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Kendall Hart


written by: DandTMartin4ever

Born: Kendall Hart

Mother: Erica Kane
Father: Richard Fields (deceased)

Adoptive Father: Bill Hart (deceased)
Adoptive Mother: Alice Hart

Bianca Montgomery- half-sister (Erica's daughter)
Ben "Trey" Shepard- half-brother (Richard's son)

Anton Lang Marick (divorced)
Boyd Larraby (as Michael Cambias - invalid) 

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO of FUSION Cosmetics


Secretive and shy, although not words to describe her today, was how Kendall Hart entered the life of Erica Kane. She was young woman who wanted to work with her idol at Enchantment. Kendall was hired as Erica's personal assistant. She helped Erica plan her royal wedding to Count Dimitri Marick. There she met Mona Tyler, who recognized a strange birthmark on Kendall's neck. Mona realized that Kendall was the baby girl Erica gave up years prior after she had been raped. Kendall confided she knew the truth and all she wanted to be was Erica's daughter. Jealous of Erica's attention to Bianca after a riding accident, Kendall blurted out the truth. Erica at first welcomed the young woman until she insisted on finding her father. Erica threatened to disown her if she continued her pursuit.

Kendall enlisted the help of Dimitri to find her father. They found out he was Richard Fields, a B-movie actor who was friends with Eric Kane. Erica banned Kendall from Wildwind for defying her so she concocted a story that Dimitri had raped her. Erica confronted Dimitri, stabbing him in the heart with a letter opener. At trial, Kendall testified against Erica. The climax would be when she rolled Richard Fields into the courtroom. Kendall admitted the only anger she had felt her whole life was that Erica had abandoned her. Kendall's plan backfired after Richard tried to force himself of Bianca. Kendall was sent to prison for perjury, and out of Erica's life.

In prison, Kendall befriended her cell mate, Janet Green. Kendall filled Janet in on the going ons in Pine Valley since her incarciration. Janet's sentence was commuted when she agreed to undergo an experimental form of plastic surgery. This would not be the last time their paths would cross.

Kendall had a short tenure in prison and fell into the arms of Anton Lang. Anton wanted to tame the shrew that is Kendall Hart. The two grew close and married. Anton's "sister," Corvina revealed that she was in fact his mother and that Dimitri was the father. She tried to force Anton to claim his birthright, but he rejected her. Corvina and Kendall decided the only thing to do was to pass it off as if Dimitri and Corvina where switched at birth. Anton found out and told Dimitri everything.

Kendall found out Janet had returned to town as Jane Cox. Janet was afraid that Kendall was going to compromise her ruse, ending all chances of her being reunited with her daughter, Amanda Dillon. They got in a heated confrontation the night a tornado passed through Pine Valley. Kendall promised to keep Janet's secret if she helped her escape her rubble grave. Kendall admitted she would have kept Janet's secret anyways knowing no mother should ever be without their daughter.

Alone, Kendall found solace in the arms of writer Del Henry. She wanted to write a tell all book about Erica and needed Del's help. Del saw something in Kendall no one else did. The two became engaged when Kendall found out her adoptive father, Bill Hart, had died. Kendall decided to move back to Florida to take care of her adoptive mother. She and Erica came to a truce before she left. Del and Kendall rode off into the sunset, or so it seemed.

Kendall returned to town without Del to put Erica away once and for all. She testified against her again at the trial. Erica got off and warned Kendall to stay away. The Linden house burst into flames, and Kendall became the prime suspect. She turned to Ryan Lavery for help. Ryan and Kendall shared a similar shady past. They both found their biological parents late in life as well. As everyone turned on Kendall, Ryan stood by her. Trey Kenyon defended her at trial, all the while actually framing her for the crime. He was the true arsonists. He burned the house down to destroy Chris Stamp's file on Proteus. Vanessa Cortlandt made the revelation Trey was not a Kenyon, rather her son with Richard Fields. Kendall and Trey promised not to turn on each other anymore; rather they should defend each other. Myrtle Fargate's account of the evening exonerated Kendall. Kendall tried to weave her way back into Erica's life through Ryan and Chris, his father.

Kendall and Ryan where engaged and they prepared to leave as soon as the trial was over. Trey encouraged her to wire Erica's new penthouse for more evidence. To do so, she had to seduce handyman Aidan Devane. Ryan caught her in a precarious position. He road off in the rain, without her.

