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June 15, 1998

Big thanks to Myrtle this week!! Finally someone said Lee's name. We all knew it was him, I've only been saying it was him since April. But it was just too odd that as much contact as Hayley and Mateo have with him, that they never said his name, or even seem to know it. And even odder is that he's always slinking around near them and they don't suspect that he could be stalking them. But they do try to find the man with no name a place to stay, a job and they don't mind him following them around all the time. No need to learn his name or who he is when Mateo senses danger at every corner. If I was constantly thinking about my wife being in danger, no one would go unquestioned. I'm also glad they showed that Myrtle knows the guy. They mentioned Lee as being in the carnie a few times, and Myrtle being in the carnie a few hundred times. There was an obvious connection there.

I do believe that Lee is terminally ill though. According to Camille, she received her "proof" letter from her father before he died. Well, he just hasn't died yet. I'm not sure why she isn't surprised that he's not dead. That strikes me as rather strange. What also strikes me as strange is why Camille told Stuart that Tad wants nothing to do with her. When did that happen? I think I missed that.

OK, so let's fast forward to the mysterious explosion in a few weeks. It seems as though it's Holiday's that's going to blow. My theory is that (obviously) Lee will set the bomb. But, I think that since it's looking like they are trying to wise up Camille, that she will try and stop him. But it will be too late and she will get blown up and die. But she will succeed in lessening the blow somehow so no one else gets killed. Perhaps others will get injured though. So Camille ends up a bit of a hero in this whole thing after accusing and being accused through it all. And the irony is that the father she defended all that time ends up killing her.

This weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award goes to Erica. I'm sick and tired of her being such a dufus! At least she finally wises up this week. But for goodness sake, why on earth has she so blind to Mike being a fraud?? She's a woman of the world. She's been around the block more times than the mailman! And Jack, he's my man in all this. He's got the best lines (did you hear him call Mike, Casper and James Bond this week?), and he's been, for the most part, pretty level headed. That fake kidnapping was kind of dumb, but he was trying to prove a point. Jack gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK for saying to Erica what I've been thinking since Mike Roy showed up back in Pine Valley, "How could a woman as smart as you are be so damn stupid?" I think Erica has gone beyond stupid now, to delusional. She is always defending that lech. And when Jack asked her point blank if anything happened in that cabin while she was alone with Mike, she said nothing happened? Maybe Jack should ask Scott about that. And then she goes off on a tangent about "that God foresaken cabin." Oh please, can we be a little more melodramatic?? That is Stuart's cabin! It's far from God foresaken! And speaking of the cabin for a minute, when we see Stuart and Scott there again, Stuart is pulling the planks off from the outside. Although, when Erica and Mike were "trapped" the planks looked to me like they were on the inside. Strange indeed. So we've had Mike kidnap Erica, Jack kidnap Erica, and now Erica is going to kidnap Erica. This is pretty darn ridiculous.

I'm also getting bored with Gillian's stupidity. Sometimes she seems to have a lucid moment, then the next minute she's a raving idiot. It's so incredibly annoying how she keeps accusing Ryan of wanting to be with Hayley. I just don't see that at all. I see him admiring Hayley for being what he perceives as a strong woman. Personally I've found her to be quite a wuss lately. But I'm glad she's going behind Hector's back and having Adam buy Holiday's. Vision Boy is such a jerk I can't even stand it! When he said, "It would be so much easier if I could just tell her" I was throwing things at my TV and screaming, then tell her you freakin jackass!!!!

And since when is Eddie in agreement that Hayley shouldn't know? He used to try and urge Mateo to tell her, now he's just agreeing with him. At least Mateo admitted to Edmund that he's being a jerk. At least he sees that going behind her back and hiring a realtor to sell Holiday's without consulting her was not a smart thing to do. Who is this mysterious realtor anyway? I thought Marian was the only one in town! Oh, I started out talking about Gillian and Ryan didn't I? Well, how on earth did Ryan ring up $90,000 in debt before he found out that Gillian wasn't rich?? By my accounts, Ryan decided that he had better marry her in one day, they got married, they had a two sexfest in the Hunting Lodge for their honeymoon, and then the truth was found out. When did he have time to buy $90,000 worth of stuff? And since when do creditors show up at your workplace like Guido coming to fit you for cement shoes if you don't pay up?

