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January 18, 1999

Wow, this was one incredible week on AMC! Especially Tuesday's show. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with the end of the Crystal Ball, finally. Hayley created a diversion so that Ryan and Gillian could escape from Derek. It worked, they got away. But Hayley is in a whole heap of trouble. And at the same time, Edmund tells Miss Kitty that she should move up to the main house because, and I quote, "I don't want you alone with Ryan Lavery on the loose." Oh get off it Eddie! First, it's beyond me why he thinks Ryan is such a threat. I will never understand why he stuck up for this woman, a stranger, at the time of the rape. Maybe Raquel should give Ed her "family comes first" speech. And second, the main house is so safe? Yeah, that security did wonders for Hayley when Lee Hawkins got her. Maybe Pine Valley finally hired a new security company. I don't know about anyone else, but every scene Eddie and Miss Kitty had together was a big yawn. There they were, professing their mutual like for each other. Excuse me while I hurl.

Then we have Raquel. She decides she better tell Mateo that Hayley had a sip of her drink. Suddenly because of it, Hayley did a swan dive into a bottle of vodka and is completely out of her mind. And the worst part, Mateo believes it. When he went to the jail to confront her, he beat around the bush so much, eluding to the possibility of her drinking. And Hayley, well this week she got her feist back. She knew that that is what Mateo was thinking. I don't know, I think Hayley did the right thing. Of course, Little Big Man Mateo has to put the "me" spin on the whole thing, saying "You're mad at me, so you helped Ryan?" Yeah Mateo, that's why. You know, this idiot wouldn't know loyalty if it bit him on the ass. Hayley did what she did because she believes in Ryan. Mateo believes in Mateo. All for me and one for me, is his motto. Hayley put someone else's life before her own. Would Mateo do that? Don't count on it. He's asked her to believe him and trust him so many times, and now, the one time she asks for some faith and trust in return, he can't deliver. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Mateo? And then, when Hayley told Mateo about how she lost a part of herself, I was so happy to hear it! She finally realized that Mateo is sucking the life out of her.

Keith arrived at the jail to tell Hayley that if she would cooperate, she could go. But Hayley has no intentions of budging. She will not rat out her friend. You go girl!! By this time Eugenia had been released, but how cool was that! Big tough cop Derek goes to Wildwind and arrests Eugenia because they feel she knows where Ryan and Gillian fled to. Hayley and Eugenia buddying around in prison was great! They try to comfort each other and hope for the best for Ryan and Gillian. I even got a big laugh out of something Eugenia said. Just when Derek got a call about a possible siting of Ryan and Gillian, he takes off. Eugenia and Hayley fret about them being caught and Euggie says, "Unfortunately that police lieutenant looks capable." It's so obvious she's not from around here because Derek is the dumbest cop in all the land! And I hate when he tries to act so tough. Get over yourself Derek!

Back to Raquel again. She is still in her party dress, will she ever change clothes?? Yes... in just a few moments folks. First, Mateo comes back to Wildwind and she goes to find out what has happened to Hayley. When Mateo tells her she's in jail, she freaks. She gives him this big family comes first, and be loyal to your husband speech. She rants and raves and I wish she would just shut the heck up! What business is it of hers anyway? Well she storms off, and the next thing we know, she's sneaking into Mateo's room in yet another slinky nightie. She spies Max sleeping in bed with Mateo so what does she do? She decides to join them. In the morning, little Max who is suddenly a bigger matchmaker than Amanda Dillon, gets up and leaves them in bed together. Mateo unconsciously curls up to Raquel and when he realizes it's not Hayley, he jumps up and gets angry. Oh sure, but will you tell Hayley this happened? NO! We'll have to wait for Max to mention this to her when she gets out of jail and is back at Wildwind.

Ryan and Gillian escaped to an empty Linden House. Seems Gillian never gave Erica back her key from when she lived there briefly. It's good for awhile, until Erica shows up with Dimitri. She just wanted to see it again, before it got sold. As Dimitri and Erica reminisced, I started to think that maybe Erica wouldn't sell it after all. I really enjoyed watching Erica and Dim talk about the times they shared there, and Erica talk about Bianca and Mona. It was all so sweet. Then, as they are getting ready to leave, Erica spies Ryan and Gillian, but says nothing. The next day she shows up and tells Ryan she believes him, but doesn't want to know what he is up to. He must leave Linden though because the realtors will be arriving soon. Gillian had left to go get the money, and then they were leaving town. That is, until Gilly finds out that Hayley is in the clink and couldn't make the money drop.

Dixie confides to Wooden that once she gets the results of her latest tests from David and he tells her she is better, she is going to come clean with Tad. Wooden decides that this cannot happen and goes to David, offering him a whole cardiac wing (built with Palmer's money of course) in exchange for telling Dixie that she is not getting any better. David resists at first, but then you can actually see the dollar signs appear in his eyes and he agrees. When Dixie gets to his office to discuss her results, David lies to her, saying she's not getting better. Dixie is stunned, and doesn't believe him.

