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January 5, 1998

Glamour!! Glamour!! Glamour!! Personally, I love it! I love when all the AMCer's put on their finery and party. It's such fun! All the men looked so dashing and all the women looked fab! And something major always happens. Diva Blackwell thinks that Gillian is the Crystal Ball's Best Dressed lady. With the lovely, and restored to her glamorous best, Ms. Kane ran a close second. I can't even think of a Worst Dressed lady because everyone looked so great, but I will say that Kelsey got ripped off, paying $750 for that dress! While it was pretty, in my book, it sure didn't look worth the price tag. I thought Gloria looked great and it's always a pleasure seeing her do something with that mane! Allie seems to have gotten a perm or she just got curly for the occasion. I hope it stays that way actually, it's better than the nothing hairdo she had. I was slightly disappointed in Hayley's gown. For goodness sakes, she's always wearing low cut tops at Holiday's and the occasion arises when she should actually wear something low cut and she doesn't. Janet looked great, although I would like something less dowdy for her, no, dowdy isn't the right word, the dress was really pretty, but she's always looking so conservative. I like when she gets to really strut her stuff. For the men, I have to say that Jackson Montgomery was looking awfully dashing. He's my pick for Best Dressed man at the Crystal Ball. And the always outstanding Kevin Sheffield coming in second. And a not so distant runner up, Miles Christopher. Scott and Mateo both need help in the hair department. Was that Mateo or Ringo? As for Scott... Gel Boy, 'nuff said. This weeks LINE OF THE WEEK goes to Trevor. While trying to talk Janet into going to the Ball with him he said, "The dress is gonna look dynamite on you, I know because I tried it on myself." Good one Trev!

This week was really all about the Crystal Ball and the preparations for it. Tad seems way more hell-bent on revenge against Dimitri than Edmund. And while I think it's really nice that Edmund wants his brother back (and I want to see the return of that relationship), Edmund is sure one hell of a guy. To be willing to forgive all that Dimitri has done to him... sleeping with Maria, drugging him, taking Maddie when he knew that she was Edmund's. And good old Edmund wants his brother back. Well Edmund, all I can say is, you're a better man than I. And to get Gillian to help? What were those two reasonably intelligent men thinking? Gillian gets yet another award this week... the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. Basically, Gillian gets the award for going out on her own and calling Dim again and demanding money. What a dope. Dim figured her out easily! But she deserves the slap even more for coming down out of her room with a cell phone and going into the hallway to call. It's just like Edmund and Tad coming out of the wine cellar to discuss their plan and then going back in there. What is that all about? She could have gone somewhere where she wasn't going to be overheard. And why on earth did they use a cell phone each time they called? I always thought that most people were leery of using cell phones to make blackmail calls. I know I always am. And how about that gun Dimmie is packing. Yep, something good always happens at these big parties. But just who is Dim going to shoot? At first, I thought it was Glo, and it could still be. But there's also the possibility of it being Edmund or Gillian. I think I'm going to chose Gillian. I'm sure it will be an accident. I think that Edmund and Tad will show up in the nick of time while Dim is threatening Gilly and a fight will ensue. A struggle with the gun will then have Dim pointing at Gillian and ruining that awesome dress of hers.

Oh the new Jim. What can I say about him. I'm going to be perfectly honest. He's not bad, but I hate him on principle. I feel the need to hate the man because he took over for my man, Roscoe Born. Oh Roscoe, how could you just up and leave like that? Oh wait, I know how you could do it. Your part just keeps getting worse and worse and more and more evil deeds keep coming to light. I suppose somewhere down the line we will find out that Laura did, in fact, put the fire all the way out, but then Jim went and restarted it so she could be blamed for it. Mark my words, if this part of the story ever comes out, I'd be willing to bet money that Laura really wasn't at fault. And speaking of Laura... so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Good riddance. Go. Leave. Don't let the door to Pine Valley hit ya on the rear. Laura does leave for Boston. Then from what I hear she will only be seen sporadically from now until April, when Lauren Roman's contract is up. I must say, this does not make me the least bit sad. Well, I'm sad that we do have to see some of her until April. Interesting side note, David Forsythe has signed on as Jim until... drumroll please, APRIL. Strange coinkydink? Perhaps. Actually, if all of Jim's evil deeds starting coming to light, I can't see him lasting until April.

This week, we saw a totally ridiculous waste of time with Travis's return (again). Seems to me that all Travis cares about is that Erica doesn't get to see Bianca. He didn't seem to care about Bianca's well being before Erica was out of jail, but the minute she is released, he's knocking on the door trying to pull Bianca away from Erica. I was all set to give Travis the slap award, and I probably should have. His participation in her recovering from anorexia seems nil. But when he finally let her choose where she wanted to be, I had to step back and not slap him after all. That was a pretty nice thing he did. And it's about time. I suppose I'm in the minority here, but I think that the new Bianca (Natalie Paulding) is doing a terrific job with such a difficult storyline. It must not be easy playing anorexia, being made to look so sunken and drawn. I think the kid is really doing well. Although I find it ridiculous that she's eating all of a sudden, now that Erica is back. I hope this story continues, I would like to see more of it explored, and see her continue with her recovery.

Allie finally comes clean and tells Jake the full truth. David acts like a jerk. Jake gets in his face. *Yawn*