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June 29, 1998

It's contradiction week on AMC! I didn't know whether I was coming or going this week with the way so many people have contradicted themselves! Let's start with Mateo. The man is on my last nerve. He butters Hayley up with romance, music and dancing, then in the next breath he's telling her that he found a buyer for Holidays. Then he asks Hayley to trust him, that he is doing everything for her well being. But when Hayley tells him to trust her regarding Camille, that she knows Camille has not done anything. He shakes his head, tells her he's calling the police and leaves the room! Listen bub, trust goes both ways in a marriage! These two run so hot and cold that one minute I have heat stroke, and the next I have frostbite! I don't get how or why Hayley hasn't given this creep his walking papers! He's a total jerk and I only pray he's in Holidays when it blows! Of course he won't be, then Hayley will be all moony eyed about how he saved her life and yadda yadda yadda I'm going to be ill.

Next up is Erica. She's angry, oh boy is she angry. She's so mad that Mike ruined her relationship with Jack that she's going to kill Mike. So Erica, who's mighty handy with a forklift I must say, chases Mike around the warehouse and pins him against his cage with the forklift. What she doesn't realize is, is that she jabbed him with it. So while she's on her tirade, Mike is begging her to let him free from the forklift. She doesn't and Mike just ducks under and gets out anyway. Why didn't he do that in the first place. Erica finally realizes that she did indeed hurt Mike so she gets him to the hospital, where she confesses to Myrtle that she just wanted to scare him, to get even with him for all he had put her through. Then when she's able to go see Mike, she once again threatens to kill him by turning off his IV. Fine and dandy, she's doing the "if you can scare me, I can scare you" routine. But one minute she tells him how much she loves Jack and he ruined it for her, then she's kissing him. Oh yes, she can deny she kissed him back, but her resistance was pretty weak. She was kissing him.

And now... AND NOW?? She's going to accept his marriage proposal and tells Mike she loves him next week?? What is going on here! I can only hope that she's tricking Mike again!!! Too bad she didn't kill him when she had the chance. If she is tricking Mike, just where does that leave Jack? Will he take her back? I wouldn't. Besides, to me it sure looks like they are gearing up Dimitri and Erica for a reunion. Why else would an argument between Jack and Dimitri about Dimitri's jury tampering suddenly turn into an argument about Erica? Dimitri and Jack get this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK for their exchange. Dim: "This coming from a man as two dimensional as the cardboard the dry cleaner puts in my shirts!" Jack: "Wow, were you up all night thinking of that one?"

Contradictor number 3, Brooke. Brookie, Brookie, Brookie. All she does is say how innocent she is. How Jim deserved to die. Then what does she do? Finally she realizes that she did what I have been saying all along.. SHE KILLED SOMEONE!!! She took a life. And while Dimitri and Tad and everyone else agreed with her, that she did what she had to do, she finally has seen the light. That she took a life. Well honey, it's about time! And how about that scene where Brooke goes wacko!!! I'm talking total loony tunes! Adam spills the beans to Junior about Brooke being on trail and of course Junior is going to tell Jamie. What does Brooke do? She goes ballistic and starts screaming and ranting about how she wants to kill Adam! Well that was some display. Too bad Keith wasn't there, he could have really had some good ammo for the prosecution. I was definitely on Adam's side on this one though. No, not that he told Junior, that was just irresponsible and stupid. But when he was telling Brooke that it was her fault, that she brought Jim into their lives and when she realized she made a mistake, she killed him. Yes, that's exactly what she did. And now she realizes it too. So bravo Adam.

What else can we talk about today? Why on earth did Liza agree to pay Allie's debt? That really irks me. Allie is nothing but a nincompoop who can't handle her own life and now Liza makes it easier for her. She's just too nice, that Liza. And she asks Jake and Allie to be Godparents to her child? Another bit of confusion. Yes, they did get friendly during the Hayward sting, but closer than she is to Hayley? to Tad? Poor Tad, he was shocked and hurt when Jake mentioned being the Godfather. And now Jake is going to offer to be pop in a cup? Why? Because Liza paid Allie's debt?

This week I'm going to give Tad the coveted, PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. He was so good all week. His confrontation with Deemie (as he called him) and his confrontation with Ryan too. And his always being there for Liza, and being such a great friend to her. I truly love the friendship that these two have developed and hopefully once Dixie returns next week, that won't be changed. And the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award this week goes to Mike Roy, for actually hypnotizing a dog! I still can't believe he did that! They sure teach you some weird stuff in spyman school.

My favorite scenes this week were the ones with Liza in the park talking to Amanda about her mommy, and then to Janet about being a mother. It was really sweet and showed that Liza really has a desire to be a mother. And then the scene with Marian and Stuart at McKay's. Those two... how I adore them! They will find their way back to each other, I just know it. But listening to their thoughts, thoughts neither of them felt they could say out loud was so heart wrenching. I just wanted to reach in and help them along!

I wanted to discuss my Palmer theories. Last week I said that perhaps Palmer was hiding Joy Hawkins in his secret room. That could still very well be. But I've thought of a few other possibilities. First, of course, is that he is hiding Joy. Maybe Palmer, then Pete Cooney also knew Joy and knew what Lee was doing to her. If she is still alive, she could have found Palmer, even though he changed his name. Being as Palmer is an international business tycoon, she would know he changed his name, unlike Myrtle, who has changed her name since the carnie days, but Lee only knew that because he walked into the boarding house and saw her, even though he did suspect beforehand because Hayley told him to ask her about the carnie days.

Second theory, he's hiding Lottie Chandler. Lottie and Palmer had an affair way back when and created Ross. Once Palmer left her, she committed suicide, thus the feud between Adam and Palmer. Now, when the bones in Joy's coffin were tested, they were revealed to be a relative of the Chandler's, but never proven to be that of Lottie's.

Theory number 3, not a person at all. Once Palmer was down there and he was talking and said something like, "you belong to me" I thought that perhaps he was not talking to a person, but more like an object. It seemed odd that Palmer would say that. What is it? I don't know, but I think it could have something to do with the government because he was very concerned about Mike, a government agent finding out. And I also think it may have some tie, no matter how vague, to Allie since he is so hellbent on getting her prosecuted.

I said last week that I would be discussing the Lee Meriweather situation, but now that it has been resolved there isn't much to say about it. I'm just thrilled that AMC have decided to keep her on after all, even though it is in the recurring status not contract. AMC would not be the same without Ruth, and I'm so glad that Lee Meriweather will be continuing!

Final note... my email has been nonfunctional since Thursday night. I don't know when it will be back up and running again, or if I will have lost anything that has been sent to me. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully it will be back soon!

Really the final note... the wedding went beautifully! Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes to my brother and his new wife! Despite the horrible weather of rain and hail, it came together perfectly and everyone had a great time!