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(updated 3/4)

AMC Links (official)

The official AMC site by ABC.



My favorite soap magzine has a website! It's great, check it out.



Formerly The Mining Co., this site has TONS of great info and even voted The Pine Valley Bulletin as SITE OF THE DAY!!! Check em out!


Susan Lucci - Susan's Official website! Very very nice.



The Official Site for the Official AMC Fan Club!



Julia Barr - This is Julia's official site! Very nice, lots of information.

Eva LaRue - Don't miss out on Eva's site...especially the stunning photos in her online photo gallery!!!


The official website for AMC's nasty Nessie! Live Voice Chat, Fun & Games, sounds, Video and much more!!


The Vincent Irizarry - Sandy's OFFICIAL page devoted to the Devious Dr. Hayward!

Cameron Mathison - Great site all about AMC's Ryan Lavery! Tons of pictures, events, appearances and more!!




The official website for AMC's Marian...Jennifer Bassey! Visit it often dahhhlings!!!



Esta TerBlanche - Official site for AMC's former Gillian.



The Official Rebecca Budig website! Check it out! Great pics, great info!!



Alicia Minshew - Check out the official website of AMC's Kendall Hart!!

Colin Egglesfield - The official site of AMC hottie Josh Madden!

Aiden Turner - Official website for AMC's resident private eye, Aidan Devane!

Friends of Finola - Finola Hughes official website!

Sydney Penny - Official website for AMC's former Julia Santos!

Chrishell Stause - Official website for AMC's scheming Amanda Dillon!!

Leven Rambin - Official website for AMC's sweet and innocent Lily Montgomery!!

Jeff Branson - The Official site for AMC's dastardly Jonathan!!!

Jill Larson - Visit the official website for AMC's Opal and dish about the character with the portrayer!!

Alexa Havins - It's the offical website for AMC's Babe Chandler!!

Matt Walton - The MySpace site for AMC's Terry McDermott!!

John Callahan - The official site for AMC's Edmund Grey!

James Scott - The official website and message boards for AMC's former Ethan Ramsey!!

Amelia Heinle - The Offical website for AMC's former Mia!!!

Christian Campbell - The official site for AMC's formerBobby!

Jason Olive - Get up close and personal with AMC's former Frank Hubbard!!

Terri Ivens - This is the official fan club for AMC's Simone!!

Keith Hamilton Cobb - The official site for AMC's former Noah Keefer!!!!



The Big Lou Page - This is a fantastic site all about AMC's Langley Wallingford, Louis Edmonds, and is now a part of Dark Shadows Online!




Willey World - Walt Willey's Official Website. All about AMC's Jackson Montgomery, where he will be appearing, pictures, and more!



Karen Lynn Gorney's Official Website - Find out what the former Tara Martin is up to.


Alana De La Garza - Check out the site and beautiful photos of AMC's former Rosa Santos!! You can also join her fan club!

Laura Allen - The Official website for AMC's former Laura Kirk English!

James Kiberd's Official Website - This site is devoted to the artwork of James Kiberd (AMC's Trevor Dillon).




TV Guide - Weekly chats, Q&A, News, lots of good stuff!

The Soap Opera Store - Another really great site for finding soap related merchandise!



More AMC Links



Formerly Turtle Run, but still the same great site! And they gave me an award!!




Eye on All My Children is the AMC branch of the this great site, Eye on Soaps. They cover AMC, GH, and OLTL. There's some really great writers and a whole lot to see at this site!





Daytime Dolls is an amusing and lighthearted look at the fabulous world of soap hosted by life long soap fans and media celebs Sammy Power and Sue Moses. You'll find All My Children and other daytime soap opera gossip, news, recaps and more on your favorite soaps in the online TV show.



All My Children Fan Space - The place on MySpace for AMC news!!

The Fan Family of All My Children - The name says it all! Check out this great online group!!

AMC Podcast - Now get your AMC updates by Podcast!!!

All My Children Fans 4 Life - Join this yahoo group to discuss AMC!

New Beginnings - DeeDee's new online community for AMC (and more!) fans!

The Loyalists Homepage - Fabulous site dedicated to getting RealDimitri back on AMC!!

Sydney Penny Fan Site - Great site devoted to AMC's Julia Santos Keefer!!!

Sarah Russell Photography - Check out Sarah's great pictures site with lots of her professionally shot photos at many AMC events!

AMC Opening Credits - Check out this awesome site that features some of the old and newer openings that AMC has used through the years!!

The Lady Grey Society - This site is dedictated to Edmund and Brooke and has photos, transcripts, songs, mail-in flyers, a message board, magazine articles and fanfiction.

Jacob Young Appreciation Site - Since 2000, this is the MUST SEE site for all things Jacob Young!

The Children of AMC - This site has info on your favorite AMC kids!!

Eden Riegel 1 - Eden Riegel 2 - Check out these three great fan site's about AMC's Bianca!!

Kelly Ripa Page - Here's a really nice fan site about AMC's Hayley!

Josh's Destiny - A must see for all fans of Josh Duhamel, AMC's Leo!

The Unofficial Paige Rowland Page - Barbie and Russ's site dedicated to AMC's former Kit Montgomery!

Once Upon a Romance: The Story of Ryan and Gillian - Jaime's page dedicated to one of AMC's best couples.




Site owners, submit your link!


Non AMC Links

Music Links

Pollstar - Find out where and when your favorite bands will be touring

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Hey, I'm from Cleveland ya know!!

Peter Murphy - Official website for my all time favorite singer!

Redd Kross - YAH!!! I found it again! I thought this site had ceased to exist but it only moved! These guys are one of my favorite bands!


Food Links

The Food Network - my favorite cable channel.

SOAR - The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes - you will never need to look anywhere else for a recipe! This site is awesome!


Animal Links

Dr. Jungle - This site is mainly about exotic animals and tropical animals, but they have a section where you can submit your own pets photo and have them get evaluated on the cuteness scale. My own two kitties are featured there! Check it out, there so much info in this site!

Petco - A must for all pet lovers!!


TV Shows


This is a great site all about one of my fave shows, Family Guy. Stewie Rules!!!


NYPD Blue - Nice site about another of my favorite shows.





Kim's Page - my friend Kim's homepage about her acting, directing and writing.


The Home of the Celebrity Dead Pool - Who's going to be next?


Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America - 4-wheel drive training and guided back country trips! If you own a 4-wheel drive sport utility vehicle and want to take an adventure in the back country of the west, check out this site!


That's all for now, if any of these links don't work, please email me!


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