I enjoyed Scott this week, getting electrocuted that is. Seeing him get zapped was pretty cool. He flew! Nice effect AMC, I was impressed. It's just odd how Camille just happen to be there. Even though I know she didn't rig the generator box to blow, her father did. How? Who knows, but I'm sure he did. But since when is Adam an electrician that he can poke around in there and know that it was tampered with? Thank goodness we don't have to deal with the "you did it" "no I didn't" crap much longer.

Palmer is such a bad guy lately! I love the guy, and I enjoy him when he's bad. What I don't understand is why he is so hellbent on nailing Allie. He was more than willing to just forget that Dr. Hayward tried to kill a patient and let him continue working at PVH, but not Allie. She changed the name of her school on her transcripts and she should lose everything and go to jail. I guess a doctor attempting to murder a patient isn't as embarrassing to the hospital as a doctor forging a transcript. While I'm still on Palmer, he got to see Mike Roy for himself this week and suddenly turned into Jack Benny. What was that? He got all stuttery and put his hand on his face. I almost thought he was going to say, "Don't worry, I won't give you away, and Rochester won't either." He's hiding something, that's for sure. But what?? And wait until he finds out that Opal hired a spy to be her chauffeur! How cute was that whole scene when Opal was trying to tell Adrian what his duties would be? I really liked it. She called herself "a pig wrapped in a silk blanket." Adrian and Belinda talked to her and Adrian helped her to realize that she's a wonderful woman with a lot of class. Too bad Dimitri wasn't around to hear Opal say how much she liked it when Alexis was with Dex Dexter on Dynasty! I love when AMC does stuff like that. And I'm loving it every time I see Belinda and Adrian in scenes together.

Liza is going the insemination route. I knew Tad would turn her down. But I loved what she said to him. She said, "you're an old love who is a better friend." I couldn't agree more. I really enjoy Tad and Liza's friendship, much more than I ever liked them as a couple. I don't think that Ryan will end up being the father of Liza's baby either. I think it's going to be interesting to see how this all pans out actually. There are many possibilities. Maybe Tad will change his mind? What about Jake? Might he be willing to help her out? And of course, we know Ryan is making donations. But let's not rule out Adam getting wind of all this and trying to manipulate the situation in his favor. And of course, David Hayward is coming back soon, and he's coming back to be in a storyline with Liza. I'm sure the babies father won't be an unknown, but one of these men, or possibly even someone totally unexpected. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Jake and Allie are getting married. The reactions from everyone seem to not be what they want. It seems to me though, that Jake is smart enough to realize that Allie is losing it. She can't be a doctor, so she'll be a doctor's wife? That's a little whacked if you ask me. And what was with Myrtle this week? Allie asks her in after Myrtle knocks, and she says nothing about Jake being in there? I thought Myrt had a strict rule about no men in the women's rooms and vice versa? I don't see Allie's life getting any easier anytime soon, especially when most people seem to be against their marriage at this stage of the game. I think she just might end up going a little loony. Shades of Emily Ann. Speaking of which, it would be nice if she were mentioned as being Jake's former wife. So what is it about Jake that drives woman to the brink of insanity anyway?

Hello reality, meet Brooke. Dimitri needed to slap some sense into that woman this week. I just wish he had. She's stunned and amazed that there are people in Pine Valley who think she's a murderer. Well, she is! Why wouldn't they think that. And what the heck?? Is Dimitri's solution to every problem fleeing the country? He offered Maria the same thing when Kelsey was going to take Sam back. Everyone seems to be looking for an easy out for Ms. Pillar of the Community Brookie. Why is she above the law? First Dimitri wants to take her out of the country, then he gets Ryan on the jury, then Phoebe tries to bribe the judge's wife?? I don't care that Jim was a loser and scum and a creep and anything else you may want to call him. She did kill him, and for that she should stand trial. No easy way out. But if she wants to get off without any jail time, maybe she should hire Johnnie Cochran instead of Trevor.