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Joe Martin


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Joseph Martin, Sr.
Nickname: Dr. Joe

Mother: Kate Martin (deceased)
Father: Henry Martin (deceased)

Siblings: Paul Martin- Brother

Married to:
Helen Martin (deceased)
Ruth Brent

Children (with Helen):
Dr. Jeff Martin- Son
Tara Martin Brent Tyler Jefferson- Daughter
Bobby Martin- Son

Children (with Ruth):
Tad Gardner Martin- Son (adopted from Opal and Ray Gardner)
Dr. Joseph "Jake" Martin, jr.- Son

Philip "Charlie" Brent- Tara's son
James "Jamie" Edward Martin- Tad's son
Kelsey Jefferson- Tara's daughter
Samuel Carlos Grey- Great Grandson (Kelsey's son with Bobby Warner)
Baby Brent- Great Grandchild (Charlie's child with Cecily Davidson)


Dr. Joseph "Joe" Martin arrived in Pine Valley with his three kids after loosing the love of his life, Helen. His mother, Kate Martin, welcomed him with open arms. The hospital was happy to have Joe, and his children quickly fit in with the social scene.

Almost as soon as he arrived, he began to have feelings for nurse Ruth Brent. Unfortunately, Ruth was married to her husband Ted Brent, and alcoholic used-car salesman, and Tara was in a relationship with Ruth's son, Phil Brent. Phil was going to be drafted into the Vietnam War. Already, the war had hit home as Joe’s brother, Paul Martin, was presumed missing in action there. Tara and Phil were married in a quick wedding before his departure. It was soon revealed that Phil was not Ruth's biological son, but rather her nephew who she adopted from sister, Amy Tyler. Ted, in a rage, got in a car accident and died of his injuries. Ruth and Joe were now free to pursue their feelings for each other. Joe’s also learned Paul was in fact alive. There was a big homecoming as both Martin boys were reunited. In all this happiness, Joe and Ruth were married in the Martin home.

Along the way, Joe and Ruth's family would meet much adversary. Tara lied to her family about her son's, Charlie's, paternity and married Dr. Chuck Tyler after Phil was presumed dead in Vietnam. Joe had to remand his daughter on more then one occasion to be honest to the recently revived Phil and the rest of her family. It estranged Joe’s marriage to Ruth. They tried to keep it a secret from Phoebe Tyler, Chuck’s overprotective grandmother. But, Jeff’s new wife, Erica Kane, had other intentions. Joe was the one who learned of Erica’s abortion. Although their marriage was over, Erica knew the truth about Charlie. She slipped it to Phoebe one day, and Tara and Chuck were over.

Jeff was prepared to adopt orphan Tad Gardner with second wife, Mary Kennicott. Mary was killed in a robbery and Jeff could not stand to adopt Tad alone. Ruth and Joe would adopt Tad as their son. But, to do so, they had to find were Tad’s biological parents were. All Tad would say was that they had to save his sister, Jenny, too. Joe learned Tad’s father was Ray Gardner, the scum of the earth. Ray would only allow Joe to adopt Tad if he paid him $1,000. Joe was not about to be extorted and returned to Pine Valley without Tad’s paperwork. Ruth believed he gave up too soon, and called Ray to sort something out. He came to Pine Valley and asked for even more money. Ruth refused, and sent him packing. But Ray was not going down that easily, and raped Ruth. Phil, now a cop, caught Ray and he went to prison. Joe stood by his wife as she lay in a coma on the brink of death. Joe helped her through her many nightmares.

Joe and Ruth's relationship would be challenged greatly. Joe began to have feelings for his patient, Leora Sanders. She was being abused by her husband, Curt Sanders. Ruth was growing more and more attracted to Dr. David Thornton. Although neither ever acted on it, this attraction almost tore Ruth and Joe apart.

Then, Ruth had a late in life pregnancy that put the kind nurse in health danger. Joe was by her side through all of this, and they welcomed Joseph "Joey" Martin, jr together. Tad, now a teen, decided to move out of the house to find himself. Joe and Ruth said goodbye to their newfound son. Tara returned to Pine Valley with Charlie after Phil was presumed dead again on a mission for the narcotics bureau. Tara turned to Chuck, but Joe wanted her to wait for confirmation. Phil was found alive, and Tara felt torn again. Joe helped her daughter find her way. Tara left town to join Phil again in Washington, D.C. Joe ensured her that he would always be a listening ear for his little girl.

The last time all the Martin’s would be under the same roof again, was with the death of the beloved Kate. Jeff moved to San Francisco with his new wife, Dr. Christine Karass. Tad was back as well, and caused much trouble as a wayward teen. But Joe stood by his son. He wanted him to know he would always be there for him. Jenny Gardner, Tad’s sister, came to Pine Valley about a year before. Joe learned Ray was out of prison. While all the while, Martin’s were gathered at the home for New Year’s, Ray planted a bomb. But, he changed his mind after seeing Jenny, and instead, it exploded in his arms. Joe could finally ensure Ruth that they were safe.

