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JR Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born: Adam Chandler, Jr. (1989)
Junior (used for most of his childhood)
AJ (used upon returning to Pine Valley in 1998)
JR (current)

Mother:  Dixie Cooney 
Father:  Adam Chandler
Step Father:  Thaddeus "Tad" Gardner Martin

Antoinette "Skye" Patterson Chandler Quartermaine - half sister
Hayley Vaughn Santos - half sister
Colby Marian Chandler - half sister
Anna Claire Chandler - half sister (deceased)
Kate Martin - half sister (deceased)
James "Jamie" Edward Martin - step brother (with Tad)
Marriages:  Arabella "Babe" Carey (divorced)

Baby Chandler/Asa Buchanan II (son w/ Babe Carey)
Elizabeth "Bess" Chandler/Miranda Mona Montgomery (daughter presumed w/ Babe Carey)

Frankie Stone
Laurie Lewis
Kendall Hart

Occupation:  Acting CEO of Chandler Enterprises

JR Chandler entered the world as most Chandler children where introduced, in a shroud of secrets. He was the result of an affair between corporate tycoon Adam Chandler, and resident nanny Dixie Cooney. Brooke Chandler realized that Adam and Dixie had an affair and left her husband. Adam tried to gain full custody of JR by admitting Dixie to the Laurel Hill mental institute. Tad Martin saved Dixie and the two fell in love and where married. Because of Dixie and Adam's estranged relationship, JR would view stepfather Tad as his father figure. He was devastated when he found out Tad had died at the hands of Billy Clyde Tuggle. JR would now live with his mother through two failed marriages, one with scumbag Craig Lawson, and the other with Brian Bodine. He enjoyed Brian's company, and was partially responsible for his mother's marriage. But Brian was more of an older brother, not a father. This would be JR's life until a shocking discovery was made.

Tad would be found alive, however, he was now going to marry Brooke English. Tad and Brooke had a son, Jamie Martin. Eventually, Tad and Dixie rekindled their love. JR, Jamie, Tad and Dixie created one of the most memorable mixed families in Pine Valley. JR's world would be torn apart again after he saw Tad kissing coworker Liza Colby. Dixie could not handle Tad's betrayal and moved back to her hometown Pigeon Hollow, with JR in tow.

JR cam back to Pine Valley when Adam gained temporary custody of him. He became the target of kidnap by Lee Hawkins. This experience brought all the Chandler's closer together, especially JR and sister Hayley Vaughan. Adam's near death experience also brought father and son closer together. JR found Dixie's taped will and turned to Tad for comfort. When Tad realized he may loose Dixie again, he asked her to marry him for a third time. She excepted, and JR had his family together again.

This time, it was Dixie who challenged the strength of this union. Dixie began carrying on a close relationship with Dr. David Hayward. At this point, JR began acting up and hanging out with the "wrong crowd." He was soon addicted to drugs and was stuck in the middle of the Pine Valley drug ring. He almost killed Jamie and Uncle Petey Cortlandt by leaving drugs that looked like candy within their reach. Tad and Dixie helped pull him through this, and all was looking better for the Chandler heir.

JR's life was turned upside down when Dixie's car drove off a cliff in Switzerland. Dixie and his unborn sister Kate would die in that accident. JR pushed away from Tad. He moved in with Adam and clashed with his new step-mother, Liza. He even made plans to move to New York and live with his cousin Scott. Cousin Tim Dillon helped him pull through the hard times and reminded him of what a great woman Dixie was and how much Tad loved him. JR went to Tad for comfort again, and Tad welcomed him with open arms. The two became each others' pillar of strength.

JR was no longer a child, and the young teenager began a string of bad relationships. First, he lost his virginity to Frankie Stone, only to be caught by Bianca Montgomery, Frankie's girlfriend. Second, he began to pursue Kendall Hart, a woman ten years his senior. Then, he set his sights on Laurie Lewis, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Her father, the school janitor, hated him because he was laid off from his job at Chandler Industries. Adam wanted to separate them, and paid for Laurie to go to Harvard. At the same time, Jamie was attracted to Laurie. The two shared a kiss, only witnessed by Jamie's ex, Joni Stafford. Joni told JR of Laurie and Jamie's kiss. JR was so hurt that he left town without saying good-bye to anyone, even Tad. Adam hired a P.I. who discovered JR was working on a Cargo Ship with no intentions on returning to Pine Valley and all the problems he left behind.

JR returned to Pine Valley in 2003 with a secret up his sleeves: He married a flamboyant woman named Babe Carey. Babe became JR's pawn in embarrassing Adam at public functions. Babe revealed she was having a baby, and JR was more than excited. Unfortunately, JR may not have been the father, as Jamie slept with Babe not knowing she was married to JR. She was also still married to her first husband, Paul Cramer.

Kendall gave Chandler Enterprises to JR as part of her Cambias inheritance. JR tried to run the company in order to show Adam that he was capable of any challenge he threw his way. All the while, Paul and Babe schemed to throw off suspicion. They rigged a paternity test to insure that it said JR was the father of Babe’s child. Tad learned wind of all of this, but Krystal, Babe’s mother, told him to just let the lovebirds be happy. Tad lied to JR to protect him, compromising their already fragile relationship.

