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June 2, 2008

AMC has been killer... and I do mean that in every sense of the word! So let's get to it. (Tunes: Deee-Lite,World Clique; The Raveonettes, Pretty in Black; Hole, Live Through This; PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love; and Sinead O'Connor, I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got - yep, all women!). And still, with all this great music by this amazing women, I can't get this song out of my mind! I wonder why ;)

This Editorial will reflect shows that aired from May 20 -23 and May 27 - 29.

Poetic justice came to Adam in the form of JR having him admitted to Oak Haven. We know that he is actually seeing the Angel of Death... er, GhostDixie, but no one else does. And the funny thing is, Adam doesn't even really try to hide it. He just yaks away with her so maybe he is a little off anyway. GhostDixie keeps telling Adam that he will end up in hell if he doesn't tell Tad the truth, but Adam isn't interested. You'd think he would be considering he'd have to spend eternity with that harpy yammering at him all the time. But he is not budging and an incredulous GhostDixie asks him if he's willing to risk eternal damnation just to punish Tad. Adam answers with this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, when he says, "No, I'm doing it to spite you!" GhostDixie tells him something big is about to happen if he doesn't tell the truth and the people he loves the most will be affected. Concerned that Colby and JR are in danger, Adam plays nice for the doctors at Oak Haven and gets released.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Jesse has planned many surprises for his beautiful wife to be. One of them came in the form of Greg Nelson! Oh Greg, you are sight for sore eyes. Laurence Lau reprised his role and this long time AMC fan could not be happier! Angie was thrilled and surprised and Greg was flabbergasted that Jesse was alive and called him. The three of them go to Jenny's grave, reminisce and take us old fans on a trip down memory lane, sharing stories about Jenny. It is the first of many pass me the tissues moments. The emotions that all three of these wonderful actors shared was felt. For long time fans it harkened back to the "good old days" and new fans got a chance to experience the magic of these characters for the first time. It's a win/win for AMC fans. The only thing that can make it better is bringing back Greg on a more permanent basis.

The wedding is here! Angie is getting ready with Cassandra and is so nervous, excited and happy. Jesse is getting ready with Frankie (he can keep saying he wants to be called Franklin, but he's always going to be Frankie so get used to it Frankie!), and he too is nervous, excited and happy. Cassandra and Frankie both think it's really cute that they are nervous. As Angie tells Cassandra how important a marriage is, Jesse is doing the same with Frankie and when they both utter the words, "This is forever" it's time to pass me another tissue!

Over at Tad's house, he's ready for the wedding and telling his baby daughter Jenny how happy he is that her Uncle Jesse and Aunt Angie are getting married today. But ruining this beautiful father/daughter bonding moment is the presence of GhostDixie. She has the audacity to sit there and watch Tad with his daughter looking all doom and gloom. What she should be noticing is how wonderful Tad is with his daughter. Watching them I realize that this is exactly what Dixie was so sure Tad could never do. That is why SHE gave up their daughter. Oh right, yes... she was manipulated. Blah blah blah... Dixie Schmixie. Even if she didn't think Tad could love the child, wouldn't the rest of the Martin's? Of course!! The woman irks the crud out of me! She not only gave away Tad's daughter but JR's sister.

Everyone starts to gather at the casino for the wedding of the year. Greg goes over to Opal to say hello and oh my, pass me a tissue! Opal is so shocked and so happy to see him. They too talk about Jenny. Let's get this out of the way. AMC is not resurrecting Jenny. A lot of people have asked me if they are because of all the talk about her. But let's put it in perspective. Could Jesse return and reunite with Tad without talking about Jenny? Could Greg return and reunite with everyone and not talk about Jenny? Of course not. They have to talk about her, so they are. And that's all there is to it. More talk of Jenny is coming when Tad and Greg reunite. I need a tissue again but I need the whole dang box when Tad introduces his daughter Jenny to Greg. Oh my oh my, what a weepfest!

Somewhere in here Aidan is brooding because Greenlee doesn't want children. Greenlee is upset because she thinks she pushed Aidan away for good. They make up. Then she finds out from Jack that Aidan and Kendall slept together and I'm having a really really hard time carrying about any of it.

