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January 26, 1998

This week was our farewell to Gloria, well sort of. We didn't really get to see it because of the ABC News interruption. But we know she left. So it's only fitting that we give her a nice send off! Gloria Marsh showed up in Pine Valley in 1991, a woman out for revenge. She was looking for her former lover Craig Lawson, who had taken up residence in Pine Valley. Well, that's how she arrived at AMC and through the years we got to know her and sometimes love her, sometimes hate her. Personally, I loved Gloria when she was nutty as a fruitcake and poisoning Adam. Everyday he would eat that rice pudding, not knowing that she had laced it with arsenic. And if it hadn't been for that meddling Brooke English, Adam might have met his maker then! Well, that would never have happened, but it sure was fun watching Gloria go nuts. She was definitely at her eye darting best then. After she was found out, she was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. It was in the hospital that we really saw the depth of her madness when she continually rocked her pillow to sleep thinking it was the child she lost, Anna Claire. Of course she blamed Adam for the loss of this child, and rightly so. He didn't believe her when she said she was having pains. Adam thought it was way too early and thought she was just trying to trick him. Duh Adam, no trick. So they were locked away in a warehouse, nowhere near a hospital. I also liked Glo (I know I know, I'm one of the only people in the world) when she was dating Tad. I did get a little sick of seeing them boink every week, but I thought their relationship was fun. I loved the games they played with Jamie and Amanda. It was just refreshing to see a relationship that was light and not fraught with huge problems at every turn. It's when Dimitri entered the picture that things got complicated and Gloria once again lost her mind, only in a very different way this time. I'll never understand why the writers made Gloria such a moron. And now that they did, what else is left? Nothing, that's why she's gone. I will miss the Glo of yesteryear (please start humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic now), the GloHo that blackmailed Craig, the Glo that had the steamy affair with Alec and then felt so guilty about it, the Glo that had the sweetest friendship with Stuart, the Glo that poisoned Adam and breast fed a pillow, and especially the Glo that put her mop of hair up once in a while! Good bye Glo!!!

What is up with Allie? Did I really need to see her whip off her shirt and flash nothing to David? She has seemingly gone off the deep end and I have to wonder why AMC decided to show us her total lack of bosom. And I also wonder if David, in a very evil, vengeful kind of way, will try and have her committed. No, not for being flat, but for being so darn bizarre. After that little display, I'd say get her into a straight jacket! But David actually did something that made me smile. He put that $20 in her bra! What a brilliant move! But really, there was just way too much Allie/Jake/David for me to stomach this week and it looks like it's going to be too much of them again this week. I keep telling myself, if they show them more that means their storyline will end sooner. I can hope anyway. This thing with David setting Jake up as giving Adam the wrong medication is really annoying. But even more annoying was that Jake's good buddy Hayley believed it!! Hayley honey, you get the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD this week. I couldn't believe it when she said to Allie this week, "Do you mean to tell me Jake isn't involved?" HEY, what kind of friend are you? Nice. That was a moment when I actually wanted to reach in the TV and smack the daylights out of her. And this storyline is also where we find this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. It was an exchange between Joe and Adam. Joe: "You're being closely monitored" Adam: "By your son? Dr. Death?!" Oh Adam, you had me in stitches this week! This week though, the plot gets underway to bring down David. I have to say that I may actually enjoy that. Oh, before I forget, I think it happened during one of the ABC News interruptions, Adam dropped the charges against Jake, for Liza. So Jake is back on the job and the plan is set in motion. Jake and Allie have to keep their distance from each other as Jake and Liza pretend to rekindle their romance. David buys it hook, line and sinker. But for how long?

Ryan is on the job. He wants Gillian and he decided to help Kelsey get Scott so he could get Gillian. Well Gilly honey, GO FOR IT!! Ryan is too gorgeous! He puts Scott to shame! Scott is so stoic and boring. Ryan is exciting and lives on the edge. Sure he's a con man, who cares, look at him! Ryan and Gillian might actually be an exciting couple. Gillian and Scott sure aren't. And Gillian is pretty much a con herself isn't she? Like how she visualized Scott with money coming out of his clothes? She's not exactly interested in his mind is she? It could actually be pretty amusing seeing Ryan and Gillian trying to impress one another out of money neither of them have. Then that would leave Kelsey and Scott to have a romance. Would it be interesting? I don't really know, it doesn't seem like it really. But I hope so. I like these two kids. I think Scott and Kelsey are much better suited to each other. Here's a novel concept...Gillian and Ryan, Scott and Kelsey, and KEVIN and ANYBODY!!! Give that boy a storyline PLEASE!!!!

Tad met up with the Mystery Woman finally. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well ladies and gents without further ado, I'm going to make a plea. A plea to help me get my dream couple to be a reality on AMC. Do you all know who my dream couple is? If not, here's a little reminder... ADAM AND MARIAN! Oh I just loved seeing Marian back on the show this week! And she had a scene with Adam too! Oh does it get better than that? Here's a little excerpt from a Two Scoops from late November where I talked about this couple... "Adam and Marian have such fire. They would be the perfect couple. Can you see it? I can... most definitely. Now, let's just visualize Adam and Marian together for a minute. There is so much passion there, you can tell by their fights. Adam comes up with new and delicious ways to insult Marian and the old crone keeps coming back for more. Besides that, she'd love to get her mitts on his wallet again. I just can't help but see Marian, martini in hand, chasing Adam around his bedroom in her skimpy peignoir and those pouffy marabou mules. Oh dahhhhhling, the possibilities for these two are endless!!"

Now come on people, help me out here. I'm starting a campaign to bring these two characters together. Write to me, tell me anything you think about these two. I will then forward a hard copy of each email that is in support of this couple, in a big packet to AMC via snail mail. I'm serious. This is my mission in life. Get Adam and Marian together as a couple. No matter how brief it is, or if it's just a one time fling. It won't matter because even if it's just one time, Marian will NEVER leave Adam alone. If Palmer can fall for Opal, then it's definitely within the realm of possibility for Adam and Marian to fall for each other too! Write me at and I promise, if your email is in support of an Adam and Marian pairing, I will send it to AMC. Oh, and realistically, I know this won't happen for a little while, since Liza and Adam are still sparring and have feelings for one another. But sometime, I would just love to see Adam and Marian together! HELP ME BRING THIS COUPLE TOGETHER!