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Updated 1/7



(1/7) Rejoice Opal fans!!!! Jill Larson will be making an appearance as the quirky and fun character in late January!



(1/7) Claire Byrne is playing the role of Amelia Cambias, Zach's mother aka, the woman Zach is having visions of. The role is recurring.






(1/7) We haven't yet seen the last of Fr. Clarence! Usually only on for the holidays, the kindly old priest played by Malachy McCourt continues to appear into late January.







(12/17) Hide your crowbars, Janet from Another Planet is coming back! Kate Collins reprises her role of Amanda's crazy mama for several episodes beginning on February 9. With Janet locked away in a psych ward, don't expect her to be our serial killer. Janet will be serving a different purpose this time around!






(12/17) Susan Pratt will be reprising her role of Barbara Montgomery on February 9. With lots of family in Pine Valley... She's Sean's mother, Jack's sister in law, and Bianca's step mother, it seems like it was only a matter of time until she made a visit to town. Look out Erica!







(12/3 - updated 12/17) Elizabeth Hendrickson will be reprising her role of Maggie Stone for three weeks beginning on January 15. Maggie wants Bianca back... but it seems that this reunion won't be as easy as just a trip from Paris!








(11/11 - updated 12/3) AMC is bringing back Jeffrey Carlson as rock star, Zarf (in case you don't remember, he was the musician that Babe and Josh got drunk with when they wanted to use his music for an ad campaign for FUSION). Zarf has returned to Pine Valley and FUSION to see Babe, but runs into Bianca and is very drawn to her. The twist here is that Zarf is actually transgender. Zarf's storyline is sure to make headlines and has! You can even see a quote from yours truly on about the storyline. Bianca and Zarf's journey began on November 30.






(11/11 - updated 11/26) And still another AMC star is going. Connie Fletcher (Erin) has been let go. Having arrived in Pine Valley in 2005, Erin's storyline was one that never really caught fire and once her romance with Aidan (Aiden Turner) fizzled, Erin's storyline sunk to all but nothing. And still the cast cuts may not be over! Looks like there is going to be a murder spree in Pine Valley with both Erin and Simone being fatalities. I usually try to be optimistic and say, "it has to get better right?" but I am going to for the pessimistic outlook today... "can it get much worse??" To read Connie's heartfelt good bye to the fans, click here.





(11/1) If you can stand it, there is even more bad news to report. Terri Ivens (Simone) has opted not to renew her contract with AMC at the end of this year. She will also be departing Pine Valley. Even though both Julia Barr (below) and Terri have made their decisions not to stay with the show it doesn't make the impending departures any easier. I suspect many will give up AMC now. It's unfortunate. You look at other shows (GH brings back tons of vets and is now focusing on Luke and Laura again... DAYS brings back Patch and Kayla... etc.) and what does AMC do? Reality show rip offs with teens no one cares about. How is it that GH, on the same network, gets to do stuff that fans clearly want, but AMC does not? What has to happen to open the eyes of the people in charge and see that what they are doing is not working. SOMEONE save this ship before it permanently sinks! Simone's body is found on December 4.





(10/30) More bad news for we long time fans of AMC... Julia Barr (Brooke) has opted not to stay with AMC once her contract expires this December. The show offered Julia a recurring spot, but instead she has decided to leave completely. This couldn't be worse news with impending departure of Vincent Irizarry (David - scroll down for announcement) set to depart during November sweeps. Once again, a character with a rich history, with ties to many in Pine Valley, and who fans have actual interest in has been discarded. This does not bode well for the state of the show, which is floundering near the bottom of the ratings. No final airdate is yet available.






(9/16) It is with extreme sadness that I must report today that AMC will be releasing Vincent Irizarry from his contract. In a statement, AMC's Executive Producer states, "The decision to write the David character off the canvas was both financial and storyline based. Irizarry is a wonderful actor and a true gentleman and I thank him for his years of dedication to the show." This news does not bode well for the state of AMC which is languishing in the bottom of the ratings. The key to bringing back viewers is not getting rid of complex multidimensional characters in favor of vapid teens. This is a concept that AMC cannot seem to grasp. Vincent began on AMC in 1997 in a role that was not supposed to last more than 3 months. His popularity and talent has kept him around almost 10 years. Vincent's departure will leave a great void in Pine Valley. If you wish to voice your concerns to AMC, you can find all the pertinent information here. His final airdate is November 28.







(5/20 updated 9/16) A mere 4 months ago AMC cast Marcus Patrick in the contract role of Jamal, Tom and Livia's adopted son. And yes, how quickly things change. Unhappy in NY, Marcus asked to be released and has already left the role he began in late June. His final airdate was September 25. The role will not be recast.






(8/28) While not the biggest shock, it's still sad news... Michael B. Jordan (Reggie) has been released from his contract. The minute that AMC ruined his love story with Danielle by having her lose her virginity while drunk and upset to Josh (then played by Scott Kinworthy), Reggie has little to do other than follow Lily around, and in recent months, he hasn't even done that. Now with the addition of Sean to the Montgomery household, things couldn't look worse for Reggie. Michael joined AMC back in January of 2003, as a troubled teen that Trey (Sam Page) became a foster parent to. But when Trey was sent to prison for setting fire to Erica's house, Reggie went to Jack. Their relationship turned into one of the most interesting and socially relevant stories in recent years, only to be dropped in favor of insipid teen storylines. Back in May, it was announced that Tanisha Lynn (Danielle) would be written out, but that proved to be false. Michael though, won't be as lucky. It is likely that he will never been shown onscreen again, but instead will only be referred to, if that. The character will not be recast.




(6/25) The news is not good for long time AMC fans such as myself. With the five new contract hires in the past few months (see below for information on new characters Colby, Jamal, Sydney, Annie and Jeff) cuts were bound to start happening and they did. To make way for new cast members, Jill Larson (Opal) and Tonya Pinkins (Livia) have been cut from the cast with more cuts said to be coming. On a personal note, I feel most of these new hires to be unnecessary, especially at the cost of the people I love to see and would love to continue seeing. The company line is that both Jill and Tonya will be kept on as recurring players. What is happening at AMC right now is puzzling, to say the least. They hire an actor to play Jamal, and then get rid of his adoptive mother (Livia). They bring back Dixie in a search for her child, but get rid of her mother-in-law and the child's grandmother (Opal). Tanisha Lynn (Danielle) decides to leave, clearly due to a lack of storyline/airtime and they decide to recast her. They bring back Colby as a teen when the child was born in 1999, and not only that, bring on a friend for her as well! Like I said... puzzling!



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