Kendall embarked on a quest to rebuild herself. First, she profited over Dixie Cooney's death by befriending the fragile Palmer Cortlandt. She had a one of a kind photo Del left her in Florida of Dixie that he had forgotten when he left her. She was hired as Petey's nanny. Actually, Kendall was using this position to get Palmer to help her form a cosmetics company to rival Enchantment. Trey got her in more trouble as he pursued the Proteus fortune. After Vanessa and Leo du Pres died on Miller's Fall, they retrieved the diamonds Vanessa dropped from the river. To atone for his wrongs, Trey gave the stones to the police. Kendall told him it was his fair share since Vanessa abandoned him like Erica did. Trey showed a new, compassionate while reeling from the death of his brother, the one man who excepted him. Kendall realized if Trey could change, so could she.

She befriended JR Chandler who was still reeling over his mother's death. She also grew closer to Aidan. Aidan and Kendall became estranged with his association to Maureen Gorman, the long thought to be dead Maria Grey. Kendall moved on from Aidan, not wanting to play second fiddle to Maureen.

She focused on forming FUSION with Greenlee du Pres, Mia Saunders, Liza Colby and Simone Torres. The girls had problems with inventory, advertisement, but most of all, in fighting. Kendall was hardly ever in the office. All the while, she was working to improve the company's chances in the market. She seduced Enchantment's head chemist, Boyd Larraby, and went to a big cosmetic convention in Aspen. There she met Michael Kinsey, the man she thought would help her move on from Ryan.

Michael turned out to be Michael Cambias, the son of a rich business mogul. He pretended to love Kendall in order to get close to Enchantment and Fusion. Erica recognized how devious he was, and exposed him to Kendall. Kendall turned on Michael and learned he had an elaborate plan to turn on Kendall and get both companies. They where able to show that he had stolen Boyd's secret aging cream and that he blackmailed Lena Kundera with threats to her own and her mother's life.

One stormy night, Kendall found Erica in a trance, recalling the night of her rape. She pulled Erica through it. Erica had a new perspective of her daughter. Michael was bailed out of prison. Kendall confronted Michael, and he attempted to rape her. Erica intervened, not a moment too soon.

Kendall learned Greenlee was Jackson Montgomery's daughter. In order to remain loyal to Erica, she lied to her colleague. The truth came out at Erica and Jack's wedding. She also learned that Michael had raped Bianca during the great black out. Days later, Michael Cambias disappeared. Kendall returned to Pine Valley after a short vacation claiming to be Mrs. Michael Cambias, although in fact she had married Boyd pretending to be Michael. Erica turned on Kendall for supposedly marrying her daughter's rapist. Bianca confided she did not abort her pregnancy to Kendall. Kendall promised to put on the ruse that she was pregnant so that Erica would not treat the baby like she treated her. All the while, she stood to profit as the Cambias heir, unless Ryan, the Alexander Cambias’ appointed heir, had anything to do with it. Ryan returned during the trial and helped Kendall in her scheme to protect Bianca. She was falling back in love with him everyday. Greenlee, in a bout of jealousy, revealed the ruse at trial.

There was a terrible storm, and Bianca’s baby was the supposed victim of a botched helicopter rescue. This left Ryan as the Cambias heir. He planned on marrying Greenlee so that she would get FUSION back. Kendall professed her love, but Ryan did not change his mind.

There was a terrible storm, and Bianca’s baby was the supposed victim of a botched helicopter rescue. Kendall was the one who had to break news of Miranda Montgomery's death to Bianca. Bianca ran off with Bess Chandler believing the baby to be hers. Ryan and Kendall had to calm her down and convinced her to give the child back to Babe Chandler. Kendall and Erica's relationship was strained because Erica had earlier called Miranda a curse to Bianca. Kendall felt Erica was leaning that insult to her.

This left Ryan as the Cambias heir. He planned on marrying Greenlee so that she would get FUSION back. Kendall professed her love, but Ryan did not change his mind. So, Kendall went on a jealous rampage. First, she hired Bobby Warner to seduce Greenlee and break their wedding ruse. Then, she slept with Ryan's brother, Jonathan Lavery, to make him jealous. It was obvious though that Greenlee and Ryan could not broken.

Kendall followed Ryan to Las Vegas where he was going to pick up a recently MIA Erica. Erica had become an alcoholic after learning her father, Eric Kane, had died. The Kanes and the Montgomerys planned an intervention. There, Erica admitted the truth about her rape. Eric had traded Erica to Richard so that he would star in one of his movies. With the truth about her rape out in the open, Erica could finally and wholeheartedly embrace Kendall as her daughter.

Kendall in Las Vegas met the mysterious Zach Slater who had great interest in the Kane women. But, another man caught her eye. He was Ethan Ramsey, the supposed illegitimate heir to the Cambias fortune. There was no way to prove his allegation, but Kendall had fallen in love with him. They had similar internal conflicts over what they were in their lives, and what they thought they deserved. But, Kendall's romance took a back seat when she was accused of shooting Ryan at The Seasons. Ethan stood by her innocence, and instead was arrested for the crime.

