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January 19, 1998

So close and yet so far. We almost made it for a whole week without seeing Mateo. Just one more hour!! That's all I needed! DENIED! Oh well, at least he wasn't as much of a jerk as usual. He still had to question numerous times the validity of Adam's illness. I guess Adam deserves that though. He's faked enough illnesses in his life. At any rate, that brings us to this Jake/Allie/David triangle bore. From the looks of the spoilers there is just way too much of this nonsense this week for my liking. But I'm looking on the bright side of it, the more they show of this threesome the faster it will be over. The David character is short term, so maybe his time is coming to a conclusion. We can hope anyway. David gives Adam a medication that has a near fatal result and pins it on Jake. Adam gets it in his head that he did it as revenge because Liza chose him over Jake. Adam is a loony toon. Why on earth, after all this time would he think that? It's the same thing as Adam thinking that Liza was carrying Tad's baby. Makes no sense. They weren't even speaking at the time when Liza would have conceived. And now, Jake and Liza barely ever speak to each other, so why would Jake be harboring these ill feelings? Well, this is Adam we are talking about. Being rational is not his specialty. Which brings us to the coveted I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. This week it's easy... Adam, hands down. Get a grip on yourself Chandler! My question for this story is why, in the toxicology report on Adam's IV bag did it show that Jake gave the wrong medication? Jake didn't, he gave him the right medication. David gave him the wrong one. What I mean is, both medications should have shown up in the lab report. Did they and I just missed something? Do they think that Jake gave him the right medication, then had a total mental block and went back to administer another medication, the wrong one, to Adam? Why is Allie's hair back to that shapeless mess again?

This week we bid farewell to Gloria. Bye bye Glo! Believe it or not, I'm going to miss you! Sure sure, she had become a total idiot. But that doesn't mean I hate her. I thought her goodbye scenes with Tad were really moving and she looked so beautiful that day, moreso than I had ever noticed before. I think it has something to do with her pulling back that overpowering hair of hers. She always looks so better when it's up or pulled back. I didn't like the part where she seemed to be asking Tad if there was anything left between them. Pretty nervy after all she did to him. Good going Tad for telling her no, but he would always care for her. I suspect though, that if this mystery woman weren't wrecking havoc in his mind he might not have said no. He didn't go all the way to Budapest because he wants to remain friends with her. At any rate, these scenes at Wildwind with Tad and Gloria have given us the LINE OF THE WEEK from Gloria, "I was nobody's fool" Tad: "I never thought that." Gloria: "So when did I become a sucker." OK, Glo honey, let me set ya straight on a couple things. You were Dimitri's fool. You bought everything he said, no matter what it was. You believed him when he said that Edmund was deranged, and Tad was too. You believed him when he said he took drugs to control ADD. You believed him when he said that he didn't know Maddie was really Edmund's. I could go on forever pointing out how big a fool you were. But you were right about one thing, you were a sucker too. The Glo and Dim's scenes at the hospital weren't too bad, but not as moving as her scenes with Tad. Michael Nader has done such a great job as the evil Dimitri. I have to say I've really enjoyed him as a bad guy. I'm almost sad to see him be redeemed. But then again, what's left for him to do since Glo is leaving town and Eddie has the now unseen Maddie back. Dimitri's struggle back to the land of the good should be interesting to watch. He's showing remorse and I really liked seeing Peggy this week, talking to her Dimmie. If they are going to have Dim make amends with the people he hurt I would really like to see him go to Bianca and make amends with her. He turned his back on her when she wanted to stay with him, then he seemed to not care that she was so ill when Erica told him about it. She loved him so much, and he walked away from her. And what about Erica? Will he try to make amends with her too?

So far the Mystery Woman storyline has not caught my interest at all. I still think Joy is someone from Adam and Stuart's past, someone who is dead. Mystery woman is her daughter. Adam did something horrible to Joy, MW wants revenge on him, but I guess she doesn't want to kill him. She seemed concerned that her levitation act caused him a heart attack. So what's her gig? Why is she here? What did Adam do to Joy? How does Stuart fit in? We've learned nothing about her this past week other than she's a friend of the magician and when she puts on a hat and overalls she looks a heck of a lot like Debra Winger when she was in Officer and a Gentleman. Oh and she also likes to lurk in dark corners of WRCW and the hospital and never be seen. That's a better trick than the ghostly vision.

Faux Jim is now into spinning Central American tales. That sure seems to come up a lot on AMC doesn't it? Poor FJ, he didn't know that Edmund and Brooke know several people who have spent time in Central America... Trevor, Pierce and Christina. Although we don't have Pierce and Christina to kick around anymore, we do know they were (and probably are) there. Oops, wrong lie huh FJ? I just can't get used to this guy. I guess he's a good actor and all, but he's not Jim. I see him more as a happily married guy with a few kids. Not as a pornographer, potential bomber and con man. It's taken awhile but Brooke finally seems to be wising up. I agree, it's a little strange that he would plant a bomb on the plane then get on it. But he did tell Brooke that the person who did it must have been on a suicide mission. Why he would be I have no clue. Who was he after? Brooke? I don't get it.

Kelsey wants Scott. Ryan wants Gillian. Let's play "let's make our potential mates jealous like we did when we were in 8th grade." Ryan gives me the impression that he's a con man and he is under the assumption that Gillian is filthy rich. I suspect he is after her money... and the fact that she's a stunner just makes his going after her all the easier. Too bad Ryan, Gillian is flat broke!