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Janet Dillon


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Janet Marlowe

Mother: Wilma Marlowe
Father: unknown
Siblings: Natalie Marlowe Dillon (deceased) Marriages: Axel Green (divorced) Trevor Dillon Children: Amanda Dillon (daughter w/Trevor)

Janet Green came to Pine Valley fresh off a divorce with her long time husband, Axel Green. He had left her for someone prettier than she. In a state of mild depression, she arrived on her sister, Natalie Hunter’s, door for a place to stay. When she walked into her home she met Trevor Dillon, Natalie’s new fiancé. Janet became enamored with Trevor who was just being nice to his future sister in law. The only way Janet knew she could get Trevor was to eliminate the competition. One night, she lured Natalie to a deserted field and threw her in a well. Then, she proceeded to change her appearance to emulate that of Natalie’s.

Janet was the queen of disguise as she took over Natalie’s life. She thought her plan was coming to the perfect conclusion when she and Trevor were set to wed. But, just as she was about to say her vows, Natalie stormed into the chapel with Dimitri Marick and revealed Janet’s manipulations. Janet was sent to prison for what she did to Natalie. In her cell, she revealed that she was pregnant with Trevor’s baby. Natalie and Trevor where not done with Janet just yet.

Janet was in the hospital for a checkup when she overheard Trevor and Natalie discussing Will Cortlandt. Will was married to Trevor’s niece, Hayley Vaughan Cortlandt. Apparently, Will’s presence in Hayley’s life distressed Trevor. In order to put his heart at ease, Janet decided to take drastic measures. She escaped the hospital cell with Trevor’s overcoat. She proceeded to go to Will’s apartment where she would commit her most infamous crime: the crowbar killing. She bludgeoned Will to death before anyone could catch her.

Janet thought she had committed the perfect murder with her hospital alibi. But, Trevor and new Pine Valley Resident Edmund Grey were honing in on her tracks. Janet kidnapped Natalie and prepared a repeat performance to finally have Trevor to herself. But, just as she was about to kill her sister, she went into labor. Natalie helped Janet give birth to Amanda Dillon. Trevor and the rest of the police department arrived and carried Janet off to jail. Trevor’s last words to Janet were that she was never going to see Amanda again.

In prison, Janet learned of Natalie’s tragic death at the hands of Laurel Banning. She decided to reform for the sake of her sister’s memory. One day, she got a new cellmate in the form of Kendall Hart. Kendall and Janet became close friends as she asked her what was happening in Pine Valley. Their time together was cut short when Janet volunteered herself for a drastic, experimental plastic surgery. For her compliance, her sentence was commuted and Janet was released.

Janet wanted to make a new life for herself in Pine Valley and took on the alias Jane Cox. At first she took a job at Tad Martin’s Orsini Vineyards as an accountant. However, she could not keep away from Trevor. She began to romance Trevor just like before. Her only hurdle this time was Tim Hunter’s pet dog Harold. He recognized who Jane really was. She could not loose Trevor again, so she drugged Harold and sent him away on a truck. Little did she know, Laurel was growing suspicious of Jane. When Janet believed Laurel was getting too close for comfort, she cut the brakes on her car.

A tornado hit Pine Valley, and Janet was one of the fortunate few to not get injured at the Valley Inn. While searching for Trevor, she ran into Kendall. She knew Kendall could break her ruse and decided not to help her from under the rubble. Kendall pleaded with her. Janet could not see her friend suffer and helped free. Kendall promised Janet to never tell Trevor the truth. After all, she never felt the love of her mother and could not take that away from Amanda.

Janet became the mother to Amanda that she always wanted to be. Trevor finally decided to propose to Janet. On their wedding day Janet’s dream turned into a nightmare when Harold broke in. He attacked her, giving Jackson Montgomery enough time to arrive with Laurel’s discovery: Jane was actually Janet. Trevor threw Janet to the curb. He also took formal legal actions to keep Janet away from Amanda forever.

Janet was out of a job and the number one target of all of Pine Valley’s citizens. Dixie Cooney and Trevor decided to make it their mission to see Janet back in jail. Janet broke from reality again, and began to talk into the mirror with an image of herself before the surgery. She hired an actor to pretend to be Will to haunt Dixie. Then, she had a torrid affair with married Palmer Cortlandt so as to secure employment and free flow of cash for her schemes.

Her greatest scheme culminated on the day Trevor was to marry Laurel. She planted a bomb at the chapel and stood nearby to watch all her enemies die with one blow. But, she forgot to account for Amanda’s presence. When she saw her daughter, she worked hard to disarm the bomb. She ran away with the incendiary. Just as she thought the coast was clear, she was struck by lightning and fell unconscious.

Janet awoke in a cabin to the sight of her dark hero Pierce Riley. Pierce and Janet took in a runaway Laura Kirk. Together, they formed a strange family unit on the Wallingford grounds. Laura became ill, and Janet and Pierce did their best to help her recover. When it didn’t look like she could do anymore, Janet brought Laura to Pine Valley Hospital. Her timing could not be worst as the Dillon's where they were mourning Laurel’s murder. When Trevor saw her, she immediately implicated Janet in the crime. Janet knew she was un-welcomed and left Laura at the hospital.

