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July 28, 1997

The Count of Monte Disco has shaved that awful piece of hair!!! Yah!!! Oh that thing was just too ugly! Is this the beginning of a kindler, gentler Dimmie? I highly doubt it after seeing the scoops for next week. My, isn't he the manipulator? But then again, he was married to Erica and she's the biggest manipulator of them all, so I guess he was paying attention when he was married to her! So AMC's answer to Andy Gibb decides he can Shadow Dance his way into Gloria's heart, one way or another. He's just too much! Isn't this whisking Gloria away stuff getting old?! And just how long until all this silly Three's Company style misunderstanding stuff gets settled? I hope not too long, I find it rather annoying that all these adults are acting so childish.

Most of the scoops are about the Adam/Liza/Tad/Gloria/Dimitri situation, so let's talk about that a little more. Adam and his stupid games are SO old. Hey AMC, let's make Adam an adult please!! Why doesn't he ever learn from his past mistakes? He just continues to try and make his women jealous, only to have it backfire miserably each time. He's done this over and over again and it makes me yawn. But even worse than that is that Liza fell for it! What a dope. I just can't grasp why she would think that Adam and Erica had anything going on. It makes no sense. But , I don't write the show. I think this new real friendship stuff between Tad and Liza is very nice. But when all is resolved and Gloria and Tad get back on track (if ever), he better be more understanding about her friendship with Dim. Gloria and Liza have never been too fond of each other. I guess it looks bad, but Gloria automatically assumes the worst when she sees Liza in Tad's bed, why is that? Tad wasn't with her. And to just run out and not question why Liza is there is just plain stupid. No wonder Disco Dim is finding it so easy to get what he wants.

Skye goes from total guilt to total selfishness looking out for herself all in a matter of minutes. The fact that Stuart and Adam have completely opposite opinions on this is no surprise to me, but why is Skye so easily swayed? Doesn't she ever think for herself? She finally does the right thing and now because Daddy Dearest says that she should live with her guilt she tries to get the letter back! Geez, doesn't that girl have a conscience? Hasn't she ever heard the what your heart tells you is right? She was on the right track before Adam's words of wisdom came into play. My guess is this letter will never get read and may even go down in the plane crash.

Is it me or does Joe seem smitten by Allie?? Joe, you old coot!! He just can't seem to get enough of her! We know that Allie is going to be Jake's new love interest, and won't that make Joe happy?! He'll get to see her tons! And he wants to start running with her too!! As it is, every time she comes into his room, that heart monitor goes haywire! Maybe Ruth better spiff herself up to those old Miss America days before Joe goes and pulls a Marian by going after his son's chick!

Just a couple of random comments...that Brooke was so hell-bent on Tad marrying Gloria for Jamie's sake still boggles my mind. And even more so now that I realized Brooke and Tad married each other for Jamie's sake and look how great that turned out! And hurray!! we got to see Palmer this week and I personally was busting a gut when he was talking to Joe about Dr. Chapman and Palmer said, "It's quackery, that's all it is." QUACKERY!! I found that very hilarious! My, but Palmer is going to be plenty ticked when he finds out what his wife is up to. And he should be, Opal is being such an idiot! Leave Kevin alone, I love him just the way he is!!