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June 18, 2001

I guess I realized there are a few things that need to be said about the previous week too. I'm going to keep it as brief as possible. Which probably means it'll be really long haha

First let's discuss Leo and Laura. While I understand Leo's intentions, I don't understand the lengths he is going to. There is no way that he's actually in love with Laura already. I do believe he cares about her though. Some of their scenes are so sweet and I'm really quite impressed by how far Josh Duhamel has come. At any rate, with Brooke's prodding and actual begging, Leo has decided to make it his mission in life to give Laura hope and something to live for. Well Layo, that's all fine and dandy but what happens when Laura makes her miraculous recover? Will he learn to live with it and learn to love her? I can't see that happening. I see more heartache for Laura in the future. Now, wouldn't it be an ironic twist of fate for her to find out that Leo didn't love her and that Brooke asked him to act like he did? All the love she thought she had would be a lie and she ends up blowing her own brains out. Now that's a twist!

I know that Leo turned down Brooke's money offer, but there is more to this sudden devotion to Laura than meets the eye. We know it. Greenlee knows it. Bianca knows it. I wonder how long it will be until Laura knows it too. She's so swept away by him and I guess I can really understand that. In her position, I'm sure anyone would try to hold onto anything that can give them hope. And I have really liked her strength, even if it's the false hope that Leo has supplied her that gave her that strength. At any rate, Leo gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award for his first proposal to Laura. I have a soft spot in my heart of any actor that can cry on cue, and when that tear rolled down his face I almost fell in love with him myself! Plus Leo is acting like he loves Laura very well... so not only is Josh a fine actor, but so is Leo!

While I'm still talking about some of the good aspects of this storyline, I have to mention Laura's talk with Jamie. She explained everything to him in a caring and hopeful way. She was honest and didn't scare him while explaining it to him. It was truly wonderful and it's about damn time that Jamie got involved in this storyline involving his sister. This is one of the things that has really bugged me. Jamie has not been involved. Tad has had no scenes with him to talk about the situation and neither has Brooke. He's never gone to the hospital to see Laura the numerous times she's been in . And neither has the Phoebster. The people that need to be involved in this storyline are left out. Now I know Ruth Warrick had been recovering from a broken hip, but she was at the Emmy's and looked great. She should be there for Brooke. Hell they could even refer to her or have Brooke on the phone with her! I got off track... I was about to say that Laura's talk with Jamie was my SCENE OF THE WEEK.

Now let's move right on over to this weeks numerous PASS THE HANDBAG moments. The first one is when Leo bought Laura a bunch of sexy nighties as a coming home present and then backed off when Laura wanted to model them for him and then make love. Good move Leo. Laura not only shouldn't be doing something as strenuous as sex, but she should be in the hospital on life support! Why would he buy her sexy nighties? Can someone answer me that one!?

Our next PASS THE HANDBAG moment is a biggie. What was that mess with Leo and Laura in the park?? This is the part where we're supposed to be manipulated by the writers into falling in love with Leo and Laura as a couple. Oh their so cute... oh he loves her so... oh did you see him with the kids... oh how wonderful. BLECH! This was the worst thing I've seen in a long time! Laura doesn't act like she's hovering near death and she was over that bout of pneumonia in a few hours. If one of my relatives was on the donor list and lost out to someone who is playing and goofing around in a park, I'd be pissed. For lending little to no realism to Laura's illness, the writers get this weeks SUPER DUPER SKANK SLAP.

Shifting gears to the new Rosa, the 25 year old who's going to be a senior this fall. Give me a break! What is the story with the casting department!? She's gorgeous, there is no doubt, but there is no way she's 17! She's about as 17 as John Callahan is 47. And what was with the rolled up skirt and tied up shirt? She looked like she'd been buddying around with Mary Catherine Gallagher from SNL! It was great to see Mama Santos though. I really love her. When she speaks Spanish, it lends such authenticity to the role. I love it. But the poor woman has tried so hard to raise her children in a family with values (ha!) and morals (ha again!). What does did she get? Maria... sex out of wedlock resulting in a pregnancy and inducing her own miscarriage. Julia... had an abortion. Mateo... married at 17 and had a child, Junior Hector, big controlling ass. Anita... biggest whiner ever. Rosa... nothing terrible yet, but wants to be a bad girl. Well I have the perfect idea for Rosa to fall into being yet another disappointing Santos child. How about she befriend Bianca? Can you just see Mama's vein popping out of her head when she learns that her baby daughter is friends with a "gasp" lesbian!? Or better yet, maybe Rosa should be gay too! Oh man, that would really throw Izzy into a tizzy! The Catholic upbringing and schooling and she ends up gay. This would be great actually, now that I'm thinking about it. Bianca really hasn't experienced much bigotry since she came out, and that just isn't real. There was a brief hint at it with Becca, but she's long gone. And isn't anyone else gay in Pine Valley? You just know that Izzy wouldn't approve of this and have a very hard time with it. Oh yes, I like this idea. Anyone listening over at AMC?