While on the run for 20 years, Jesse managed to make a pretty high profile friend in R&B superstar, Ne-Yo. So Ne-Yo came to the wedding to sing Angie down the aisle, much to the shock of the bride and her maid of honor! And the wedding is underway. It truly was a wonderful wedding. Angie looking absolutely stunning and Jesse has never looked more handsome. Stuart, Greg and Tad all read passages at the wedding that are completely appropriate for the couple and appropriate coming from each of these people.

Stuart, the artist reads: "In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of love."

Greg, whose love has passed on reads: "Love is the emblem of eternity. It confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory of a beginning, and all fear."

Tad, whose love has passed on reads: "Separated lovers find countless, mysterious way of corresponding. By sending each other the song of birds, the scent of flowers, the laughter of children, the light of the sun, the sighing of the wind, the gleam of the stars -- all the beauties of creation."

Frankie and Cassandra then read,their words intertwined. Frankie: "Love is never-ending, nor is it ever begging." Cassandra: "A man is born, a woman is born for him." Frankie: "In the fight to find each other, the perfect moment awaits its destiny." Cassandra: "When they meet, they know." Frankie: "That's why love is never-ending, nor begging." Cassandra: "It is always and forever."

And then, the vows. The most beautiful and heartfelt vows ever spoken. I can't do them justice in a recap so I will just print them. Pass me a tissue please!

Angie: When Jess -- deep breath. When Jesse and I first got married, we couldn't share the joy that we felt with the people that we loved. And now, as I look out at all of you -- old friends, new friends, my children, the miracle I've been given, my heart is so full it takes my breath away. I want to thank all of you. And I thank you, God.

Jesse: Seeing you here as my beautiful, beautiful bride, hearing that song, even the scent of the flowers -- it just makes me feel alive. I mean, for so long I lived in a kind of silence -- no music, no color, just dark. But I survived it. I survived it, baby. And I couldn't have done it without you. A lot of you people in this room -- you helped me find my way back home to my family and to my angel.

Angie: Jesse, my intentions are the same today as they were when we stood before the justice of the peace all those years ago. I intend to spend the rest of my life loving you. I will grow with you, I will care for you, and learn from you. When you speak, I will listen. Maybe not all the time. When you walk, I'll be by your side. Together, we can go anywhere and do anything. You are my profound joy, my greatest gift. And I will treasure you always.

Jesse: Oh, God, Angela, my whole world changed when I met you. You opened my mind, my heart. You made me a better man, and because of you, I have life, I have love, and I'm going to protect that love with everything I have. I will make you proud, I will make you happy, and I will keep that beautiful smile on your beautiful face. Oh, my God, you are my purpose, sweet lady. You are my future, and I can't wait to live every minute of that future with you.

The minister does the official wedding vows, and they are wed. If I had to pick a nit, I would say that Ne-Yo should have stopped singing while people were speaking, but on a whole, I think the wedding (not the aftermath, the wedding) was a love letter to AMC fans. Angie and Jesse are together again, their children are with them. Their dear friends Tad and Greg are at their sides. What could be better. We all know that if AMC does one thing good, it's big extravagant parties/weddings. This was no exception. And girls, did you all just melt when that tear rolled down Jesse's cheek? Oh be still my heart and pass me a tissue!



On to the reception. I tell ya, Joe and Ruth cut a mean rug! They can show a lot of people there a thing or two about dancing, especially Tad! But in all fairness, Tad did say he's not a great hoofer. GhostDixie on the other hand chose to be incredibly selfish and show herself to Kathy and dance with her. This poor child has had nothing but heartache in her short life. Does she really need to be dancing with her ghost mommy? I can hear all the Dixie fans bitching at me already and will just say again that if SHE hadn't given up her child in the first place without even consulting the father, she could have had some real dances with her daughter.

Random happenings at the wedding...

Opal is flirting with Robert. Why is her perception so off? Especially considering he's a Gardner. I never got that.

Greg gives Angie and Jesse a gift, an old Steam Pit t-shirt! Another nice blast of the past.

