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Jonathan Lavery


Written by: DandTMartin4ever and Kathy

Born: Jonathan Curry

Nickname: Hockit

Mother: Gail Lavery Curry

Father: Patrick Curry

Braden Lavery - Brother
Ryan Lavery - Brother
Erin Lavery - Sister

Occupation: Financial Analyst, FUSION Cosmetics

Jonathan Lavery’s childhood consisted of years of abuse at the hands of his father, drug addict, Patrick Curry. The only person he remotely felt safe with was with his big brother, Ryan. After years of abuse, Ryan left the house, leaving Jonathan, their mother and sister Erin alone with the monstrous father. Over the years, he learned of how Ryan had made a name for himself in business. Jonathan longed to follow in his footsteps, eventually attending Princeton.

Wanting to make a name for himself, Jonathan headed to Pine Valley, making his way to the FUSION offices in search of his big brother: Ryan Lavery. The mystery man made his first impact by sleeping with Kendall Hart, and being caught by Ryan in the process. Jonathan claimed he didn't know who Kendall was. To Ryan, Kendall was at fault, not his little brother.

Nonetheless, Ryan took him in. Jonathan admitted he needed a job and despite many other offers, wanted to work for Ryan. Ryan hired him to oversee the finances at FUSION. He made the terrible mistake of ruining a whole shipment to the west coast, loosing thousands of dollars in merchandise. Greenlee Lavery, Ryan’s new wife, gave him the benefit of the doubt, but Kendall was not about to let the mistake go. Greenlee later found out that Jonathan never graduated from Princeton and his talk of having an MBA was just that, talk. Greenlee confronted Jonathan about his phony credentials, but never told Ryan.

Since that ill fated one night stand with Kendall, Jonathan has taken up with Maggie Stone. But their budding romance may end before it even gets started. In an attempt to make sure Ryan keeps Cambias Industries and all the money that goes with it, Jonathan stole a crucial piece of evidence from Bianca... the shirt she wore the night Miranda was born. This shirt could have contained some DNA evidence that would prove Ethan Ramsey is really a Cambias and thus Ryan would lose everything. When Maggie found that Jonathan not only stole her best friends shirt, but also destroyed it, she was not too happy with Jonathan. She did however, cover for him with Bianca, in the hopes that Bianca would start to like him more. But their relationship now seems strained.

But Jonathan could not keep the truth from coming out. Miranda Montgomery was found alive, and a subsequent DNA test proved Ethan was a Cambias. Ryan handed over his position to the Cambias heirs. Jonathan was furious and began an obvious downward spiral. On one particularly bad night, Maggie confronted him after she found out he knew Bianca Montgomery was a in a coma. Jonathan could not control his violence any longer and lashed out by slapping Maggie. The abuse only continued as Jonathan took his anger towards Bianca on Maggie. Maggie refused to leave Jonathan, until she learned he was terrorizing Bianca and that he had a history of abuse.

Ryan intervened and went into therapy to help his brother. Little did he know of Jonathan's dark and manipulative side. He was responsible for Greenlee's poisoning and Edmund Grey's murder. Jonathan maintained that it was Braden, their brother who had a vendetta against Ryan, that had done all the crimes. Ryan was his only advocate, with even Greenlee being suspicious. Simone Torres tried to seduce him into admitting to the crimes while he was doped up on truth serum, but Ryan intervened in the last moment.

When Jonathan learned Lily Montgomery had witness him killing Edmund, he took drastic measures to silence her. He kidnapped Lily and Greenlee, all the while maintaining that it was Braden's plot. Kendall was the next victim, but broke down his ego. He was on the brink of a confession when Ryan too fell into his trap. Ryan was able to distract him long enough for the girls to get away. One on one with Ryan, Jonathan revealed his manipulation and Braden's dead body. Ryan could not believe how far his brother had gone. In an altercation, Jonathan was shot. He had set the save to explode. When the rescuers arrived, only Ryan was found alive.

Jonathan survived the explosion and made his way to the only other place he knew was safe, Erin’s place. When arrived at Erin’s Canadian cottage, his condition worsened. Erin knew something wrong but did not know what to do. Ryan had tracked Erin down and shocked to see Jonathan alive. They took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing his behavior. After a successful surgery, Jonathan came to a whole different person. Unlike before, he was not child like and harmless.

Jonathan insisted on returning to Pine Valley with Ryan to apologize for all he had done wrong. The town was in an uproar when he was pardoned for he crime based on mental defect. Things went from bad to worst when he was linked to a string of crimes. Jonathan knew the real culprit was a woman who had many disguises, but could not convince anyone. That was anyone but Lily. Lily recognized that Jonathan was different and not lying. Her promise to exonerate Jonathan brought them close together, and soon they began a mild flirtation.


Portrayed by:

Jeff Branson (2004-present)

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