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Krystal Carey


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Hazel Carey
Alias: Krystal

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown

Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler (supposedly w/ Ron Fitzgerald)
Baby Chandler/ Asa Buchanan II- Son (w/ JR)
Elizabeth "Bess" Chandler/ Miranda Mona Montgomery (Supposed Daughter)

Occupation: None

Krystal Carey was determined to see her daughter, Babe, happy, especially in the arms of JR Chandler. She arrived in Pine Valley to secure her daughter's marital bliss and to get rid of all the factors standing in her way, including the paternity of her baby and the fact that Babe was still married to Llanview resident, Paul Cramer. Krystal faked a migraine to get access to Babe's charts in Pine Valley Hospital, thus crossing paths with Tad Martin and Adam Chandler who had their own agendas. Krystal knew Tad was hot on her tail. When a paternity test result said JR was Babe’s baby’s father, Tad was ready to reveal everything, including the bigamy and Babe’s shady past. Krystal told Tad that he would loose JR if he had the truth come out. Tad, after much soul searching, agreed to Krystal’s plan to cover up the truth.

Babe gave birth to JR’s baby. She was on the brink of death. David Hayward believed Joe Martin was not doing enough to save Babe. Krystal turned to Tad for his opinion, and he admitted David had great knowledge when it came to heart problems. Krystal begged Joe to give David temporary privileges at Pine Valley Hospital. He did, and David was able to save Babe.

But Krystal knew Babe was not in the clear. Krystal knew if Paul was involved something was wrong. She learned the daughter Babe thought was hers was not. In fact, it was her baby that died in the crash and the baby girl was Bianca's child. But, Krystal was fearful that without baby Bess, Babe not going to be able to keep her marriage together. She filed the annulment papers to Paul, and staged a “vow renewal” in Chandler Mansion. Before the ceremony, Krystal told Babe the truth. Babe chose JR over Bianca.

Krystal had an injury to the head and stayed overnight at the hospital. There, David told Krystal of Liza Colby’s plan to push her out of Pine Valley, and Tad’s life. David mentioned the name of friend from Stanford, Ron Fitzgerald. Krystal was elated because Ron was Babe’s long lost father. Tad sided with Krystal and warned Liza to leave Krystal alone. Krystal and Tad grew closer.

David learned that Bess was actually Bianca’s baby. To create a smoke screen, Krystal told David he was Babe’s father. As she tried to make a run out of town, David confronted her with a shock: Krystal was telling the truth. They shared a one night, drunken tryst in Palo Alto, resulting in Babe. David promised his allegiance to the Carey women, knowing the Chandlers were the true threat to their safety.

Krystal caught on to the Chandler's plans, and played damage control. David was not convinced that Babe could raise Miranda better than Bianca, especially after JR staged Babe to have a drug overdose. Krystal knew the girl she raised would not take drugs, ever. When Babe finally came to her senses about JR, Krystal was prepared for retribution on the Kane's part. But, Babe came back to her mother with other news, her baby was alive and living in Llanview with Paul's brother-in-law. Babe was planning on going on the run with Jamie and her child. Krystal was to stay in Pine Valley and steer the Chandlers in the wrong direction. Babe also promised that Bianca would know the truth about Miranda in a letter.

But, JR destroyed the letter before Bianca could get to it. They were heading down to Florida for a Miranda Montgomery Fundraiser, and Babe saw this as a perfect time to tell Bianca. Krystal and David went to Florida too. After Babe revealed the truth, she knew she and Jamie would have to on the run again. For the first time, mother and daughter were unsure of each other's fates. Krystal gave a heartfelt goodbye to her "baby-girl." She also gave Jamie and Babe's budding relationship her blessing.

Krystal returned to Pine Valley in time to witness Miranda's return to Bianca. It was hard for Krystal to be happy or sad not knowing where Babe was. But as hard as her struggle was, she knew Brooke English, Jamie's mother, was in worst condition since she never got to say goodbye to her son. When Krystal tried to thank her for Jamie's sacrifice, Brooke brushed her off with a cold-shoulder.

Alas, Babe and Jamie's fugitive status came to an end. When the pieces of the baby-switch puzzle came together, Babe, Jamie, David and Krystal all faced criminal charges. Krystal could not let Babe suffer for something that she thought was her own fault. Krystal pleaded out the case, taking the fall for the other suspects. She was sent to prison. Earlier, Tad had proposed to Krystal. She had not given him a response, but they shared one "funny-valentine" before she went to prison.

Krystal suffered greatly for her very public crime. In prison she befriended a woman named Di Kirby, who for some reason did not find pleasure in torturing her like the others. Tad had continued to visit her in prison. As much as she loved Tad, she could not promise him anything while she was in prison. She broke off their relationship. Soon, Di was released as well, leaving Krystal more alone than ever. On one of Babe's visits, Krystal asked about Tad. Babe admitted that he was in search of his lost wife, Dixie Cooney. Though Krystal had let him go, her heart was still breaking knowing that if Dixie was found, Tad would move on. When Tad finally came for another visit, Krystal could see something in Tad's eyes: he had found Dixie.

Babe brought a picture of Little Adam and Dixie for Krystal to see. The woman who was claiming to be Dixie was Di. Babe blackmailed Adam with the information to have Krystal’s sentence commuted. Krystal arrived at Kate Martin’s memorial service and served the sad role of revealing that Dixie was a fraud. Not convinced, JR demanded a barrage of DNA tests. As they awaited the results, Tad and Krystal had some time to catch up. Seeing Tad’s obvious attraction to Di broke Krystal’s heart. When the tests all came back proving that Di was Dixie, Krystal decided it would be best to reject Tad’s proposal.

David and Adam were still not convinced. Krystal needed to know the truth to protect her baby girl, and teamed up with Adam to get to the bottom of Di’s origins. They ended up at Crow’s Holler, the sister city to Adam and Dixie’s hometown of Pigeon’s Hallow. Knocked up on moonshine, Adam and Krystal had a passionate night. When they woke up, a marriage certificate was slipped under their door. Adam pushed for an annulment, but Krystal saw a clear path in front of her. She refused to acquiesce without half of Chandler Enterprises and more visitation hours for Babe.

Portrayed by:

Bobbie Eakes (2003-present) 


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