Jesse and Cassandra share a dance and bond.

MIA at the wedding... Derek and Josh. Just saying.

Everyone is having a really great time, everyone except Greenlee that is. Having discovered that Kendall and Aidan slept together, she goes immediately into bitch-mode. She plays it to Aidan that she has changed her mind and does want to have children. So she takes him over to Kendall and Zach and tells them that she wants Kendall to carry her and Aidan's child. Kendall is understandably confused by this insane request. But it all becomes crystal clear when Greenlee tells Aidan that it will give him another shot at sleeping with Kendall. Oh boy. This is going to get ugly.

Greenlee rips into everyone, including Zach who knew and never told her. She won't listen to Kendall and Aidan's explanation and quite frankly, even though she's acting like a spoiled little brat, there is no explanation that could make her feel better. Grief sex does not exist and Greenlee was absolutely right on when she said, "Zach and I thought we were going to die down in that hole. We thought we'd never see you and Kendall again. The difference was we, we really loved you. So, we didn't do anything but comfort each other."

Aidan, realizing that Zach knew all along accuses Zach of sending him to Darfur so he would get killed. Zach almost got line of the week when, after sucker punching Aidan in the face he says, "If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't be here right now. You try to remember that." Yikes! Try not to get on Zach's bad side again Aidan. Special Ops training or not!

Kendall is a frantic mess. She wants to be BFF's with Greenlee, wants her to move on like Zach did. Well that punch pretty much proved that Zach did not move on now didn't it. And, in an effort to find Greenlee, Kendall goes to Ryan's house to find her??? What is that about. That made no sense. But hey, while she's there she filled him in on her sex with Aidan and how Greenlee found out and is devastated. She seems to think Ryan should help her find Greenlee and calm her down. Why would Ryan do that?

Greenlee is boo hooing all over the place. Throwing Aidan's clothes out. Punching walls. Being annoying. Proclaiming she has nothing. Then when she does accidentally run into Ryan she tells him they should run off together. More nonsensical crap. What is that!? At least Ryan doesn't fall for it. He's got his hands full with Annie. Later though, the stupid just keeps on coming. Zach is at Greenlee's trying to get through to her when she jumps on him and kisses him. Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee.... have never heard that inane mantra of Zach and Kendall's.... always only you. Sure, Kendall doesn't abide by it, but Zach does, so he peels Greenlee off himself and tells her that he loves Kendall. And even though I'm on Greenlee's side about the grief sex, she still gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Someone slap her, calm her the heck down already! She's on my last nerve! And this is coming from someone who believes she has every right to be angry at Kendall and Aidan!

It took awhile but the FBI have caught on to some discrepancies in Robert's report about Papel and believe he may have shot the wrong man. What kind of cracks me up about this is that all along I figured that Robert was lying about being in the FBI and about being Tad's uncle. No one ever looked into either of those things. Not even Tad even though Robert gave him the heebies. But it turns out he was a shady FBI man all along. Who'd a thunk? Anyway, Robert tells his colleague Alan that he will be happy to report to the bureau in a few days seeing as he has a very important wedding to attend. That isn't good enough and the G-Man flunky insists that Robert come with him immediately. Robert agrees but not really. He pretends to be going to get his suitcase but turns around and shoots Alan dead. Poor Alan, just doing his job. It didn't even seem apparent that they suspected Robert, but maybe it was. Either way, Robert got rid of him and so began his reign of terror.

After making his way to the wedding, Opal is thrilled to see Robert and flirts up a storm. She discovers that he is carrying a gun but he covers by saying even though he's retired from the bureau, he still have a permit to carry the gun. Opal reluctantly buys his line of BS and then quips how she thought he was just happy to see her. Robert is worried he's going to have to get his freak on with Opal so he decides to shut her up. He takes her to the broom closet where Opal thinks they are going to make out, but he jabs her with his magic knock out drug and locks her in there.

