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July 20, 1998

There's a whole lot of slapping going on this week! First up, Dimitri. This week, I join Tad and Edmund in their manhandling of Dimmie by giving Dimitri one of this weeks, I NEED TO BE SLAPPED awards. What is that man thinking? Oh he's not thinking, that's right. This whole on the run thing is dumb dumb dumb. Phoebe is so proud of Brooke for taking her child from his father and going on the run. That makes sense. She's proud that her affluent niece, the Woman of the Year, the co-editor of Tempo magazine, is a coward and can't face the consequences for her actions. Dimitri tells Brooke that she has so much courage. Oh please! They are making her out to be such a martyr. It's disgusting.

But worse than Dimitri and worse than Phoebe, is Erica! Dimitri calls his good buddy Mike, who immediate goes to help Brooke and makes contacts to get her and Jamie passports. How odd that Mike looked like a priest in that outfit he was wearing while doing yet another stupid act. Along with Mike comes Erica to Brooke's house. Erica proceeds to encourage Brooke to go on the run, telling her that being away from your child is worse than prison. As I'm watching this scene I was confused by seeing these two sworn enemies bonding over prison life and motherhood. I kept thinking, phew they came close but at least they didn't hug. Then of course, in the next minute they hug! Then as I saw it, I thought... well this was the only part of that whole scene that was true to their characters. It was the most awkward hug I have ever seen. Like neither of them wanted to, but since they had a moment, felt it was the thing to do.

What none of these so called friends of Brooke's gave any thought to was that they were taking the child from his father. At least Brooke thought of it, fleeting as it was. None of them seemed to care that Jamie has two parents. So when Tad went off on Dim for sending them away and punched him out, I was cheering! When Edmund grabbed him by the shirt and started a fight that never really happened, I was cheering again! THINK PEOPLE! Let's think about what we are doing huh? Is that so hard? No one wants Jamie to be away from his mother IF she goes to prison. Big "if" there. But no one seems to care that he has a perfectly fine father who is ready, willing, and able to care for him, just like he did for months when Brooke was too embroiled in the whole Pierce debacle. Tad is really put on the spot here. He's the only one thinking clearly that this on the run ploy will most likely backfire. So with Dixie, Joe, Jake and Kelsey's help, they fake Brooke being quarantined. Dixie and Tad have had some nice scenes together, but not nearly the much hyped "romantic reunion" that was in all the mags. Thank goodness for that. It would be way too unrealistic. I like how they are now, and if they do get back together sometime, it will take work. That's how it should be.

Tad had this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when he was talking to Dixie and explaining what could happen if he's charged with aiding and abetting Brooke. He'd go to jail, and so possibly would Joe and Jake and Kelsey for their part in it as well. Tad said, "Do you think they have a family package at Attica?" He's always got the snappy remark, you gotta love him. What I don't understand is, when Kelsey arrived and she needed to be brought up to speed on the plan, Jake says.. "Let's go to my office, I'll explain everything." Wow, residents have their own offices now. Amazing.

Next up is Allie... recipient number two of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. All you out there who moaned and groaned at me for saying Allie was crazy... all that "oh she's lost so much, give her a break" crap that I was listening too... do you all still believe that? The girl is a nutjob!!! Oh the helpless little victim who is so afraid of big bad Dr. Hayward. Hello? Has anyone noticed that he could give two hoots about her?? He wants Liza, and he wants her bad. But oh meek and frail little Allie is having pseudo nightmares about the evil doctor. "Oh Jake, he's going to get me!" Slice me a huge break please! She's a lying wench who doesn't know the first thing about having a relationship. She's always running to the hospital to leap into Jake's arms with this frightened little girl act. It makes me want to puke. Then she spills all to Adam about Liza's desire to have a child. Just what business is it of Adam's?? And what place is it of hers to tell him? Oh why couldn't she have blown up at Holidays! Why?!? She doesn't believe that Jake offered to be the sperm donor, she lied about destroying the tape they have with David admitting he set up Jake, now she teams up with Adam to make sure that Liza isn't inseminated by Jake. Well, they already decided that Jake wouldn't be the donor after all, but oh no, Allie doesn't hear that part. All she sees is a hug between Jake and Liza and goes even farther into the deep end then before. URGH!!!!

Recipient number three for the SLAP goes to Jack. There he is lying in the hospital. He speaks with Erica and asks her if she's ok. After he has an MRI, all of sudden he has amnesia? Oh sure, that's just lovely. I was so mad when he did that! He was just in an explosion for goodness sakes and the first thing he thinks to do is mess with Erica? Come now Jack, I thought you were smarter than that. The best part of this little scenario was that Erica finally told both these jerks where to go! You Go Girl!!

All this hostility! Sheesh. I'm sorry, but I always get this way when I watch all five shows in one day (which I don't do often for this reason!). I'm just ready to kill someone! So while I'm still ranting let's get Mateo out of the way. He didn't bug me as much as usual this week. I guess that's good. I'm glad he finally told Hayley the truth, and I'm glad she told him that he should not have kept her in the dark. Although as I suspected, she apologized to him for not trusting his instinct or whatever. Did he ever apologize to her for being a bastard to her all those weeks? No. He just explained it as doing what he had to do. Of course Hayley is scared now. Her husband saw all kinds of visions that came true and he has another one of her dead that hasn't happened yet. But at least she's no longer in the dark. All these visions Mateo is having, but yet never even has the slightest bad vibe when Lee is around. That's pretty odd huh? And Lee... wow, he's such a psycho! He's great. He would have made a really good Jim. I have a feeling that Myrtle will become more a part of this storyline and may actually be the one to finally expose Lee. My hope is that when they discover the carnival is coming to town next week, that Mateo and Hayley go to Myrtle for help. I'm not sure what she could do, but she's the only one they know with a carnival background.

My PERFORMER OF THE WEEK is Ryan. I love how he's taking care of Gillian, and talking to her even though she's unconscious. He's being wonderful, it's just too bad that it took a tragedy for him to realize his feelings. And unfortunately the tragedy didn't do anything to help Gillian realize hers. I felt bad for her when she woke up and no one was there. She wanted Ryan there, she just didn't know that he had been. I think that is what Eugenia will tell her this week, that Ryan has been by her side since the beginning. I wonder if she will have any lasting injuries. She had surgery to repair her kidney so that could explain why her back hurt.

I'm confused about one thing though... both Tad and Stuart have said this week that if Adam had listened to Camille none of this (explosion) would have happened. Tad told Dixie that Camille was trying to save everyone but Adam wouldn't let her. Stuart told Adam that it's his fault because he didn't let Camille get to the boiler to stop it. I don't think that Camille getting there two minutes earlier could have averted disaster. I have to take Adam's side on this one, he is in no way responsible for any of it. Even Lee, who set the explosion thinks Adam is responsible! And Lee is not done with his path of destruction. Oh I can hardly wait to see what he does! He's got Marian and Stuart on his list to mess with next. Since the Carnival doesn't hit Pine Valley until August he's a got a little time to spare before he goes after Hayley again.