truth.

While Jake and Gilly are talking, out in the hallway there are some other confrontations happening. Adrian pulls Tad aside and rips into him about keeping this devastating secret from his own brother. Tad is a little taken aback and tells Adrian that he was trying to protect Jake. Adrian isn't buying in, and in this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK takes the whole Martin clan to task for lying. He knows what it's like to find out that the parent you thought was yours really isn't. Bravo AMC for letting someone tell off the holier than thou Martin family and for remembering that Adrian wouldn't go along with this deception.

We also have Dixie going to Adam and blasting him for ruining so many lives. Adam tells Dixie, yep you got it, "I did what I did for love." You know, Adam says this almost as much as Erica says, "I'm Erica Kane!" Adam tells her he doesn't expect her to understand. Dixie tells him he's sick and walks off. Then Liza and Adam face off. Adam seems to think that he, Liza and Colby will now be one big happy family. WRONG! Liza calls him a miserable bastard, tells him NOT to touch her when he tries to take her arm, and tells him he is heartless. All the while, Adam remains clueless as to what was so wrong about what he did. This earns Adam this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Liza was awesome this week too, and also gets an honorable mention for performer. And after she leaves, Joe and Tad go at him. Joe tells him off and threatens to beat him senseless! Go Joe!! Dixie butts in and Adam has just about had enough of his former scullery maid and brings up her sordid past, sleeping with him while he was married. That shuts her up, momentarily anyway.

Adam then heads to the Valley Inn bar for a drink and who should be there but Arlene. She tells him that he should have let her help him and testify in court. Adam, who is less than thrilled to see her, tells her that the next time they run into each other, they should both pretend that she was never born. Ouch!

Adrian also ends up at the Valley Inn bar, alone and upset with everyone. He orders a drink and Arlene, who has been eying him since the moment he walked into the bar, saunters over to him and comes on to him. This woman has some great taste in men huh? Well he blows her off and heads out of the bar. So she steals his tip and buys a few more drinks with it after telling the bartender that Adrian stiffed him but she'll cover it. How fun would it have been if Adrian had taken her up on her offer, did her and then found out she was Hayley's mom. Now that would have fun! Talk about complications.

The aftermath has Liza in her room with Colby, apologizing to her for ruining her chances of having a good life with a good family. Jake wanders around the streets, but ends up at Liza's and miraculously appears in her room. He lashes out at Liza and asks her if he's the last one to know. Liza tries to calm him down and tells him that she wants him to remain Colby's father. She wants Jake to help her beat Adam, but Jake wants no part of it. He tells her that she used him to get back at Adam for what he did to her. She wanted to hurt Adam as much as he hurt her and she succeeded in doing that by not telling Jake the truth. Every time Adam saw Jake with his daughter, it hurt him. Liza admits that this is true, but she tries to explain to Jake how Adam has destroyed all their lives, not just his.

Tad races over to Wildwind to see if Jake ended up there. He hadn't, but Edmund had just brought Alex back from London (damn him, he should have left her there!), so they didn't know what was going on. Tad tells them everything that happened, and then races out to try and find Jake. Tad finds Jake at the Valley Inn bar (popular place huh), and tells him that Leslie said he can still fight for custody and still has a chance. Jake walks out without a word to Tad.

Gillian ends up at the park, and Ryan finds here there... alone and crying. She breaks down and he takes her in his arms. She tells Ryan what happened in court and tells her how Jake hates her now. Ryan tells her that that is not possible and that any man who meets her will love her. Ryan urges Gillian to make Jake understand that she did what she did with the best of intentions. I loved this scene, it showed a great maturity in Ryan. He could have taken advantage of a very vulnerable Gillian, he could have said that she belongs with him. He didn't... he urged her to work things out with Jake. He took her home to Wildwind and Alex took her to her room so they could talk about what happened. Ryan tells Edmund that he was worried about her and was just trying to help, and look after her. Edmund is uncharacteristically nice to Ryan, and understanding. He thanks him for taking care of Gillian. After Ryan leaves, Edmund remembers taking Sam from Maria's arms to give him back to Kelsey. That was one intense flashback and I cried all over again!