Robert cons his way into getting a key to Angie's room and goes in search of the elusive stuffed elephant. When he finds it, he rips the stuffing right out of it and finds nothing. He is temporarily flummoxed, until Jesse shows up, gun in one hand, big honkin diamond in the other and says, "looking for this?" Not ready to give up his ruse, Robert starts to tell Jesse that the bureau needs the diamond as evidence. Jesse tells Robert that it's time for him stop underestimating him. He found the bug in his house... a bug that is used by the FBI alone. He tells Robert that he was watching him all along, especially when he realized he was Tad's uncle but Tad wanted nothing to do with him. And then Jesse informed Robert of his biggest slip up, the origami swan that he found in his house. Jesse knew his captor made them, he saw them all over the floor of the room he was kept in. Robert didn't realize he dropped one in Jesse and Angie's loft, but the day he drugged Cassandra, he did. And that was another thing, Cassandra's condition of being in a fog and not remembering anything. Jesse felt like that many times. So he put it all together and realized that the elephant was what he wanted all along so it he got the ice out of it and headed upstairs to confront Robert. Knowing he has been found out, Robert finally gives up his story and suddenly tells Jesse that he'll give him a cut. They can split the diamond. But this diamond is the reason that Jesse has been away from his family for 20 years. He wants nothing more to do with it. Who could blame him! Robert is starting to get a bit freaky deaky because he wants that diamond!

Down in the ballroom, Adam has arrived and GhostDixie quickly tells him that it's not too late and to do the right thing now. I never really understood how Adam telling Tad the truth about Kate was going to change what Robert is doing. Neither does Adam, but he's inclined to believe that danger is afoot so he gets Colby and has her sit at a table and asks her to stay put while he finds JR. Dre tells him that JR and Babe headed upstairs for an impromptu boink. Well, Dre left the boink part out but everyone got the idea. Adam heads out to go find JR with GhostDixie following close behind telling me that the worst is about to happen and that it's already started.

Other happenings...

Colby has taken Kathy to the bathroom for Julia, who sits down where Colby was. That becomes an important fact.

GhostDixie whispers in Jake's ear not to leave the wedding, that Tad will need him.

Greg rescues Opal from the broom closet, but she isn't groggy at all and remembers that Robert drugged her.

Robert learned from Opal that Angie and Jesse have a helicopter waiting on the roof to whisk them away.


Unfortunately for Angie, she has decided to come search for Jesse. When she walks into the room Robert grabs her and puts a knife to her throat. Of course Jesse would never risk anything happening to his lady love, so he tells Robert he'll give him the diamond for Angie. That's not good enough for Robert. He wants the diamond and he wants to escape, so he gets his gun back then turns the gun on Jesse. He is about to shoot, Angie screams her head off just as the elevator opens and Adam steps out! OMG, it's getting crazy!! Robert turns the gun to Adam but then a hotel room door opens up with JR and Babe inside so Robert shoots at them! Adam races to the room as Robert gets in the elevator with Angie. JR and Babe are alright, but shaken. So shaken that Babe decides to profess her love for JR.

Jesse races down the stairs as Robert takes Angie down the elevator. When the doors open, Angie screams for Aidan who is standing there. Aidan tries to talk Robert down unsuccessfully so Robert goes into the ballroom with Angie at gunpoint. Everyone is shocked! GhostDixie makes sure Colby and Kathy stay in the bathroom where they are safe by holding the door closed so they cannot get out. Mayhem ensues as Robert shoots at Aidan but instead hits Julia! As people clamor to tend to her, he shoots again and gets Greg in the arm! Poor Greg Nelson! He comes to Pine Valley for the first time in years and he's shot!

Robert heads back to the elevator with Angie as Aidan, Jake, Jesse, Frankie and Tad try to stop him. They go racing up the stairs to the roof (all except Aidan who stays in the ballroom in case they come back down). Robert is going to take Angie with him so he can be assured that he will get away. When they get to the helicopter, the pilot asks if they are they happy couple and Robert says they are. And then shoots the pilot for the hell of it. He should have had him fly the thing for him. Criminals, they aren't always so bright. Anyway, he knocks out Angie, puts her in the helicopter and then shoots at Jake, Frankie, Tad and Jesse as they arrive. Just as he's taking off, he shoots again and no amount of ghost intervention can stop the bullet from hitting Tad. He is down.

