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June 1, 1998

Disgusting, sickening, bordering on offensive. That is how I feel about that scene with Mike and Erica when they were tied together. I think AMC sunk to an all time low with that scene. It's bad enough that Mike lies with every opportunity he gets. And he puts Erica in situations where they have to be physical, but that scene really took the cake. I couldn't believe my eyes. How incredibly obnoxious! And if I didn't hate this Mike Roy story before (which I did) I'd sure hate it now. The character of Mike Roy has been completely ruined as far as I can see. I would have much rather never seen him again with his integrity in tact, than to watch this ridiculous storyline. It's a shame too, because I loved the character of Mike Roy at one time. Now I'm just disgusted by him. All his little plots and plans to win back Erica boil down to nothing but a big heap of lies. Trying to keep Erica in that cabin was so stupid too. I could have broken out of that cabin! Yet Erica just goes along with it. She never questions why there is food available and bottled water. She never questions why, if someone was going to kill them, he would wait until the next day. She just pleads and begs for Mike to save her. Puh-lease!!! Someone needs to re-kill Mike soon! I don't think I can take anymore of this.

Why is it that no one seems to know Lee's name? He shows up at Hayley and Mateo's apartment and she says, "Oh, it's you." And then when Mateo shows up, she refers to him as "our friend." Yet with all that is going on and Mateo's intense paranoia, no one seems to mind that this guy doesn't have a name. I find that really odd. I also find it odd that no matter how much Mateo barks at Hayley that he doesn't want to go back to their apartment, that he doesn't want to return to the place where they almost died, Hayley gets that little light bulb over her head look at the wedding and sneaks out to go back to the apartment. How dumb is she?? Hector, I mean Mateo, has said over and over that he doesn't want to go back there. And besides that he goes to great lengths to be close by her and protect her, yet she sneaks out behind his back.

Back up a minute, he has been so worried about her and her safety, but that day that Camille confronted her, he had to be phoned to come to Holidays. I guess he had Liza on Hayley patrol that day. Anyway, so Camille skulked around Holidays casing it out for days trying to get Hayley alone so they could talk about fathers. When Camille finally does get Hayley alone, they are talking and in comes Liza. What does Camille say to Hayley? "You set me up!" Excuse me???? What planet are you from Camille? Is it the Planet Paranoid, or the Planet Moron? Maybe it's a combination of the two, Planet Moronoid. Hayley had no idea she was going to be there, how could she have set her up!? URGH!! Ok, ok... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I feel better now. At least there are only a few more weeks to endure of this character.

Back to Hayley, for being so stupid as to go back to the apartment that her husband begged her not to go back to (well more like demanded she not go back to) Hayley gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Isn't she getting as tired as I am of Mateo's demanding, paranoid, and extremely unattractive behavior? Well, not going to that apartment that he obviously fears might have saved her some grief. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm going to give it as a couple award. The I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award goes to Hayley and Mateo. I've already said why for Hayley, but Mateo also gets it for being such a big overbearing jerk. Tell your wife the truth already!!! So now that the apartment blew up, did the whole building blow up too? Or was this also just centralized to Mateo and Hayley's apartment like the carbon monoxide was? Call me crazy, but I almost want to suspect Mateo of setting this bomb in the apartment just to shut Hayley up about going back. I suppose it was probably Lee who did it though.

I wonder if Mike is taking lying lessons from Pine Valley's biggest liar, Adam Chandler. Adam is such a big dork. He is just so positive that Stuart needs saving. And poor Stuart is just having the time of his life. Only to be sabotaged by his evil twin. There was Liza, confronting Adam about his plans for this dinner party. She practically begged him to tell her the truth, and he out right lied to her face. And then he has the damn nerve this week to ask her to take him back?? Are you kidding me?? She told him over and over not to hurt her mother, all the while he is planning to do just that. But yet he still thinks that she would consider taking him back? Has everyone on AMC just had a total leave of their senses?? The only ones that seem to have their heads on straight are Stuart and Marian. Stuart is just too darn cute. That string trick was the cutest thing, but he must have been in that closet or bedroom for hours while Marian was trying to unravel it all! It was just such an adorable and very Stuart-like gesture though. That is what I like to see, Stuart being Stuart. And then when he comes out of that room, I just had to laugh! He was dressed just like my dad, dark socks and all! Marian has been so terrific with Stuart. I was really skeptical at first, but this relationship grew on me fast. In fact, Marian is this weeks holder of the LINE OF THE WEEK. It was that incredibly sweet line she said to Stuart, "I like you Stuart, for you. Because of who you are, and that's what makes you so wonderful." My heart just melted for Stuart when Marian said that. And now Adam is going to ruin it, I suspect not for long though. Marian and Stuart are drawn to each other, and I think love will conquer all, even Adam Chandler!

