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Jan. 4, 1999

Delays delays delays!!! I'm so sorry for the two weeks of delayed Spoilers and Editorial. It seems the holidays delay everything anymore! Spoilers seem to arrive later and later. I hope that ends now that the holidays are finally over and we can get back to our normal schedule. Thank you all for being patient!

Let's start with that HOT love scene between Ryan and Gillian. Now you know I love these two anyway, but now I love them even more! I totally melted watching them find their way back to each other. Gillian so wanted to find a way to make up to Rine for the David Hayward debacle. At first, it didn't seem like Rine was going to give in, although it was painfully obvious that he wanted to. Rightly so, he couldn't just forgive her that easily. She begged him to forgive her, or to at least tell her what she could do to make everything up to him. After he left the room, leaving Gilly heartbroken and crying on their bed, he talked to Myrtle, everyone's surrogate mother. She gave him some much needed advice, if you love her, forgive her. Rine goes back to Gilly and tells her those words I've been waiting to hear him say almost as long as she has! He loves her, he forgives her, he wants her. Then they have this incredible love scene that at the same time made me blush and beg for more! These two are so hot that the TV practically smokes while they are having this love scene. And then, with Gillian on top, Ryan suddenly picks her up like a feather, her legs wrapped around him and then turns her over and puts her down with him on top, wow... drool drool. This is the way to have a love scene. They are exciting, they are both so sexy, and it was romantic too. The only complaint I have is the horrible sax music playing in the background like some tripped out Kenny G. And I did get a chuckle out of the massage part. Gillian puts oil on Ryan's back and starts a sensuous massage when he asks where she learned it. Gillian says, "In Romania, they teach the blind to give massages. They see with their fingers." OK fine Gilly, but where did you learn it, you're not Romanian nor are you blind! And since I loved this whole scene so much, I'm going to give it this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK and PERFORMERS OF THE WEEK to Ryan and Gillian.

Palmer is suddenly the nastiest man around. Sure I love the guy, but I don't understand why he suddenly has it in for Opal. Why is he trying to dig up dirt on her, why does he want to leave her with nothing, why is he so mean and so smug? I'll tell you why, so there's a reason to get Tad and Dixie under the same roof. Dixie called Tad over when things started to really get heated between Opal and Palmer, and even Adrian couldn't help. Tad showed up and pushed Braden aside to get to Palmer, which I rather liked seeing. And like the piece of wood he is, Braden had little to no protest. I liked seeing Adrian and Tad join forces though, and intimidate Palmer. These two are going to make great brothers, once they get past their hate for each other. Tad did however resist moving into Cortlandt Manor immediately because Adrian is still there and will look after Opal. But Adrian insists that he will be leaving soon. Of course, we know that's not happening.

Next thing we know, Tad is back at the Martin's house and is reminiscing with Ruth about Tad's younger days, about him and Joey, about his life with and without Dixie. Ruth suggests that Tad and Dixie may not ever be able to get back what they had, but that doesn't mean they can't start over. Good advice Ruth.

Back at Cortlandt Manor, Palmer is telling Braden that he's failing at getting Dixie to forget about Tad and that he should seduce her. Wooden has a millisecond of conscience and then when Palmer waves the promise of money in his face, he caves. So who's worse? Who deserves the slap more in this case? The I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD goes to Wooden this time. What a jerk! One minute he seems to genuinely like and respect Dixie, the next minute after a little money is dangled in front of his nose like a carrot, he caves. Nice spine ya got there Wooden. One question, does Wooden live at Cortlandt Manor too? It sure seems like he does.

Suddenly and for no apparent reason, Tad is sitting in Dimitri's Boathouse. Why on earth is he there? Whatever his reasoning is, Kit is about to show up and evidently in Pine Valley, rape victims don't mind walking around alone at night in secluded areas. Tad sees her first and says he's not following her, but he also wonders why someone who has so recently been raped is out walking around alone. She has no answer, but she does seize this opportunity to ask for Tad's forgiveness. Tad basically says no way, he can't trust her, he won't forgive her. I say bravo to Tad. I can't say as I'd forgive someone who falsely accused me of rape and had me put in jail either. Unfortunately by the end of the conversation, it looks like Tad just may eventually come around.

