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January 17, 2000

Oy vey I am not finding the time I need this week to write. I've had a tremendously busy weekend (Saturday my in laws took me out to dinner, Sunday my mom had dinner for me, yesterday Mr. Diva and I spent the day together, and today (Tuesday) it's back to work and then tonight I'm going to see the stage production of "Titanic" I wonder if Nick Davis will be in it! I know he was in it on Broadway. I guess I'll find out soon enough! If you're wondering why I've had all these dinners and were given those tickets... well, that's my secret ;)

When I was thinking about what I would write about this week I sudden felt extreme nausea. Here are just a few of the week's highlights... Adam tried to manipulate Stuart into telling him where Liza is. Oh yes, Adam's remorseful. Jake decided to sue for custody of Colby, all the while Liza is trying to protect him. Alex gyrated her way into Edmund's heart. Erica found out some dirt on Alex that really no one should be shocked by... she spent a few years in a mental hospital. Tina still think Mateo is the man for her and was unaffected by that kiss that Adrian gave her at the Ball??? She gets the SLAP this week??? Janet killed Sophie in self defense,with a crowbar no less, and Trevor took the rap for her and is getting ready to skip town. I can't even express my disgust and disappointment with how this was handled. And the worst of all... Mateo got to play the hero, yet again, to the damsel in distress that was once known as Hayley. Hayley went to the warehouse where Janet was to meet Sophie and fell into Janet's trap. Sophie found her, dragged her out of sight and laid in wait for Janet. All the while, no one but Sophie knew she was in the warehouse. Then Sophie's cigarette (who knew she smoked!? Maybe that's why she was always using chapstick, as a substitute for a smoke), fell to the ground and ignited a rag. There's Hayley, knocked out, breathing in the smoke. As luck would have it, Ryan knew Hayley went to the warehouse and told Prince Charming about it so that he could hop on that white horse and ride to her rescue. He gets to the warehouse and bursts past the cop who says they thoroughly searched the warehouse and found no other bodies. Mateo valiantly fights with all his might to once again save the fair damsel, but he cannot get to her. Fighting fire, smoke and heavy objects that have fallen on top of her, he finally pulls her to safety. The hero once again. No firemen, no paramedics, no cops... just all Mateo. And now, I must hurl.

I leave you with this... this is the show that was just nominated for a Writer's Guild of America award????

I give this week's shows a D-