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June 22, 1998

She sees the light!!! Give Erica a prize she has finally seen Mike for the lying creep he is and it only took a point blank statement from Dimitri to convince her. It would have been nice if she could have discovered this and pieced it all together on her own, but no, it didn't work out that way. She had to be told that she was being played for a fool. "Mike Roy has treated me as if I'm sort of an idiot." Sort of? Gee Erica, what was your first clue? Why Dimitri defended Mike by telling Erica he did it all because he loves her is beyond me, but at least he told her. But watching Dimitri and Erica in this scene together, all I could think was... good bye Jack! good bye Mike! Hello Dimitri!!

Erica and Dimitri, to me, seem so much better suited to each other than Erica and anyone else. There's no way now that she will end up with Mike, which of course, I knew all along. You don't end up with someone who's on a short term contract, unless they decide to extend of course. And well... Jack? Once this is all over with Mike, what happens to Erica and Jack? zzzzzzz oops, nodded off there for a minute. So Dimmie, forget about Brooke, then again, don't. We saw that the rivalry between Brooke and Erica is alive and well, maybe it could just be heightened by Brooke and Erica fighting over Dimitri! I loved seeing Erica and Brooke clawing at each other again. In fact, I had forgotten how much I missed seeing these two at each others throats. Brooke sees Mike, faints again (!) and then follows him to Wildwind. Once there the barbs begin! Was the best part of it seeing Dimitri half heartedly trying to moderate? Was it Mike trying really hard not to laugh? Well, those were both pretty amusing but the best part was the snappy repartee between these two ladies. Brooke gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. Erica was taunting her about her upcoming trial for murder and Brooke said, "Since I can only serve one life term at a time, any other justifiable homicides that I commit between now and my trial date are freebies. Care to egg me on?" Then Erica's line about Brooke ending her engagement with a .38 instead of a Dear John letter was pretty good too! I hope to see more Brooke and Erica scenes in the near future, they are a riot!! I have to give Jack credit for knowing right away that Erica kidnapped herself while Mike was a raving idiot. I loved how Jack got in his face, and I was hoping that he would just deck him already! But since he didn't, I will! This weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award goes to Mike for barging in on everyone and making demands and just being a bully. Can someone please put this guy out of my misery!?

How weird is it that everyone seems to use Pine Valley Hospital as their primary residence? This week alone Tad and Allie both received mail, and Adam and Stuart both got phone calls. Why would Dixie call Adam at the hospital? Why would Camille call Stuart at the hospital? Why would Pigeon Hollow Medical School or whatever it was, send Tad the DNA test results to the hospital? Why would Allie get a letter delivered to the hospital, especially because I'm thinking it's from David since we have his return coming up. If he knew about her latest problems, he should know that she's not employed there anymore. I understand Stuart being reached at the hospital I guess, since Scott is there, but the others? I don't get it. It just really strikes me as strange.

Ryan's smooth talk to Gillian really makes me feel nauseous. Her lips are the most succulent he's ever seen, yeah yeah. Her hair is so silky and shiny, like a prize stallion, uh huh sure thing. Her neck is the most beautiful neck he's ever seen, like a giraffe, no problem. Her breasts are are... oh nevermind what they are. He makes me want to gag with all this mush. It always leads to the same thing, Gillian looking like she wants to vomit, and Ryan moving in to give her a kiss that always gets interrupted. And then in the next minute she's warning Mateo about how Ryan is after Hayley. Oh please, give this up already!! It's boring and old. And now Mateo is going to confront Ryan about Hayley? Is he going to threaten him again about chopping off "little Ryan?" And just what on earth was that weather girl audition about?? That was the worst! Ryan coached her on that?? Another thing I'm getting bored with, "you stuck up for me, why?" They have both asked each other that question how many times?! Enough already, you love each other, let's get on with it! I think what is going to happen is that Gillian will get injured in the explosion, and Ryan will nurture and care for her. That will once and for all prove that he loves her.

