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July 18, 1999

I'm losing my mind from boredom!! For those who don't know, I do have a full time job (that has nothing to do with this site). I've missed two days of work this week so far because I have the flu and I'm starting to go stir crazy. So I thought I would try to write a bit. I'm actually starting to feel better and will probably be back at work tomorrow. You know, daytime TV (aside from AMC that is) really stinks! I don't watch any other soaps so I'm pretty much lost most of the day while I'm laying around. I did read "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" by Stephen King and that was pretty good. Oh and special added attraction to this flu is that I am having trouble sleeping. Last night I woke up at 2:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. Same thing the night before. So I am now all caught up on infomercials! Let's see... I saw the Red Devil BBQ Grill. Ron Popeil's Rotisserie Machine, Proactiv the medication for acne, and this one for something called Aromatrim. Now get this... Aromatrim uses different scents to change the flavor of food so that you no longer crave them. It's really weird. They stuck this thing under someone's nose while she was eating a brownie and she said that it tasted different and she didn't want anymore. I watched that whole dang infomercial just to see how much this rip off was and you know, they never said! I couldn't believe it. That only leads me to believe that it's even more of a rip off than I suspected. Then last night I was up again, this time I got to watch the Brady Block Party on Nick at Night. For any Brady fans out there I saw some good ones... The Brady's get a pay phone in their house, the kids all get the measles, Marcia and Greg both run for student body president and Bobby runs away from home. See... I told you I was sick! haha

What can be said about AMC last week? I liked the double dinner date from hell with Vanessa and Palmer, and Erica and David. David's hostility towards his mother is always entertaining and I like that Erica has started with the jabs at her too. But David wins LINE OF THE WEEK when, after Palmer commended Erica for her loyalty in voting for him for CEO, he said, "If you're planning to converse about loyalty I suggest you change the subject. It's rude to speak over Vanessa's head." Ouch! So what was all that nonsense with Leslie? She's lures David away from dinner then shows up at his room in lingerie that looks like my mother would wear it! She sure doesn't wear a negligee like Gillian does. And I would have liked to see David toss her out. Instead we just see him dreaming about doing the nasty with Erica.

I definitely had my doubts about a David and Erica romance, mainly because I've always wanted her back with Dimitri. I still think she belongs with Dim, but since that's not going to happen I am warming up to the David and Erica love match. Only one thing about it bugs me, the possibility of David losing his edge. AMC cannot let that happen! David is such a great character because he's such a horrible person, but at the same time so charming and suave. To make him all good and nice would be a big mistake. But I do like that they are taking the relationship slow. It's nice to see them get to know each other.

While I'm still on good stuff... Adrian and Belinda and the appearance of Aunt Grace! I love her, I wish she were on the show more. I'm really liking that Adrian and Belinda are getting air time. So did you all pick up on what Grace said? She sent a hello from Belinda's half sister Ella. This is most likely going to be the character that AMC is casting under the name of Michelle. So I guess we should keep our eyes peeled for her. And surprise, Belinda hates her. I guess we can expect her to try and come between Belinda and Adrian. So, did anyone think that Adrian was going to give Belinda an engagement ring? I sure didn't. I didn't expect a key to a batting cage either though! I thought it would have been a call or letter from Noah. But I'm going to go ahead and give the batting cage scene this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. It was cute and damn, Belinda can hit!

OK, I'm going to do the rest as just brief comments (yeah right Kath, when have you ever been able to keep it brief!):

Gillian's shirt was totally hideous. Was wardrobe asleep that day or what!?

Scott kissed Becca... does anyone care? I don't. I don't hate them... I just don't have much interest in them at this point. Maybe when the new girl, Greenlee, starts it'll pick up.

Mateo sees Ryan and Hayley in the park and he told her she looked great. He must like the skin and bones look. She told him she was out for a jog because "Gotta work off those extra calories, you know Janet's such a great cook and all." I like how they work in Robin Mattson's gourmet skills, but come now... Hayley has to work off extra calories? Where are they, in her big toe?

Max was civil to Hayley... wow, give him a popsicle. Wait a minute, that's exactly what Ryan did.

Mateo's teeth burn my retina's when I look directly at them. They're like a total eclipse.. don't look into them or you may go blind!

Did Hayley really tell Mateo that he is 99% more perfect than everyone else? 'Scuse me, I think my fever is coming back because suddenly I'm feeling very ill.

Mateo gets a huge I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award for listening in on Gillian and Becca's conversation and not making himself known. He just kept right on listening. Then he goes nutso and runs over to Raquel's, lecturing her on getting involved with Ryan! Excuse me Assholeo, but since when are you Raquel's keeper and who are you to tell her who she can and cannot date! Then as the days and minutes go on, Assholeo lives up to his name even more. He's totally out of line with Hayley and Ryan, especially when he punched Ryan! I can understand him being upset actually, but let's get real, it was only a kiss! For him to accuse Hayley of being in love with Ryan the whole time is totally ludicrous. Why would she have to hide it? Why not just leave him? He tells her he let her go so she could take care of herself then delves right back into his old Assholeo mantra... "what about ME." It's always about him. You left me. You walked out. And then he doesn't even believe that she left to protect her sobriety. Which by the way, I'm also sick of hearing about. Hayley has really been throwing herself a pity party fro way too long. Suck it up honey! And what is with Ryan telling her to believe in herself. Maybe he should take his own advice! And then poor Mateo had to hear "you're the only man I ever loved" twice in one day (from Raquel then from Hayley). It must have been so awful for him. Hayley should smacked his face when he asked her if she'd slept with Ryan yet. I never thought it was possible for me to hate this guy more than I do, but he's proving it is possible. Why can't someone just kill him and put him out of my misery! Oh my temperature is rising now!

From the GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK FILE, Adam tells Scott that his mentor was Howard Hughes!? And then he invites Scott to join him and Liza at Buckingham Palace for dinner with the Queen!? Sure thing.

Edmund offered Jack a job with the Maria Santos Grey foundation, and he took it, but he also has already taken another job with something called Phoenix International. Will this have something to do with Alex Devane do you suppose?

Hmm, that leaves me with the PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. I'll give it Aunt Grace since it was such a treat to see her.

AMC gets a C+ this week... I liked the David/Erica stuff, and the Belinda/Adrian stuff, but Mateo brought the grade down.