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Greg Madden


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born: Greg Madden

Marital Status: Single 

Marriages:  Emily Madden (deceased)

Children:  Josh Madden

Occupation:  Fertility Doctor

Erica Kane had an uneasy feeling of familiarity around Greg Madden. After meeting on her honeymoon, she was shocked to learn that he was setting up shop at the Pine Valley Fertility clinic.

Greenlee Lavery was Greg’s first patient. After her husband Ryan Lavery secretly had a vasectomy, she turned to Greg to give her access to his sperm sample he donated to the old clinic years before. Greg at first rejected Greenlee’s request based on a legal and ethical grounds. When the sample went missing, Greg knew she had to be the culprit. His greatest shock came about when he learned his son, Josh Madden, had helped perpetrate the crime.

Josh’s affiliation with Erica’s new show “New Beginnings” made Greg uneasy. Josh thought Greg’s discouragement came from his father’s longing to have him become a doctor. In fact, Greg did not want any dalliance with Erica because of something he did to her decades before.

Greg sympathized with Greenlee after she miscarried and Ryan died in a motorcycle accident. He agreed to help inseminate Kendall Slater with Greenlee and Ryan’s embryo. But, on the eve of the procedure, Greg’s clinic fell victim to a blackout. Kendall arrived and Greg explained that he might not be able to save Ryan’s sample. Kendall decided the only thing to do was inseminate herself. Greg weighed the ethical implications, but also knew that Greenlee would give up all hope in life if she did not have a child. So, he agreed to Kendall’s plot and helped to keep it a secret.

The surrogacy put Greg in Erica’s warpath. Erica’s uneasiness lead her to investigate into his past. Tad Martin discovered Greg was the doctor who performed her abortion when she married to his brother, Jeff Martin. Tad’s suspicions of Greg only grew when Di Henry discovered a file Greg kept of the Martin family history. Putting two and two together, Tad slyly took DNA samples to confirm his suspicions. On the night of the Mardi Gras ball, Tad told Erica not only was Greg the doctor that performed the abortion, but that Josh was in fact Erica and Jeff’s son!

Portrayed by:

Ian Buchanan (2005-present)

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