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Jamie Martin


Written by: Tiani (updated by DandTMartin4ever)

Born: James Edward Martin in 1991

Nickname: Jamie

Mother: Brooke English

Father: Thaddeus "Tad" James Gardner Martin

Laura Cudahy - half sister (deceased)
Laura Kirk English (adopted by Brooke)
Adam "JR" Chandler JR. - step-brother

Occupation:  Pre-Med Student, PVU; Hospital Orderly, Pine Valley Hospital

While etranged from wife, Dixie, Tad Martin and Brooke English had a one-night stand. But Tad and Dixie reunited after he saved her from the menancing Billy Clyde Tuggle. Brooke decided to keep their tryst a secret. Not long after, tragedy struck when Tad, in a struggle with Billy Clyde on a bridge, was presumed dead after falling over the side. Billy Clyde's body was found, but Tad's was not. Brooke helped Dixie mourn all the while keeping the secret that she was pregnant with Tad’s son.

In order to keep her secret, Brooke turned to her ex-husband Tom Cudahy who promised to pass as Jamie’s father. However, people had too many un-answered questions, especially since Tom was still married to Barbara Montgomery at the time of conception. Brooke found it in her heart to tell Dixie. Surprisingly, Dixie and Brooke bonded even closer, and she asked her to be the baby’s godmother.

One night, Brooke and new boyfriend Jackson Montgomery were riding home from dinner when a very drunk Arlene Vaughan crashed into their car. Brooke went into labor on the street. Tom arrived and delivered a healthy baby boy, James Edward Martin. Jackson would serve as the child’s godfather, though his relationship with Brooke soon fizzled.

Brooke was in a serious relationship with her colleague Edmund Grey, when it was revealed that Tad was actually alive and living as an amnesiac in Napa Valley, California. Brooke left Edmund and married Tad in order to give Jamie a normal home. But, the union dissolved after Tad had an affair with Dixie, proving to Brooke that clearly Tad had never gotten over her. Tad remarried Dixie as he intended to before his death. Jamie grew up between homes, and formed a close brotherly bond with Dixie’s son, Junior Chandler.

Brooke adopted runaway Laura Kirk after she had been abused at one of her homeless shelters. This started a snowball of crisis in Jamie’s life. First, Janet Green grew infuriated with Brooke for her role in helping raise her daughter, Amanda Dillon. Janet had grown fond of Laura as well, and thought Brooke was taking over her life. The only thing Janet could see as fair was to take over Brooke’s. One night, she broke into the English home to read Jamie a bedtime story. He was none the wiser.

The Martin home was not any more a sanctuary. Tad and Dixie’s marriage was crumbling as Tad’s career began to sky-rocket and Dixie decided to go back to school. Dixie learned Tad had a one-night stand with Liza Colby. Dixie decided she needed to leave Pine Valley. Not only did Jamie have to say goodbye to his godmother, but also the brother that he had become so close to.

Jim Thomasson arrived in their lives and soon revealed his true colors to Brooke. He had used Laura as a porn model when she was still underage. Jim threatened to hurt Jamie if Brooke ever revealed the truth to anyone. Driven by maternal instincts, Brooke shot Jim dead in the heart. Jamie was unsure what was to be of his mother’s fate. Luckily, she was exonerated for the crime for justifiable homicide.

Dixie returned to town, and JR and Jamie became fast friends again. One day, Amanda and Jamie were goofing around on a play date when they decided they wanted to watch a video. When they turned on the VCR, Dixie’s living will played on the screen. Jamie found out Dixie was dying of a degenerative heart disease. Just then, JR walked in the room. Jamie wanted to help him, but he ran off looking for Tad. All of the struggles reunited Tad and Dixie. They remarried, and Jamie and JR were brothers again.

Jamie and his Great Aunt Phoebe decided to hatch a plan to find Brooke true love. Brooke and Edmund had begun a mild flirtation again over the last few years. With the Grey kids, Jamie and Phoebe pushed the lovers together again at the Crystal Ball. Not long after, Edmund proposed to Brooke.

The Martin home was pulled apart during the Proteus scandal. Tad and Brooke were working hard to get to the bottom of the case and neglected Jamie. JR was one of the victims of the drug ring. When Vanessa Cortlandt was revealed to be the drug-lord, she began to plot revenge against all her enemies. Unfortunately, Jamie was caught in the crossfire. She attacked him one night traumatizing him so much, that he refused to speak. When he did break his silence he blamed Edmund and his prying nature for putting his family in so much danger.

