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Maggie Stone


Written by: Adam

Born: Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone on April 26, 1982

Mother: Gwenyth "Gwennie" Stone 
Father: Unknown

Siblings: Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone (deceased)

Related to: 
Vanessa "Proteus" Bennett Cortlandt. (Aunt, presumed dead) 
Leo Du Pres (Cousin, presumed dead)
David Hayward (Cousin)
Trey Kenyon III/Ben Shepard (Cousin, prison)
Leora Hayward (Cousin, deceased)

Tim Dillon
Henry Chin 
Jamie Martin

Pre-Med Student at PVU.
Intern at Front Street Clinic

Mary Margaret Stone, more commonly known as Maggie, came to Pine Valley in early 2002 after the death of her identical twin sister, Frankie Stone. She quickly developed a friendship with her sister's girlfriend, Bianca Montgomery, and together investigated Frankie's death. Bianca fell in love with her, and Maggie went through a period of confusion about her sexuality. After months of stringing Bianca along she finally declared that she was not interested in Bianca the way she was in her. The two continued to be best friends.

Later that year, Maggie was held captive by her aunt Vanessa Cortlandt, also known as the infamous drug dealer Proteus. Her cousins, Leo and David, saved her and Vanessa was eventually captured and sent to jail. Maggie saw her cousins more as her brothers as they formed a closer relationship over their disdain towards Vanessa.

Bianca pushed Maggie into a relationship with Tim Dillon. It was doomed from the start because of Bianca's forcefulness.

Tragedy hit home when Leo and Vanessa where presumed dead after falling over Miller's Fall. She and Trey tried to pull Greenlee du Pres through the turbulent time. Maggie was also very supportive to Anna and David after the loss of their baby, Leora. David offered to pay for Maggie's tuition at Pine Valley University after she declared her interest in Med School. David has since become more of a fatherly figure to her, and Anna the mother that she never truly had.

Maggie was almost expelled from school for letting her boyfriend, Henry Chin, cheat on an exam. He was her first love and she resolved to help him in any way she could. The issue was resolved with Henry's confession, and she was allowed to stay. She helped Henry pursue his music career and bid farewell to him as his group went on tour.

Maggie was the first to learn that Michael Cambias had raped Bianca. She encouraged her to let David examine her, but she continued to say everything was all right. The truth came out, and Maggie held her hand through the whole rape exam. She pulled Bianca out of her emotional hole. As Bianca began to pursue Lena Kundera again, Maggie seemed to show signs of jealousy. She and Jamie Martin came to a mutual understanding, where Maggie would make Babe Chandler jealous if he kept up the charade that he was Maggie's boyfriend.

Lena left town to tend to her sick mother, and Bianca turned to Maggie for support. She needed it, especially after she lost her child. Maggie welcomed her to stay with herself and Jamie in their new apartment. The two friends became closer than ever.

When Jamie was arrested for drugging Babe, Maggie knew her new roommate was innocent. She teamed up with Reggie Montgomery and Danielle Frye to find the real culprit. She suspected JR Chandler, who had been at their apartment the night before drugs were found incriminating Jamie. Bianca pleaded with Maggie to trust JR would not do that to his wife or brother, but Maggie’s senses were on overdrive.

Maggie has recently taken up with Ryan's brother, Jonathan, when he came to her rescue after she found Bianca in bed with Babe, not knowing it was a ploy to trap JR into confessing all his treachery. Maggie had earlier professed her love to Bianca, but Bianca rejected her saying that she was still very much in love with Lena. Everything was going well with Jonathan until she found him destroying Bianca's shirt that she wore the night Miranda was born. Jonathan explained that he was afraid that the shirt would provide the evidence that Ethan needed to prove he is a Cambias and Ryan would lose everything. Maggie covered for him with Bianca.

Jamie went on the run with Babe, leaving Maggie roommate-less. So, Maggie befriended new Pine Valley resident Jonathan Lavery. At first the couple looked like they wanted the same thing. But soon, Jonathan revealed his dark side. He wanted to protect his brother Ryan's control over Cambias, so he destroyed Bianca's black camisole, the only evidence that would confirm Ethan was in fact the Cambias heir. Maggie kept the secret from her best friend, blinded by Jonathan's "love." The camisole was the last keepsake Bianca had of Miranda. Bianca was blessed when Miranda turned out alive. Maggie was elated, but Jonathan was obviously disturbed. Jonathan had neglected to tell Maggie that her best friend was lying on the brink of death after a fall from a deck. When Maggie confronted him, Jonathan got worked up and slapped her. Maggie kept her silence, blaming the bruise on her face to a gym accident. But this was only the beginning of the abuse. Jonathan began to make vebal insults about her sexuality and relationship with Bianca. The last draw was when Maggie learned Jonathan was terrorizing Bianca. Bianca helped Maggie to realize her abuse. Maggie was hesitant, but eventually she was convinced to break her relationship with Jonathan off.

Bianca announced she was leaving Pine Valley for a fresh start. She offered Maggie to come along for a new beginning. Maggie needed to consider the offer, and at first refused. But, an unexpected fog blanket kept Bianca's plan grounded long enough for Maggie to reconsider. On a whim, she joined Bianca and Miranda as they embarked on their new life together.


Portrayed by:

Elizabeth Hendrickson (2002-present) 


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