The next day, Gillian, Tad, Dixie, Ruth and Joe are all in the hallway outside the courtroom waiting for Jake when Adam and Barry show up. Adam gloats and tells Gillian that she betrayed Jake and he will never forgive her for what she did. Hello pot, meet the kettle. Geez Adam, betrayal is your middle name! Gillian tries to attack Adam, but Tad blocks her and then punches him himself. Adam tells Barry to add assault to the list of charges against Tad. (By the way, Barry took over the case for Liza because Jack walked out on her because she kept the truth from him also). Liza arrives and goes to Ruth and Joe and apologizes for everything. They take the high road and don't blame her, tell her she will always be a part of their family and so will Colby. That was so sweet of them. I'm so glad they didn't all turn their backs on Liza.

Jake is no where to be found. He's not at the court, no one has seen him. Well Harriet the nanny has, and she left him alone with Colby when he showed up there in the morning. Jake takes off and a panicky Harriet calls Liza and tells her that Jake ran off with Colby. Adam is fit to be tied and calls Jake a kidnapper. Liza is very calm and tells Adam to get a grip, that she trusts Jake. When Adam questions her on just how it's possible that she could trust him, she says, "because he's not you." Good one Liza! That shut him up, momentarily anyway. He tells Derek that Jake kidnapped Colby and wants an APB put out on him. He tells Harriet that she's inches from being fired. Liza tells Adam that everything is his fault, and Colby being missing is his fault.

Gillian realizes that Jake might be at the house they are going to buy so Joe and Ruth rush off to see if he's there. He is there, and he's telling Colby all about how her new room will look, what it will be like to grow up there, how much fun her life is going to be and all the things they are going to do together. It's heartbreaking because it's really his goodbye to Colby. Once Joe and Ruth arrive, he tells them how great it is to be Colby's father. They try to reassure him that he will always be a part of her life. They head back to the court room just in time, before kidnapping charges are brought against Jake.

Finally... a different storyline to talk about! Rae and Myrtle sit down and get to know each other. Rae is thinking about giving up her search for her daughter, but Myrtle urges her to continue and wants to go back to Lyle Wedgewood's office to look for clues. Rae is not really too thrilled with that idea, but gives in and they head to his office. Someone is there so Myrtle fakes a legal problem to try and lure the guy out of the office so Rae can look around. She tells him that Palmer Cortlandt's limo hit her car and she wants to sue. The schlub, Irv I believe his name was, gets a cha-ching in his eyes and heads outside with Myrt to look at the damage done to her car. Rae sneaks into the office and finds her file, but before she has a chance to look into it, Myrt and Irv come back and he's holding a gun on her. Seems Irv's a little smarter than they gave him credit for and he figured out that they were up to something. Myrt then pretends to be having a heart attack to again, divert Irv's attention and between Rae and Myrt, they knock the guy out and take his gun. Then, while he's unconscious they look through Rae's file, which by the way is marked "Rae Cummings" back when she had her baby wouldn't she have been going by Gretel Rae Cummings? They find no new clues in her file, but when they get back to Myrt's house, Rae has a message from her PI who has found a clue that will lead them to New Orleans. Well, it'll lead Rae to New Orleans anyway. She heads out of Pine Valley, says bye to Myrt...calls her Mama, which was just too sweet and that is that.

MEANINGLESS DRIVELS OF THE WEEK... Greenlee got a rash on her face from Opal using plaster as a facial mask by mistake and for the whole week we had to hear Greenlee's "poor me, I'm hideous" routine and Ryan coddle her and tell her she's beautiful. ICK. And Hayley and Mateo set their wedding date for May. Do people really care about this? I guess some do, for the life of me I can't figure out why though.

So, Alex buys Edmund a horse. But they need a trainer and a stable hand for him. Enter Guy Donahue. The guy has been following Alex around and showing us his gloved hands a few times. What's his agenda? I'm guessing he knew Alex in a previous life since, after meeting her, he sent someone an email with A. Devane in the subject header with the message "have re-established contact." This is all shaping up to be more clues to Alex really being Anna Devane, which means absolutely zilch to me. But for those who are interested, the next clue is that she named the horse Scorpio. And then Edmund, that great judge of character, just met and hired Guy and asks him to live at Wildwind. Never can be too careful huh Ed?

And last but not least, this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK by none other than my gal Arlene. While she's hanging out at SOS, Ryan walks in and she immediately perks up. She sashay's over to him and says, "Too bad you weren't on the Titanic, you're so hot that iceberg wouldn't have had a chance." She's just too much!!

This weeks AMC gets a big B+ Great stuff with the custody hearing, great performances by all involved, but too much incidental crap (mainly way too much Greenlee and her poor me routine - that didn't warrant nearly the amount of time it got) in between.