I have a very hard time feeling sorry for Rosa because she has to work at the rectory all summer. Boo hoo, who ever said life is fair. I mean really, she's all upset because she wants Mateo to talk to Izzy and let her work at the mall? Give me a break. She's a kid, she should learn some responsibility. I've been hearing so many complaints about JR's downward spiral and honestly... if he had a parent that was half as strict as Isabella is, maybe he wouldn't be acting out. She doesn't have to like the job, but suck it up honey and quit your whining!

Speaking of JR, I think the acting out and the problems he's having are the natural progression for a kid who has such a mix of screwed up parents. He's finally giving back after all the crap he's had to take. After all the moving around, rejection, indulgence and everything else he's gone through. He's a good kid screaming for help. It's funny that Liza seems to be the only one to notice it. I like that she was given some of her backbone back and that she stood up to Adam. Although she did cave a bit anyway. Adam and Liza tossing ultimatums around at each other is getting to be such a snore. Dixie bitching at Adam and blaming him, Adam bitching at Dixie and blaming her... it's all a snore. The only thing good about it is the great acting done by Jesse McCartney. Wouldn't it be nice if Uncle Stuart came out of the woodwork to help him through this tough time? Fat chance.

And how about Adam... in such denial that his son could do anything bad that he actually believes it when JR tells him that David gave him drugs. Come on Adam! You're not that stupid, stop acting like you are! Adam goes so far as to go to Brooke's, where her deathly ill child is resting and cause such a ruckus while he attacks and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of David. Adam is completely out of control, but David finally gets through to him and brings him back to the Valley Inn where he tells him about the bellhop who said JR and his friends at David's room. Isn't it funny how the tables suddenly turned and now David holds all the cards again? David blackmails Adam into getting him freed from jail for good, or he'll turn JR in. Adam feels this is something he must do, Liza doesn't approve, and Dixie and Tad are in the dark.

Theory alert!!! I can't remember if I mentioned this before so if I did, sorry! I think that through all this Laura gets a new heart storyline, David and Brooke will grow closer and closer and she will be the next love of David's life. It's his pattern, sort of. He saved Erica's life, and then fell in love with her. He saved Dixie's life, and then fell in love with her. Laura is too young for him and he's had most of his dealings with Brooke anyway. I think this is the natural progression for David, to fall in love with Brooke. If it does happen, I can't wait to see the conversation between Brooke and Dixie!! Brooke warned her against David and even compared him to Jim Thomasson. I'm sure Dixie will have something to say about that. And of course, Erica will have a field day with Brooke getting one of her leftovers again!

Hmmm, what's left.... Greenlee delivered this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when she said to Jake, "There's got to be more to life than being a dutiful Martin." Ain't that the truth!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK... Ryan talking to MyAdrian! *Sigh* I'm so glad that the writers remembered that MyAdrian and Ryan actually know each other and that MyAdrian could help him. It was so great to hear his name. Too little, too late though Ryan. Why is it that no one was suspicious about the Chip Lady until it was too late? Why didn't TempDimitri, who has been nothing but obnoxiously suspicious of LurkyBoy ever consider that a documentary filmmaker who showed up out of the blue should be checked out? And where the hell is Wildwind security!? She's all over the grounds and has never once been spotted. They sure did find out that a cellular call was made on the grounds to England, but not that she was still on the grounds. Didn't they beef up security when Anna was brought there? Was it just the friendly puppies that they got? Ever hear of surveillance cameras people? Sheesh. Incidentally, has anyone caught MyAdrian's new show on HBO, "Six Feet Under?" I love it!!!

And finally, a new award this week... .MELODRAMATIC SCENE OF THE WEEK. This is when Edmund told Anna that he would not watch her die, would not put dirt on her grave, would not bury her, would hate her if she died. Then pulls her into a kiss. Oh please... give me a dang break, I almost lost my lunch. You know, I'm really pretty pissed off that AMC has decided to get rid of Alex. Not that I like her, but at least she's an AMC character. If they wanted to get rid of one of the Devane sisters, it should have been Anna. With her gone, then AMC could go back to being AMC again and not this cheap ass GH rip off that I have no clue about. And what makes them think that Anna and Edmund will work as a couple? Edmund and Alex failed miserably and the only difference is that Anna is a different character but the same actress... the chemistry is the same, nil!

This weeks AMC gets a B+. That's a high grad for me, but hey... there are a lot of interesting things happening. Some crap still, but this is the week to watch! For the first time in a very long time I actually find myself excited to watch the show. I'll be writing again next week so tune in!!