Brooke English took legal steps to adopt Laura after Janet abandoned her at the hospital. She was also helping Trevor take care of Amanda and Tim. The last draw came about when Pierce and Brooke began dating. Janet decided the only fair thing to do was take over Brooke’s life. She began to imitate her, going so far as to break into her home and read a bedtime story to a sleeping Jamie Martin.

Trevor got in an accident and was paralyzed. Janet knew the paralysis was all in his mind. She threatened to use his condition to petition for custody of Amanda. In reaction, Trevor got out of his wheelchair and strangled her. For a minute, Janet was unsure, but she had a feeling that something had changed between her and Trevor.

Janet’s next job was as Dr. Jonathan Kinder’s receptionist. She got wind of his illegal activities, and saw dollar signs in her head. When she threatened to extort him, Kinder threw Janet in his attic. There, she discovered his wife in a catatonic state. After closer examination, she realized that his wife was Skye Chandler. Janet and Skye broke out of the attic, and Janet turned to Kinder’s primary victim, Erica Kane for help. In a confrontation at the Linden House, Bianca accidentally pushed Kinder down the stairs to his supposed death. The women buried Kinder in a flowerbed and promised to never tell anyone about what happened.

Erica realized Kinder was missing. Janet, Skye and Erica needed to track Kinder down. They where able to squeeze the truth of his location out of his lover Marian Colby. The women lured Kinder back to town, and trapped him. Janet was finally on the right side of the law, sending Kinder to prison for drugging Erica and Skye. Erica and Janet became close friends after the ordeal.

Janet befriended Amanda after Trevor put some of his guard down for the seemingly reformed woman. Tim was furious and told Amanda about all of Janet’s crimes. Amanda went to the well to see where her mother had pushed Natalie in years before. She lost her footing and fell in. Janet went to retrieve her, but she too fell in. Alone, the mother and daughter finally bonded. When Trevor rescued the women, he decided to formally welcome Janet into his home as Amanda’s mother.

Tim wanted nothing to do with Janet. He framed her for kidnapping, all the while going on the run. Janet felt guilty over Tim’s disappearance. Just when it seemed like she was going to start talking into the mirror again, Natalie appeared to her in a vision. Janet pleaded with Natalie to help her with Tim. She promised to Natalie that she would give up on Trevor if she could help return Tim. That night, Tim returned. Janet kept true to her promise and left the Dillon home.

Trevor was not going to let Janet go. He had found himself falling in love with her. Janet knew of the promise she made for Tim’s safe return and kept Trevor at bay. She hired an actor to pretend to be Axel. On their planned wedding day, Trevor barged into the chapel proclaiming his love for Janet and that he wanted to marry her. Janet wanted to reciprocate but she could not. She ran out of the chapel and was surprised to see Natalie again. Natalie told Janet to not feel guilty over loving Trevor and gave her a blessing. Janet returned to the chapel, and was named the newest Mrs. Trevor Dillon.

Marital bliss came to end when Janet’s ex-cellmate Sophie came to Pine Valley to use Janet’s new position for a free ride. Her blackmails culminated with a threat on Amanda’s life. Janet fell into a fragile mental state and turned to the mirror for answers again. When she could not longer take the pressure, she confronted Sophie. In an altercation, Janet shot Sophie in self-defense. Trevor arrived and knew the police would never believe Janet’s story. So, he took the fall and was sent to prison. Luckily, he used some of his inside contacts to escape and investigate Janet’s story fully.

In Trevor’s absence, Janet welcomed Trevor’s sister Arlene into their home. Arlene’s crazy plots help shield Janet’s worsening mental state. Trevor could not have returned to Pine Valley soon enough with evidence to prove Janet’s story. With Trevor and Janet exonerated for the crime, the Dillon's decided to relocate to Colorado.

Janet’s mental state continued to degenerate even away from Pine Valley. She was put on medication, but Amanda and Tim were worried about what was happening to her. Tim returned to Pine Valley and told Hayley things may be wrong at home.

Janet made her way back to Pine Valley after Amanda was hit by Babe Carey’s car. She listened to Amanda profess her love for Jamie Martin, and Babe’s constant interventions in their relationships. Janet promised her daughter that she would have everything that she would ever want. When she was supposed to go home, she actually remained in Pine Valley and began to plot ways to get back at everyone who had hurt Amanda. To cover her tracks, she would set up Jonathan Lavery to be caught at all of the crime scenes.

Amanda begged her mother to stop her tirade. Trevor was nowhere to be found, so Amanda made it her priority to keep Janet on her medication. Amanda was caught with Janet’s medication and implicated in Erica’s drugging. Amanda took the fall to protect her mother. At the Mardi Gras Ball, Janet pleaded with Erica to help Amanda get out of jail. Erica told Janet that she truly believed Amanda to be guilty. In her already fragile state of mind, Janet could not comprehend the betrayal over her only friend in Pine Valley.

Portrayed by:

Kate Collins (1991-1992; 2005-present) 
Robin Mattson (1994-2000)

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