Back in the ballroom, Julia is in bad shape and is taken to the hospital. Colby heads back to the ballroom with Kathy to find chaos. But Adam is thrilled she's OK and embraces her and Kathy. Oh my, pass me another tissue! He doesn't want to tell Kathy about Julia so he tries to cover and then decides to take her and Colby home. When Kathy keeps asking for her Aunt Julia, Adam tries to distract her. Adam's very clear care and concern for Kathy earns him this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. Truth is, Adam deserves the award every week no matter what he does!

Cassie is in the ballroom freaking out and wanting to get up the roof to see if her mother is OK, but Aidan won't let her go. Upset, Dre, who's been smitten with her all night, tries to comfort her, but the memories of his own mother dying on 911 get the better of him and he abruptly rushes out. He later apologizes, and Cassie is understanding.

This weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK begins as Jesse goes after the helicopter and jumps off the roof onto the bottom of the it! OMG!!!!! Have you ever seen such a Friday cliffhanger! That show ended with Jesse in mid air between the copter and the roof. It was intense and for the first time in years and years, I could not wait for Monday! And when it got here, we saw that Jesse managed to hold on, climb up the helicopter Indiana Jones style and fight Robert while the copter was in mid-flight. I don't care how far fetched it was, it was intense and fun to watch. The effects were incredible! This is daytime remember, not a big budget action film. I was riveted! Angie comes to and is trying to fly the copter while Jesse is trying with all his might to get Robert out of it! He finally does, pulls him out and drops him to the roof, cracking... "you should have put your seat belt on" as Robert falls. Jesse tries to calm a very distraught Angie and land the copter.

Back on the roof, Frankie and Jake are tending to a very injured Tad. When they hear a thud on the roof, Frankie goes to see what it was and finds that it is Robert, who is still alive. The fall was not very far. Frankie is able to subdue him. As Jesse lands the copter safely, he and Angie come out onto the roof and find that Tad has been hit. Angie tends to Tad with Jake while Jesse holds the gun on Robert. He takes the diamond back from him and wants so badly to shoot him dead. And Robert wants him too. He taunts Jesse about being a coward, but Frankie is able to talk him out of it, reminding Jesse what prison will be like for a crooked FBI agent. The police arrive and haul him away. And that is the last we will see of evil Uncle Robert Gardner. With little time to save Tad, Jake and Jesse get him into the copter while Frankie flies him to the hospital.

Krystal had gone to the hospital in the ambulance with Julia and once there while she is stabilized, it's not looking good. Joe comes in with the bad news that they can only temporarily help her, her injuries are far too severe. Knowing she is destined to die anyway, Julia refuses the surgery. Krystal is aghast! She cannot believe that Julia can't be saved. She wants Julia to fight. I'm misting up here. Julia asks Krystal to call her sister Maria in California. She has named Maria as Kathy's legal guardian if anything ever happened to her. But when Krystal asks her if she wants to see Kathy, Julia says no. She saw her mother in the same situation and doesn't want to do that to her again. That is called being selfless. GhostDixie should take a lesson from Julia. Krystal and I weep as Julia says, "tell Kathy I love her." As she starts to fail, Julia tries to tell Krystal as much about Kathy as she can... like she likes creamy, not chunky peanut butter. As Julia loses consciousness, GhostDixie thanks her for taking such good care of Kate and assures her that she will be ok. Julia lets go. Joe tries to resuscitate her to no avail. She is gone. And so ends another wonderful character.

