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January 14, 2001

I have a few comments in answer to a bunch of questions I received lately. I'm not exactly back yet, but I thought I would throw these comments out there. Remember these are just my opinions. First, of course, "What did you think of the dresses at the Crystal Ball!?" I usually don my Diva Blackwell hat during the Crystal Ball and give my assessment of the gowns. It's a little late, but here it is! I'll start out with the WORST DRESS... Hayley! I'm glad she actually had on clothing this time, but orange and blue?? BLECH! And the style was frumpy and unappealing. I know she's pregnant, but she was barely showing yet. This dress was awful. Runner up was Brooke. I hated this dress. Brooke has a really nice body and this ugly brown thing totally hid everything. Third on my Worst Dress List is Liza. Why can't they dress her better?? Granted I'm SO happy she didn't have on yet another coat dress, but the one she was wearing was unflattering and made her look pregnant (which, as far as I know, she is not). Now on the Best Dresses ... winner of the BEST DRESS is, hands down... Bianca. She looked stunning! her dress was gorgeous and she wore it well. Next goes to the always glam, Erica! Her dress, while I thought the slit was a little too high, she pulled it off and looked like a goddess! Now, I know I'm in the minority when I say I loved both Greenlee and Gillian's dresses. First Greenlee, I'm not sure why the designer of AMC's dresses likes to put these eye poking points on some of his gowns, but he does. But I loved the silver and purple combination of Greenlee's dress and the way the silver draped down the back and into a train...stunning. Gillian's... well let me qualify this. Her dress WOULD have been totally gorgeous without the bullet proof boob protector on the front. I have no idea what the story with that board was, but it looked dumb and detracted from the beauty of the gown. Still, I was able to look past it and see that the style was great and the colors and cut looked wonderful on her. And the WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT, THIS DRESS IS BORING AWARD goes to Dixie and to Laura.

Next question I've been getting a lot is... "What do you think of the Tad/Leslie/David/Dixie thing?" Well, I think Leslie is a loony toon. I find it a little unrealistic that she's this obsessed with Tad that fast when, about 3 weeks (maybe less?) before the Crystal Ball she was telling Rosette she had some competition for Ryan's affections! Now she's all Glenn Close on Tad and getting loonier by the day. But, that being said... Colleen Dion is doing a great job as loony Leslie. Tad has handled all of this very poorly, that's for sure. He should have told Dixie the truth right from the beginning. And since he didn't, he should have told her the truth when he started to realize how unstable Leslie is. He didn't that either. Shame on Tad. All the while Dixie is seeing more and more of David and getting more and more suspicious of Tad. Interesting. It's funny how she promised to stay away from David, yet continues to sneak around behind Tad's back to have lunch, hang out, go sledding(!) with David and then mistrusts Tad. And what I really hate is how, after finding out that Tad and Leslie have had sex, that some (including Dixie) seem to think that this gives her and excuse to sleep with David. I'm sorry, there is NO excuse for infidelity and two wrongs do not make a right. My hope is that it is somehow proved that Tad and Leslie never really did have sex and that Dixie is revealed to be the hypocritical ho I always knew she was!

This next part contains spoiler, so stop here if you don't want to know!

No, Arlene has not come back. Yes, Hayley is going nuts and pretending to be Arlene. As not a big fan of Hayley and Mateo (well, mainly Mateo) I have to say I find this to be kind of cool and I'm looking forward to seeing Hayley morph into this Arley monster (part Arlene, part Hayley) and turn into a raging slutbag. But I'm not looking forward to Mateo riding in on his white teeth, er horse, and saving the poor damsel yet again. It's been done over and over and over. I can't even believe how AMC continues to portray controlling and egotistical Mateo as a hero. I wish they would explore his abusive side, but I know they won't. Anyway, I have to wonder who Mateo will find to blame for all this. Most likely Adam. Which leads me to this warning... Adam! Find some goggles or something! Once Mateo starts to blame you, you may just get your eye poked out by that accusatory finger he likes to point at everyone!