Joe would become chief of staff at Pine Valley Hospital after the death of beloved colleague, Dr. Charles Tyler, Sr. His life would be struck by much trouble again. Phil really died in a plane crash, and Tara was having trouble coping with the sudden departure. In the past there was always hope for a return, but that would not be the case this time. Joey left town after a bad marriage to lunatic Emily Ann Sago. Son Tad was presumed dead after a bridge fight with Billy Clyde Tuggle. Brooke English was pregnant with Tad’s son, and Tara had a child. Joe was fearful he would never see any of his grandchildren. Charlie returned to Pine Valley and moved in with Joe. Charlie’s troublemaking with the other teens made Joe feel young again.

Tad was found alive, but he was an amnesiac. Joe and Ruth knew they had to keep there distance in order to ensure a full recovery. Tad would remember his past. A tornado struck Pine Valley, and the Martin home collapsed. Joe had to save Tad who was on the brink of death after the roof collapsed in. He refused to announce his son dead. After a whirlwind operation, Tad was alive. The Martin home was restored by Christmas. Joe and Ruth invited all their friend and family home. Joe had most of his children and grandchildren under his roof again.

He found out granddaughter Kelsey Jefferson had run away from home because she was pregnant. Joe helped Charlie search for the confused teenager. He even had to get on Tara's case again for being a bad mother and undertaking another divorce. He was greatly saddened by Kelsey' s decision to put the baby up for adoption. Luckily they found a good home with Edmund and Maria Santos Grey. Joe' s relationship with Edmund's brother, Dimitri Marick, on the other hand was less then stellar. After a heated argument with Dimitri, Joe had a heart attack and fell into a coma. He woke up to the sight of Ruth, but suffered permanent heart damage.

Son Joey returned under the alias Jake and became a resident at Pine Valley Hospital. Joe potentially faced loosing another grandchild to one of his worst enemies. Adam Chandler filed for custody of Colby Marian Chandler. Jake was Liza Chandler’s sperm donor. Jake wanted to be a part of Colby’s life, but the Chandlers would have none of it. The Martins went through a long custody battle, until Gillian Martin, Jake’s new wife, revealed that Jake’s sperm was switched with Adam’s. Jake, furious at Gillian, left town. Joe thought he lost his son in war torn Chechnya.

Dixie returned to Pine Valley with JR. Tad and Dixie remarried. Joe became JR’s only true grandparent. Adam, jealous of the Martin connection to JR, threatened to file for full custody of JR. Joe refused to loose out to Adam again. Luckily, his threats could only be described as empty.

Jake returned to Pine Valley after a daring rescue by Adrian Sword, Opal’s son. Dr. David Hayward accused Joe of becoming careless due to his age. It looked as if the hospital board was going to ask Joe to step down as Chief of Staff. To remedy the situation, Joe abdicated his position to Jake.

Tragedy struck when Dixie died in a fatal car accident in the Swiss Alps. Joe did not want to see Tad so depressed and told him Dixie would have wanted him to move on. But, it JR he was worried about most. Within a year, their relationship had become estranged. Tad and Dixie’s fragile family unit was falling apart and there was nothing Joe could do about it.

Jake remained in Pine Valley until he broke his engagement off with Mia Through all this, Saunders. Jake returned to the Doctors Without Borders program with new fiancée, Carolyn Finn. Joe was asked to take his old position at the hospital again. His work would not be challenged again until Anna Devane asked Joe to perform a delicate surgery on her daughter, Leora Hayward. David disapproved and asked for another doctor. Joe went ahead anyway, and Leora died on the table. David blamed Joe for her death, although it was obvious that there was nothing neither doctors could do.

Joe became an unwilling accomplice in Tad’s efforts to learn the truth of Bess Chandler’s identity. Joe’s DNA tests were all plagued by inconsistencies. Luckily, Tad and Erica were able to learn that Bess was in fact Miranda Montgomery. The reunion of mother and daughter also marked Joe Martin’s 35th Anniversary in Pine Valley. Former hospital board member Agnes Ekert was one of many guests who came to commemorate Joe’s accomplishments.

Tad again came running to his father needing a DNA sample to confirm Di Cole’s identity. Joe warned Tad that he could not help him. Then, Tad told Joe that Di could very well be Dixie. Joe needed Tad to understand the ramifications of his allegations. Already, Tad had lost JR and if was wrong about this, it would only push his son further away. Joe could not help Tad, and made sure that he did not intervene with any of the test specimens. As much as Joe wanted Di to be Dixie, he could not let Tad get away with any more of his crazy plans.

Tad’s suspicions about Di proved to be substantial. Joe ran a DNA test revealing Di was Dixie. Dixie was able to repair his shattered family. That 4th of July, the Martins, the Chandlers, and the Cortlandts all shared a picnic together. Maria even allowed Sam to spend the summer in the Martin home. Seemingly their savior, Joe was in the shock of his life when Dixie was revealed as an imposter. Their repaired family began splitting at the seams again.

A thirty-year old mystery came to the forefront when Tad came to Joe with another hunch. Tad did not know how to tell his father the truth about what was to come. The grandchild he thought he lost years ago was actually alive. Jeff’s son, that Erica had aborted, was now living in Pine Valley as Josh Madden. When a DNA test linked Erica and Josh’s gene-pools, Joe encouraged Tad to tell Erica the truth sooner rather than later.

Through all this, Joe and Ruth have stayed together remaining the corner stone of Pine Valley.

Portrayed by:

Ray MacDonnell (Jan. 6, 1970- present)


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