As Palmer taunts Opal, she finally cracks that Adrian is her son. Adrian, of course, was just in earshot and heard the whole thing. She's got a lot of explaining to do. She tries to evade the questions, saying she loves Adrian "like" a son. But then Palmer finds a picture on the floor of Adrian's father. Adrian questions Opal about it, and then Tad and Dixie and Wooden arrive to see what all the commotion is about. Palmer tells Tad that Adrian is his brother. Tad, never missing a beat says... "Oh yeah, we're practically twins." Once Tad sees the picture, he remembers Frank as Uncle Frank, and suddenly remembers the cabin they lived in. Little Tad, he was only two years old and has quite good recall. It's getting intense, very intense and no one can stand Palmer's smug taunting anymore. After Adrian goes after him, Tad and Wooden step in before he can get Palmer and then Wooden gets him out of the room. Dixie soon leaves too. Now it's just Opal, Tad and Adrian.

Opal starts to tell her story by saying that Frank was the love of her life. He helped her when she ran away from Ray. He helped her when no one else would even look at her. He helped her when she had all but given up on life. She was beaten, bruised, and had a 2 year old with her. Opal's recounting of how Frank came into her life was so riveting. She told of how Frank took her and Tad in, cleaned her up, and took care of them. She told of how she fell in love with him, and how thrilled she was to learn that she was pregnant. After Adrian was born, she decided to write home and say she was OK. Ray got wind of it, and came looking for her. Opal's flashback was so intense. It was old Ray alright (Gil Rogers, looking old, sick and with a terrible rug!) and it made those scenes all the better. Ray came into the cabin, threatened Opal and made her and Tad leave with him. Just then he heard Adrian cry. Oh my was that the cutest baby on earth!! Opal had to cover by saying he was a neighbor's child she was looking after. Ray didn't care, he made Opal leave the baby alone in the cabin and that was the last time Opal ever saw Adrian. After hearing her story, Adrian and Tad both leave... neither can face what they have just heard.

Opal is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK although it could have easily gone to Adrian or Tad too. They were all so amazing this week. But Opal, she was mesmerizing to watch. I hope she gets an Emmy nomination because she most certainly deserves it. And Palmer, well he gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Not only for all the taunting he has done to Opal, but for giving the whole story to the Intruder. I really hate how they are having Palmer behave towards Opal. What happened to that caring guy who stood up for Kevin during the whole storyline with Kevin's coming out of the closet? He had compassion then. Now he's so mean, so spiteful. I love that he has a storyline, but I hate that he is this mean. I think Daisy should pay him a visit and straighten him out.

Adrian turns to Belinda for comfort after the devastating news that his mother is not who he thought she was. As he explains what happened, he realizes that Belinda knew already. He is so full of anguish, and now he's also angry with Belinda for not telling him what she knew. Belinda tells Adrian that it was not her place to tell him, and I think she's right. Adrian is at a loss, and leaves Belinda's apartment.

Tad turns to Dixie for comfort. He doesn't understand why Opal never told him about this. As he's talking to Dixie, he gives this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when he says, "How could someone look you in the face and tell you they love you and yet they don't trust you enough to give you the truth? What kind of love is that?" Perfect question to ask Dixie. She's been on the verge of telling Tad the truth so many times, then decides to "spare him" instead. It's nauseating! But in the process of telling Tad that she would have done the same thing as Opal, she does help him to understand, at least a little, that Opal did what she did out of love. When Tad goes back to Opal's room, he finds her alone, crying her eyes out and completely devastated. Tad comforts her and tells her he loves her, and he knows that she loves him too. It was short and sweet and was this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK.

The next morning when she tries to explain it all to Tad, it is totally heart wrenching. Tad was not real receptive at first, mainly because of the past, and how things have happened with Ray. Tad couldn't understand how Opal could leave her children. Opal did her best to explain that she made mistakes, but at the time she did what she thought was best, and what was right. Tad finally understands that she did what she could given the horrible situation she was in. Opal wants Tad to find Adrian, to help him to understand what she was going through at the time. Just as Tad is about to get going, Frank shows up. What an emotional reunion for Opal! This storyline is amazing and everyday this past week, it got better and better. Truly wonderful performances by all involved!

Marian is freaked about not being able to plan the wedding she's dreamed of on short notice, and goes to Liza's office and has a breakdown. Adam is there, and he and Liza calm Marian down. Adam offers to give Marian her dream wedding, to leave it to him. Both Liza and Marian are skeptical, but Adam convinces them that he is sincere. Now this is going to be a must see event, hopefully it will happen during February sweeps!