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Livia Frye Cudahy


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Olivia Frye 
Nickname:  Livia

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Derek Frye- brother Marriages: Tom Cudahy (October 12, 1992 - present) Lucas Barnes (divorced) Children: Terrence Frye (son w/Lucas) Jamal Wilson McIntyre Cudahy (adopted w/ Tom)

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Attorney Livia Frye made her mark in Pine Valley by becoming entangled in one the largest murder cases in the small town's history. She teamed up with Trevor Dillon and Jackson Montgomery to exonerate Brian Bodine for the murder of Will Cortlandt. Through the tumultuous time, she had no idea who she could trust in the new town, including Trevor, whose niece Hayley Vaughan was raped by Will. Brian was exonerated for the murder after Janet was tricked into confessing for the crime. Livia decided to make Pine Valley her new home and relocated with her son, Terrence. Her ex-husband, Lucas Barnes, came to Pine Valley too. He bagan to stir up trouble for Derek, Livia's brother, by hurting his marriage to Mimi Frye. In the end, Derek and Livia supported each other through his terror, and Lucas left Pine Valley.

Tragedy hit close to home after son Terrence was attacked on the Pine Valley High School campus by a group of racist teens. His step-sister, Taylor Cannon, and Uncle, Derek Frye, infiltrated the group and arrested his attackers. Livia was fearful for her life in Pine Valley. That is, until she met Tom Cudahy. Tom comforted her through the ordeal, and the two fell in love. Best friend, Brooke English, pushed the couple together. Livia was very hesitant, but Tom assured her not to let the public make her decisions for her. Tom proposed to Livia, and they were married with friends and family present. Old friend Peabo Bryson even showed up to sing a duet with Livia.

Tom and Livia met single mother Janine Wilson who could no longer raise her son, Jamal. They decided to adopt the boy from her. Little did they know, Jamal was the son of resident bad boy, Alec McIntyre. Adam Chandler revealed the truth of Jamal's paternity to protect Hayley from Alec. Livia and Tom where entangled in an uphill custody battle for young Jamal. Jamal even went so far as to file for a divorce from Alec. However, all their efforts seemed to be in vain. Alec won the case, but dropped the decision after seeing how much Jamal had loved the Cudahys.

In 1995, Livia was promoted to a judgeship out of Pine Valley. Tom, Terrence, Jamal and Livia relocated to a town nearby. Tom visited every once in a while, ensuring all was well with Livia and the children.

Livia returned to Pine Valley in 2003 as a favor to Jackson to defend Kendall Hart for the murder of Michael Cambias. With this, Livia was placed against Derek who lead the investigation against Kendall. Luckily, Derek fazed himself out of the trial, but she still had to put up with Kendall’s lies and ADA Justin McCoy’s prosecution. Livia tried her hardest to exonerate Kendall, but Greenlee du Pres revealed Kendall’s pregnancy ruse ending the trial and Livia’s ability to defend her client. In the end, Kendall's sister Bianca confessed to the murder.

Livia enjoyed her time in Pine Valley so much, that she decided to abdicate her judge position to live in Pine Valley again. Moving in with Derek temporarily, she realized that many things had changed since her departure. While checking in on Jackson, she encountered her runaway niece, Danielle Frye, living with Reggie Montgomery. Livia reprimanded her for worrying her parents so much, and took her home to see her father.

Danielle was not going to be silenced when it came to Reggie. Livia was constantly put in the middle of Derek, Mimi, and Danielle's arguing. Mimi dropped off all of Danielle's belongings with Livia. Livia told Derek it was time for him to step up to the plate and be a father.

JR Chandler confided to Livia that he was pursuing a divorce from Babe Chandler. She was surprised to hear that he was dropping his claim weeks later. Then, Brooke hired Livia to exonerate her son, Jamie Martin, for the crime of drugging Babe. Jamie was pointing the finger at JR and Livia sensed he was right, but could not break privilege. She decided she was going to defend Jamie, against any conflict of interest that may have been apparent and reveal JR's sinister motives.

Livia took Derek’s side when Mimi returned to Pine Valley. She wanted to bring Danielle home with her to live with her new fiancé, Garrett Williams. When Derek refused to comply, Mimi and Derek got in a fight over the end of their marriage. Livia reminded Mimi about her infidelity with Lucas and that she was not all virtuous. Livia was unaware that Dani had overheard their fight and finally learned about the controversy surrounding her birth.

Livia was suspicious of Garrett, especially as Dani began to act erratically. Her intuition told her something was wrong. Dani revealed Garrett had made unwanted advantages on her. Mimi berated Dani, accusing her of lying like she used too. Livia knew Dani was telling the truth and promised to protect her from Garrett.

Portrayed by:

Tonya Pinkins 	(1991-1995-contract), 
		December 18, 2003-2004 (recurring), 
		2004-present (contract)


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