All of this would not matter when tragic news came from Europe. Dixie, who was at a Swiss clinic to monitor her high-risk pregnancy, had driven off a cliff in after a storm. Dixie and her child, Jamie’s sister Kate Martin, were dead. Tad sank into a deep depression, and Jamie tried to help his father recover. All the while, he suppressed his sadness to keep JR and Tad from worrying about him.

Edmund and Brooke’s marriage was declared null and void when it was found out that his first wife, Maria Santos Grey, was alive. Edmund was hurt to find that Brooke knew and waiting so long to tell him. Their relationship was very strained. Brooke in reaction had a one-night stand with Adam Chandler. Jamie found out and revealed the truth to Pine Valley in a drunken haze at the Venetian ball. He had embarrassed his girlfriend Joni Stafford so much that she threatened to leave him.

Joni and Jamie’s relationship was doomed from the start because he was going at a much faster pace then she was. He also harbored feelings for JR’s girlfriend Laurie Lewis. When JR found them locked in a kiss, he skipped town.

Jamie’s promiscuity only increased. One night, he was captivated by a blonde bombshell at the Pine Valley coast. She was new in town, and Jamie volunteered to show her around. They ended up at the Pine Cone, where Jamie lost his virginity.

JR came back to town in a better disposition. He agreed to put all of Jamie’s indiscretions behind them. It looked like all was going well for the brothers until JR revealed his big surprise: he was married. His new wife, Babe Chandler, walked into Chandler mansion and Jamie recognized her immediately: she was girl from the night on the beach.

Babe was pregnant and Jamie was concerned that he was the father. The truth of the affair came out, and JR took Babe’s side putting all the blame on Jamie. A paternity test was run and JR was announced as the baby’s father. But, Jamie was suspicious as Babe’s first husband, Paul Cramer, was in town and was a known con man. He questioned the legitimacy of the tests. Tension escalated until the night Babe went into labor. She was missing in a storm with Bianca Montgomery. The brothers teamed up to find their loved ones. When the women arrived at Pine Valley Hospital, both were on the brink of death. The night pulled the brothers back together. When JR was finally permitted to carry his baby girl, Bess Chandler, he made full amends with Jamie.

Jamie moved in with Maggie Stone after Bianca moved out to mourn the loss of her daughter. Jamie noticed a change in JR’s behavior. Soon, he learned Babe had kept more secrets from his brother, including the fact that she was still married to Paul. JR’s personality took a dramatic change. Jamie realized that he was planning to gaslight Babe just like Adam did years before to his mother to get custody of him. Jamie tried to make Babe see what was happening, but she chalked it up to the fact that he still had feelings for her.

Jamie’s protection of Babe revealed even more secrets. Jamie found out that Bess was not actually his niece, but Bianca’s baby. Paul’s sister, Kelly Buchanan, was raising JR’s baby in Llanview. In fact, Paul had switched the babies that night of the big storm. Babe also gave in to the fact that JR was hurting her, even at one point drugging her and having Jamie take the fall. Jamie went to prison to get the truth of the situation out of JR’s drug provider. Armed with all this information, Jamie and Babe kidnapped her baby and went on the run from the Chandlers and the Buchanan's.

They made it to Florida and planned to move on but Babe first needed to first tell Bianca the truth about Bess, and Jamie needed to say goodbye to his family. Jamie begged his father to keep the truth about JR’s son’s fate from him, only until someone could save him from the Chandler influence. Tad agreed, but was torn up to see Jamie, Babe, and little James leave.

Jamie and Babe settled in New Orleans for the holidays. Babe found herself falling in love with Jamie. Jamie was ready to give little James the family that he did not think he could get back in Pine Valley. Both Babe and Jamie missed their families. On Christmas, they both made separate promises to be the family that they had left behind. Jamie was able to slip a call back to Pine Valley and learned Bianca and her baby, Miranda Montgomery, were safely reunited. He also got to share a brief holiday greeting with Brooke. He had long been torn about leaving town without seeing his mother.