You Dixie fans who love to take me to task for not caring that she was killed off will love that the death of Julia really hurts me. It's a sad fact that the folks at AMC did not want to pursue a custody fight between Tad and Julia once the reveal of Kate was made, so instead they decided to cut their losses and kill off yet another character with a rich history in Pine Valley. They learned nothing from the debacle that was Dixie's death. They just went and did it again. And while Julia may not have been on AMC as long as Dixie, she still had a past, a present and a future in Pine Valley if time and care would have been taken to her return. Much like Dixie's last return, Julia's was botched. Her love interests never connected with viewers. It was never clear why she chose to stay in Pine Valley in the first place when her sister, who was thought to be dead but isn't, now lives in CA with the rest of her family. In the beginning she had interaction with Zach. That stopped. She had a snarky banter with Josh that never went anywhere. Why not!? Josh has no storyline either! Some were put off by her love affair with Jamie (I wasn't, I rather liked it). And after he left, Julia was relegated to hospital scenes alone. So many missed opportunities. And really, would a custody battle have been so terrible? Julia is a level headed and good woman. She may have started out fighting for Kathy but I think in the end she would have given up, knowing that she belonged with her father. And Tad, he's not an ogre! He certainly would have allowed Julia to be a part of Kathy's life. Tad would have been grateful that someone he cares about was the one taking care of his daughter since he could not. This just pisses me off!! Tad and Julia coming together for the love of Kathy and then growing into a love for each other was my wish. It was crushed along with so many other fans who never get their wish. That's part of watching soaps. It makes me mad, because I believe that the death of Julia is the final nail in the coffin for the Santos family. What a shame. My only saving grace in any of this is that Noah is also dead, so we were told, and I can pretend they have been reunited in the afterlife. Farewell Julia.

At the hospital, as Krystal is trying to wrap her head around Julia's death, Babe and JR arrive and give her the bad news that Tad has been hit as well, just as Tad is being brought in. Krystal is a wreck! Everyone gathers at the hospital to await news on either Tad or Julia and as one by one everyone finds out about Julia's death, devastation has a ripple effect. Annie is distraught but her feelings for Julia are put aside by her jealousy of anyone who speaks to Ryan.

Joe was so busy with Julia, he didn't know that Tad had been shot. Angie breaks the devastating news to him and he races to the OR where he finds Jake scrubbing up to perform surgery on Tad. The other surgeon there doesn't think it's a good idea for Jake to do the surgery, but Jake insists and the doctor relents.

So much is happening... Greg who was only slightly injured with a gunshot to the arm tries to console Frankie, telling him that he could not know the depth of Robert's treachery. JR calls Colby to tell her about Julia and about Tad. Colby stays with Kathy so Adam can go to the hospital. Angie urges Jesse not to blame himself. He stayed away all those years so things like this would not happen, and it happened anyway. Zach and Kendall arrive. Zach wants to call Maria and take care of the arrangements for Julia, but he cannot reach anyone and Joe tells him that Julia has asked Krystal to do that. I liked that this was put in though, it plays to Zach and Maria, and Zach and Julia's history. Josh finally has a scene when he arrives to be with his family, the Martin side of his family. JR goes to call Jamie in Africa and tell him about Tad and about Julia. Krystal is allowed to go see Tad before he has surgery. GhostDixie goes in too. Greg tries to lighten everyone's mood by telling Tad the Cad stories. Ruth and Opal cling to each other and hope.

When Adam arrives at the hospital GhostDixie gives him an "I told you so" look. But he feels horrible and wants to be there for JR and for Krystal, but neither of them are too happy to see Adam. JR accuses him of wanting Tad to die. And then Adam tells him what we always know about AMC enemies, that while he may hate Tad, he never wanted harm to come to him. It's a human and real moment for Adam but JR isn't buying it. Adam goes off by himself where he ends up dozing off and dreams that Colby was the one who was shot. She was seated where Julia was, the spot Adam told her not to move from. It could have been Colby who died and Adam is overwrought when he wakes up, and GhostDixie is there making it even worse.

The surgery is touch and go for awhile but in the end, Tad makes it. But he is critical and not out of the woods.

Final thoughts...

Zach wants JR's help in finding the guy who stole JR's car and ran down Zach. Watch out Richard Novak!!

Phew, good thing Ne-Yo got out of town when he did and didn't get caught in the crossfire at the wedding!

Jesse and Aidan decide to dive into finding Kate for Tad. Looking over Tad's research they find a bunch of letters that Tad has written to her so he can give them to her after he finds her.


This weeks (or week and a half I should say) AMC gets an A. Wonderful stuff!