Kendall worked to exonerate Ethan. But, she also noticed Greenlee was acting erratically. She found her hanging from the FUSION rooftops thinking she was a trapeze artist. With Ryan's help, they saved Greenlee who they learned was being poisoned. Kendall was again the prim suspect, but Greenlee maintained Kendall's innocence since she saved her that night.

Bianca fell off a balcony and laid in the hospital on the brink of death. Kendall cursed God for making her sister suffer. She felt like she had lost all her hope. Ethan would have none of it. She held a strong face in front Bianca. At the hospital, Kendall flashed back to the night of the storm when Miranda died. At that moment, Erica and Jack arrived with Miranda alive and in their arms. But, the child was the baby they had all known as Bess, Bianca was right all along. With their families reunited, Bianca came to just in time for Christmas. Soon though, Bianca and Miranda left town to start anew in Paris. Miranda DNA also proved Ethan was a Cambias. Kendall noticed Ethan's change and vindictive attitude towards Zach, the man revealed to be his father Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Greenlee needed Kendall's help to qualm her suspicions about Jonathan, the man she believed was poisoning her. Kendall and Greenlee spiked Jonathan's drink with truth serum, and Simone acted as their questioner. Ryan intervened and wanted to help his brother on his own. But things took a turn for the worst when Greenlee and Lily Montgomery were abducted by Jonathan. Kendall tried to save them, but was captured as well. When Ryan arrived and saved them, Jonathan admitted to all he ahd done from poisoning Greenlee, to killing Edmund Grey. Kendall, Lily, and Greenlee watched in horror as their cave prison exploded with both Lavery brothers inside. Ryan was later found and revived by rescuers.

Jonathan's admission about Edmund's death strained Ethan's and Kendall's relationship. He had maintained it was Zach who had killed Edmund. Kendall gave him an ultimatum: choose her or his fortune. Ethan could not give up Cambias Industries, especially to Zach. So Kendall turned to Zach and he proposed marriage to push Ethan over the edge. Secretly, Kendall complied with his plan. At the same times, she started a "friends with benefits relationship" with JR.

Kendall took a break from her life of troubles when Jackson and Erica finally announced their final plans to marry. Kendall was excited to see Bianca again, but she brought an unwelcome guest: Ethan. It did not hamper the festivities, as her mother and her longtime beau were finally united. Kendall was sad to see her sister go again, but she was assured that they were closer than ever. Before she returned to Pine Valley, Ethan professed her love and plans to sign over Cambias Industries to Zach. But it was too late, Kendall admitted that she was the new Mrs. Zach Slater.

Kendall and Zach’s marriage took a backseat to Greenlee and Kendall’s growing friendship. Greenlee was inseminated with Ryan’s sperm after he had a vasectomy. The women went to great lengths to steal the sample from Dr. Greg Madden’s lab. Kendall planned a special night for the couple at The Seasons. Ryan did not take Greenlee’s manipulations well and flew off in his motorcycle. In a rage, he drove over a cliff to his death.

Kendall helped Greenlee mourn the man that they both fought over. When Greenlee miscarried, Kendall volunteered to be her surrogate. But, a blackout at Greg’s lab threatened their plan. Kendall knew that Greenlee would give up on life if they did not have Ryan’s child. So, she asked Greg to inseminate her with Ryan’s sperm in the hope that she would soon be pregnant. Both agreed it would be best if Greenlee did not know the truth.

Zach was secretly going to Wildwind, and Kendall had her suspicions about what was really going on. When she followed him there one day, he was conversing with Julia. She had ran away from Witness Protection, and Zach was keeping her safe. Between Zach’s undying love for Maria Grey, and Kendall’s hate of Julia, fueled Kendall’s jealousy. She realized she was falling in love with her husband. She could not let her husband put himself in danger for her oldest rival.

Ryan came back to town with his siblings, causing a string of events that would change the course of Kendall’s life. After a fire, Greenlee became suspicious when she realized her blood and her child’s blood did not match. She realized what really happened the night Kendall became pregnant. She left her Pine Valley in a rage. Though Kendall loved Zach, she still pushed him away in a reaction to her betrayal. They divorced.

Bianca came back for Christmas. Her main goal was to help Kendall come to terms with her child and Zach. Kendall and Ryan had a heart to heart and decided not to terminate the pregnancy. No matter what Kendall had done to ruin his marriage to Greenlee, he promised to stick by his old lover. Coming home, Kendall professed her love for Zach and they made plans to remarry.


Portrayed by:

Sarah Michelle Gellar (1993-1995)
Alicia Minshew (Jan. 03, 2002-present)


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