But, JR’s agents were getting closer. They had a close encounter with one of his bounty hunters, but were saved in the last minute by none other than Liza. She was on the run with Colby Chandler, fearful that she would fall to the Chandler influence just like JR had. Tad came to New Orleans as reinforcements and arranged for an escape to Argentina. But, the Chandlers honed in and Babe and Jamie were caught. JR rejected his brother again for keeping his son away from him.

Returning to Pine Valley, Jamie had to face the court twice: once on criminal charges and later for the custody of the baby. Krystal Carey, Babe’s mother, took a plea to clear the blame from Jamie and Babe. But, it did not change the judge’s mind when it came to custody. JR was given full custody of little James, now renamed Adam Chandler, III.

Jamie was kicked out of Pine Valley University for his role in the kidnapping. JR and Babe moved into a run down apartment above a mechanic’s shop. They tried hard to pull their lives together, but all they really needed was each other.

Jonathan Lavery murdered Edmund in cold blood. Jamie came to his mother’s side to help her grieve. Jamie apologized for leaving town, but Brooke understood his reasoning. She was just happy to be with him again. Brooke reminded Jamie that he had not visited Phoebe either since skipping town. Edmund’s death made both realize how important it was to tell those they love how they felt. Jamie promised to head straight for Wallingford Mansion.

Jamie’s visit with Phoebe would be his last. Jamie rallied by Brooke’s side again when Phoebe died peacefully at Pine Valley Hospital. Phoebe not only left strict instructions for her funeral, but also left a detailed will. It had one wish: that Jamie inherit all of her estate. But, she had one condition: in order to claim the estate, Jamie must disavow any relationship with Babe. Phoebe wrote a whole lecture telling Jamie why she was wrong for him. Though Jamie respected his great-aunt, he loved Babe and could not leave her. Furthermore, Phoebe wanted to pull JR and Jamie together, so he left JR as the executor of the estate. Jamie responded by proposing to Babe.

JR began to plot to make Jamie dump Babe. First, he plotted to have Jamie rejected from every university so he would never realize his dream of being a doctor. Then, he plotted with a recently returned Amanda to seduce Jamie. JR wanted Jamie to see that they could never be brothers as long as Babe was in either of their lives. Jamie stayed firm to his convictions, and love for Babe.

Babe took matters in her own hands. She only wanted to see Jamie happy and knew that would not include disrespecting his late Great Aunt’s last wishes or feuding with his brother. So, she hatched a plot to have Jamie walk in on her and Josh Madden having an affair. Jamie knew it was a ruse, but could not trust Babe to ever stop manipulating him. With Babe out of his life, he claimed the estate and began working with his grandfather Joe Martin at Pine Valley Hospital.

Little Adam’s new nanny, Di Kirby, declared she was Dixie. Though she looked nothing like the woman he remembered, Di knew everything about his childhood. Di’s presence put an end to JR and Jamie’s feud. It looked like Jamie was getting his family back. JR admitted all his plots to break him and Babe up was because he only wanted to see his brother happy. Questions of Di’s true identity culminated at the Martin’s memorial service for baby Kate. Krystal was released from prison and revealed that Di was her cell mate in prison. Tad ran three separate DNA tests that surprisingly revealed that she was Dixie. But the truth of the matter came out when Di had startling knowledge about a murderer in Pine Valley. Di admitted in a letter that she was not Dixie, but her younger sister. JR was crushed and pushed everyone away, including Jamie. After the truth came out, Jamie questioned Tad’s continuing affiliation with the woman who played such a cruel trick on them.

Jamie began a sexual relationship with Amanda. Amanda wanted more, she wanted to be his wife. Jamie caught Amanda trying to drug him. Though, he called off their relationship, he knew something was wrong with his old friend. All of Amanda’s enemies and critics were falling victim to freak accidents, many of whom where his friends or members of his family. Also, she was blacking out significant amounts of time in her life. Jamie knew very well about the mental illness in her genealogical line having experienced it first hand. Jamie decided to keep Amanda close by so as to find out what was really going on.

Portrayed by:

Unknown Actors (1992-1993) 
Jamal & Jamil Azizi (1993-94) Sean Marquette (1994-1998) Zachary Kady (1998-2001) Todd Harrison (2001-2002) Micah Alberti (2002 - 2003) Justin Bruening (2003 - present)

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