Hayley is way way too accommodating to Raquel. She asks her to stay at Wildwind and offers her pajamas! Then when Raquel shows up at the door to Hayley and Mateo's bedroom, she's wearing some slinky lingerie with the robe seductively down her shoulders. What is Raquel thinking?? Did she expect Hayley not to be there? Ugh. Raquel uses some excuse about Max wanting a story, so he and Raquel leave the room with Hayley seething on the bed. It's taking Mateo forever and a day to come back, so Hayley goes to get a snack... yes folks she does eat! Before she gets downstairs we see Raquel and Mateo talking, she gave Mateo a picture that Max drew. They talk about how he used to draw and she asked him if he still does. Mateo replies with this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. "You grow up, you have to work, you have no time." Uh, pardon me Mateo, but when exactly is it that you work? Hayley arrives downstairs and finds Raquel and Mateo in the living room holding hands, sort of. What it actually is, is Raquel with her hand on top of Mateo's. Well she goes back upstairs and Mateo leaves Raquel to join Hayley. Hayley is all 'tude and won't tell Mateo what she saw. Oh come now... honesty remember????????????

Back at Cortlandt Manor, Opal and Adrian are taking an inventory of all of Palmer's goods. Palmer walks in and catches them, and the ugliness ensues. This is going to be one messy divorce. It's at this point where Tad decides it would be best if he moved in to keep an eye on shifty Palmer, so that he doesn't do anything to hurt Opal. Palmer's flunky, Wooden just stands there like an old oak. The fighting keeps going and going so finally Dixie decides to break a $10,000 Ming vase to grab everyone's attention. Smooth move.

Suddenly Erica is an ice skater. She's gone off to the Boathouse which, as luck would have it, has a frozen pond on the grounds. Dimitri somehow knows to find her there so he goes and asks her to be his date at the Crystal Ball. Erica initially declines, but when Brooke shows up... somehow knowing Dimitri would be at the frozen pond, and asks him to take her, Erica has a sudden change of heart. Oh, do I love when Brooke and Erica get going at each other. It's always so delicious! As Erica skates off, Brooke and Dimitri talk and she tells him she was a fool to turn him down. Dim is visibly flattered, but he's got a date with Erica, so sorry Brookie! Then, Derek shows up, somehow knowing that Brooke would be at the frozen pond, to seek out her advice on the Kit rape case. What is with this frozen pond all of a sudden?

At Wildwind, preparations are being made for the Ball. It went from Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve in Pine Valley with nothing in between. Kit shows up to help, telling Edmund she "cleared her busy schedule," to be there to help him out. Sure Kit, you have a busy schedule... doing what??? Since Eddie doesn't really need help with anything, Kit is kind of wondering around aimlessly until Mateo and Hayley show up. She tells them that she won't go to the Ball if they would rather she didn't. Hayley jumps right on it and agrees she shouldn't go, but after Hayley leaves, Mateo says it's fine by him.

Hayley heads over to Myrtle's to talk Ryan and Gilly into going to the Ball. They had not intended to go, but with Hayley's urging, they decide they should go. Hayley heads back to Wildwind to find Raquel ogling her dress for the Ball. Oh poor Raquel, she'll just watch from the stairs. Nope, not if Eugenia has anything to say about it. She gives Raquel the gown she made her debut in, and I must say, it's held up nicely.

The Ball is getting underway so next week I'll be putting on my Diva Blackwell hat and giving out awards for the Best Dressed (man and woman), Best Hair, and Best Jewels. I already have a few ideas.

Oh, and about the Raquel recast. Interesting and seemingly out of nowhere. I wonder what the real story with this is. The new Raquel is set to make her debut on Jan. 21. Her name is Ara Celi and if you are an avid Buffy watcher like me you will recognize her as Ampata, the Inca Mummy that sucked the life out of people so that she could live. As far as I know, Carolyn Neff wasn't complained about nearly as much as Paige Rowland (Kit) has been. In fact, I thought if anyone was going to get recasted it would have been Kit. Such is life I guess.

Now let's take a brief look at why on earth Ryan would get arrested. That would mean that the DNA on Kit's dress matched his. How is this possible? I talked with a few people on the Letters to the Editor page about this, and it seems that maybe Wooden will end up being the rapist after all. Now, I'm no expert on DNA, but if it's a match wouldn't that have to mean that the DNA is from Ryan, or a family member? No DNA is the same, but it may be a close match if Braden does turn out to be Ryan's brother. This might also explain the "Score one for the kid" line that the rapist used. This could have been a phrase that they used as kids. If any of this is true, it would explain why Braden doesn't want anyone to know his last name. Maybe he set Ryan up. But then again, maybe he doesn't even know Ryan is involved. Will these two finally see each other at the Crystal Ball, or will they conveniently miss each other?