The Chandler's are under attack. I loved when Jack was on the phone this week and he said that Hayley and Mateo's apartment exploding, the elevator being rigged to fall when Stuart was in it, and the generator box electrocuting Scott were all related. Well gee Jack, how'd you figure all that out!? He's one heck of a DA that Jack, nothing gets by him! This week Stuart and Tad join forces to try and figure out just who is behind these attempts to kill off the Chandler's. This is a real interesting match up I think. Stuart and Tad working together seems like fun to me. But the other duo, Mateo and Adam? YIKES! That's just scary. And still, poor Hayley is in the dark. She's with "her friend" who finally has a name... John Lee, aka Lee Hawkins, and no one ever seems to be concerned. The guy is everywhere, but no one suspects a thing. And now he's going to get a job at Holidays. Sure, no problem. Why doesn't Hayley just build the bomb for him and show him where to put it.

I love the idea of Albert being the new "buyer" of Holidays. Well, I'm just glad that he's on the show still, in any capacity. I hope he gets to stay around awhile. But let's go back to Lee for minute, he's sure creepy. He slinks around town and is everywhere at the best possible time. After Marian went on a morning bender, got sloshed and sprained her ankle (only to have it fine the next day I might add), she runs into Stuart and is instantly sober. But that little scene gave Lee enough ammo to want to follow her and find out all he could. So back at the seedy bar, Lee befriends Marian and Marian in turn spills all she can about Adam and the Chandler's. And just as he gets that sinister look and insists on taking her home, Liza shows up. Liza doesn't know it, Marian doesn't know it, but Liza just saved her mother's life. And what a great mother and daughter scene we were treated too after they got rid of Lee. It's so great that Marian is behind Liza's wish to have a baby, and is even going to help her. (The grandma outfit was a bit much, but her heart was in the right place).

Back to the Chandler's, this week I'm giving the PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award to Adam and Stuart. They were both on an awful lot this week and it still amazes me that they are played by one person, the mega talented David Canary. They are so different that he makes me believe they can't possibly be played by one guy. Stuart's concern for his family, and his caring. Adam wanting to nail anyone who dares mess with a Chandler. They ultimately want the same thing, but they have such different ways of going about it. Bravo!!

Jury selection began this week for Brooke's trial. Of course it's going to be difficult to find jurors who aren't bias in this case. But Dim is on the scene, and he has paid Ryan to get himself on that jury, no matter what happens. Ryan isn't too bright is he? Once this is discovered, this will not bode well for his marriage. He knowingly put himself in an illegal situation. Dimitri will be in more trouble for masterminding it, but Ryan is not innocent. And since when do they let people hang out in the courtroom during jury selection? Janet sat there with her jury radar and told Trevor who to pick and who not to pick. And Dimitri sat in the back of the courtroom while Ryan was being questioned. It seemed very odd.

Tidbits... What is Palmer up to? I haven't a clue, but I'm doing my best to dig up some dirt! I have a guess though. I think he is hiding Joy Hawkins. Why? Well Palmer is also from Pigeon Hollow. I think it would be an interesting way to tie him into this storyline. Perhaps Joy got wind somehow of what Lee and Camille have been up to, and came to Pine Valley. She got help from the only other person she knows there, old Pete Cooney!

It was great seeing Kelsey this week, we need more of her! I would like to see her friendship with Opal rekindled. Opal... my she's looking great these days, although I still don't think she should have changed her image because Palmer all of sudden decided he didn't like it. I loved when Adrian told Belinda she was looking tasty. I can't wait to see how these two develop.


** PLEASE NOTE ** The Scoop will be delayed next week. My brother is getting married and I'm going to be very busy next weekend. I will try to get the Scoop done as soon as I possibly can, but please bear with me!! Next week I will be discussing the Lee Meriweather situation as well as having new scoops on the big explosion set to hit Holidays the week of July 6.