After a stormy night, Babe arrived at Pine Valley Hospital, with a baby girl in tow. Deep in a coma, JR named the child Bess, after his grandmother. JR learned Paul Cramer had saved Babe and the child, but nonetheless, threatened him to stay out of his life. When Bianca Montgomery kidnapped Bess, JR was put in a compromising position between the welfare of his child and the sanity of his best friend, who had supposedly lost her own child. He chose his new wife, and demanded that Bianca kept her distance for all her allegations. But, JR knew the truth, Bess had to be Miranda.

JR decided to work with Liza to win Chandler Industries back from Ryan. Friendship to JR became an abstract concept. Babe’s deceptions came to its climax when it was revealed they never legally married in San Diego. JR seemed to forgive Babe, and went through with a second ceremony. But, in truth, he was plotting her down fall. He wanted to paint her as a bad mother, just as Adam did to Dixie, and claim custody of Bess. JR drugged Babe in hopes she would sleep with Jamie. Babe was hospitalized, and JR realized he may have gone too far. Little did he know, Jamie suspected JR of drugging Babe. Jamie told Babe her suspicions, who in turn told JR. JR needed to cover his tracks, and told the drug dealer, Seth Phelps, to implement Jamie as the culprit. Then, he planted evidence of drugs and obsessive e-mails at Jamie’s apartment. Not only was friendship abstract to JR, but so was family.

Babe made the next move when she and Bianca staged an affair to have JR show his real colors. Babe relinquished custody of Bess and left town. JR thought he won out until he read a letter Babe had left behind. It detailed the truth about Bess. She was actually the late Miranda Montgomery, and their son had died in the helicopter crash. JR intercepted Babe's letter to Bianca which would have told Bianca the truth. They went to a Miranda Montgomery Foundation fundraiser in Florida, where JR spotted Babe. He followed her to a deserted warehouse, only to be locked inside. There he met Babe's accomplice, Jamie. Jamie revealed that Babe was going to tell Bianca the truth about Miranda. JR disavowed his brother one final time. Their brotherhood was over. When JR returned to his hotel room, Bianca was waiting holding Miranda. JR and Bianca got in a fight on the terrace, when Bianca lost balance and fell to the grown bellow. Bianca was in a coma, and JR's secret was safe, for one more day.

JR returned to Pine Valley and maintained his charade about Bess. Little did he know, Adam had already complied with Erica's wishes to run a final DNA test confirming Miranda's identity. He tried to make a last minute run with Miranda, but was intercepted in the nick of time. In his getaway vehicle he pronounced the death of his son, mother, and his father... Tad.

JR sent his spies out to find Babe and Jamie. They could not find a couple confirming their identities, but they did find a couple traveling with a baby. JR put two and two together and realized that the child they were with was his son. JR flew down to New Orleans and confronted Babe and Jamie. The police arrived and forced Babe to hand over the child, a baby boy, to JR. In JR's arms was the newest heir to the Chandler fortune, Adam III.

JR was in for the fight of his life to win custody of his son who was living in Llanview with the equally influential Buchanan family. When Kevin Buchanan waved his claim to little Adam, JR won out because Babe had pending criminal charges. To celebrate, JR turned to Kendall, his only remaining friend. But, it was obvious that JR wanted more, and they started a tumultuous affair. Ethan, Kendall's one time beau and JR's boss, caught on and stripped JR of his title at Chandler Enterprise.

JR was protective of his son and thought no nanny was worthy of him. That was until he met a mysterious blonde woman named Di Cole. There was something about her that made him feel comfortable, something so familiar. That familiarity was not unfounded. More and more coincidences led JR to believe something that he never thought he could: Di was his mother. At first hesitant, he could not deny their obvious bond. JR defended Di to everyone who shunned her for leaving her family for four years. JR even denied Adam’s machinations to prove Di was an imposter. She helped JR rebuild his relationship with Tad and Jamie. Nobody wanted to believe Di was Dixie more than JR. And no one wanted to believe it less more than Adam.

JR was made the executor of Phoebe Wallingford’s estate. All her wealth was to go to Jamie if he left Babe. JR wanted Jamie to free of the woman who tore their brotherhood apart. He hired new houseguest, Amanda Dillon, to seduce Jamie.

At the Martin’s memorial service for the late baby Kate Martin, Krystal stormed in revealing Di was an imposter. JR could not take the truth and finally acquiesced to a DNA test. To his relief, the test proved Di’s claims. But, the coming weeks forced Di to reveal the truth. Dixie was actually Di Henry, Dixie’s half-sister. JR immediately switched sides, and promised to make Di pay for lying to him, neglecting all the positive things she had did to him.

JR became more and more like his father, eventually finding solace in the bottom of a bottle. Babe decided to get him safely home from a bar, when he crashed into Amanda. Drunk, JR knew he was in a lot of trouble. But, Babe took the fall for him knowing very well Amanda hated her and would do anything to make her pay.

Babe and JR only grew closer. His old feelings for Babe were flooding back to her. When little Adam was kidnapped, the couple finally put their animosity behind them. That Christmas, JR professed his love for Babe again.

Portrayed by:

Charlotte and Margaret Baughman (1989-1992)
Kevin Alexander (1992-1996)
Jesse McCartney (1998-2001)
Jonathan Bennett (2001-2002) 
Andrew Riddings (2002-2003) 
Jacob Young (2003-present)


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