In the coming weeks, Liza will be visiting a fertility clinic so I guess this idea of hers to have a baby is really serious. I wonder if she's going to ask Tad to be the father. I would hope not. It would be too odd to have Liza carrying Tad's baby just in time for Dixie to come back. To me it would be like it is picking up right where it left off when Dixie left. Like she had never left at all. Personally, if I was going to go the artificial insemination route, I'd want the father in a cup to be unknown to me. She wants to be a single mom, so be one! If she gets someone she knows to donate the sperm, she'd just have to share the kid with him. But the question that remains is how does David Hayward fit into all this? Hisreturn is slated for early July, will Liza have a bun in the oven by then?

Janet and Trevor's wedding finally happened. The wedding I hoped would never happen. I still feel that way. A lot of people misinterpret this by thinking that I don't like Janet. Nothing could be further from the truth. I adore Janet, she's my absolute favorite character on AMC (but I am rather intrigued with Adrian lately... woof!). And I have always enjoyed the character of Trevor. But I just cannot see them together. Nope, not after all that they have been through. But I'm not going to talk about all that again, they're married and that's that. So let's talk about the wedding.

First the good. Janet looked absolutely gorgeous!! What a gown! It was spectacular. I love how the town got behind her and has accepted her change. How cute was it that Harold came to give them his blessing. It was hokey, but it seemed fitting since he ruined their last wedding. And he carried her train! I'm just a sucker for weddings, no matter who's they are, so for the most part, I did enjoy this one too.

But there were also things about it I didn't like. For instance, Natalie's big floating Wizard of Oz head talking to Janet that no one else could see. I loved seeing Natalie when she was in the church with Janet, and wow did they work well with each other! It's too bad that Natalie's death wasn't a government cover up. I would love to see her back and interacting more with Janet much more than this Mike Roy business. AMC could use a good sister/sister relationship. There aren't any. There is barely any brother/brother relationships either. Jake and Tad, but they are hardly ever in scenes together. Dimitri and Edmund, I've always loved that brotherly relationship and I'm glad to see them back together and working on it.

But anywho, what else didn't I like? Hmmm, Amanda saying vows. Amanda is the most adorable kid on daytime, I'm convinced of that, and a hell of a little actress, but saying her own vows at her mother and father's wedding? It added nothing and made no sense. I didn't mind Trevor and Janet dancing down the aisle when the ceremony was over, it was very Trevor, but the rest of the guests? And the minister?? Cut me a break, that was just way too over the top. I was a little annoyed that the only one who seems to recognize the truth about Brooke looking awfully at ease and carefree is Opal and she gets chastised for saying it! I thought the cake topper on the wedding cake was a bit strange. In case you didn't notice, it had a bride and groom, and two kids. It's nice to include the family, but this is ridiculous! Why didn't Tim, Amanda and Harold just go with them to the Valley Inn for the wedding night? And last but certainly not least... my favorite part of the wedding, Faux Axel!! Oh I just love this guy! He was just the cutest thing. And I loved his scenes with Winifred! Can this be a love match? I sure hope so, but I have this fear that Axel has disappeared now that Janet no longer needs his help. It would be a real shame to lose such a great character, but heck, look what AMC did to Esther! Most of us loved her, and she's gone gone gone with no Esther sightings in site! But back to Axel, this week Albert Carrington gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award! Keep him around AMC!!