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Greenlee Smythe duPres


written by: DandTMartin4ever

Born: Greenlee Smythe (Feb. 14, 1977)

Mother: Mary Greenlee Smythe
Father: Jackson Montgomery
Step-Father: Roger Smythe (deceased)

Lily Benton Montgomery- half sister (Jackson's adopted daughter)
Reggie Porter Montgomery- half brother (Jackson's adopted son)


Married to:
Leo du Pres (deceased)

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO of FUSION Cosmetics


Greenlee Smythe was a local Pine Valley socialite whose record with men was comprable with Erica Kane. She first followed childhood friend Scott Chandler home to Pine Valley. Her first initiative was to nip Scott's relationship with Becca Tyree in the bud. She left a sex tape of she and Scott for Becca to see. Then, she asked Leo du Pres to seduce Becca. Leo wanted Becca as well. They broke Becca and Scott up. Greenlee, only interested in the pursuit, dumped Scott and moved on.

Greenlee next set her eyes on Ryan Lavery. She had her grandfather, Woodruff Greenlee, to invest in his Internet Company. Ryan needed a lot more money, and Woodfruff was not willing to let any more go. Greenlee took out a loan with a loan shark named Wade. When she realized she could not pay Wade back, she realized she was in a lot of trouble. She turned to Leo for help who said Ryan had tapped into company funds to rescue Jake Martin. Ryan was arrested, and her money issues where covered up.

Wade threatened Greenlee's life. She was kidnapped and put in a faulty elevator. Leo tried to save her, but was trapped as well. The two made it out moments before the carriage feel down. Leo and Greenlee ran off to the tropics to rehabilitate. Little did Greenlee know, Leo was using her grandfather's ransom money. The two where arrested and brought back to Pine Valley. Woodfruff forbad Leo from seeing Greenlee again. Leo refused, and won Woodruff's respect. Greenlee was angry at Leo because she thought he agreed to Woodruff's wishes.

Greenlee would not focus on Leo again until he befriended other women. She was jealous of his relationship with Bianca Montgomery. While trying to incriminate Bianca, Greenlee found out she was gay. Then Leo moved on to Laura English. Leo married Laura as her dying wish. All the while, he still loved Greenlee and Greenlee still loved him. However, a last minute heart match with Gillian Lavery, saved Laura's life. Greenlee could not stand by Leo anymore and moved on to Jake Martin. Jake showed her a new world where she did not need to be the third wheel. Leo ran back to Greenlee and proposed to her, but she had feelings for Jake.

Greenlee became Erica Kane's right hand woman when she was on trial for killing Frankie Stone. She ran Enchantment in her place. All the while, Revlon tried to lure her away. Erica saw her interest in Revlon as a betrayal and told her to leave.

Greenlee chose Leo, even though she still had feeling for Jake. Vanessa Cortlandt, Leo's mother, did not approve and tried to drown her. Leo saved her and the two planned to get married. Greenlee's parents worked their ways back into her life. Roger was secretly sleeping with her best friend, Simone Torres. Mary came back to the states after some mishaps in France. Greenlee was happy to see her family together. However, Mary was only there because Woodruff threatened to cut her off. At the wedding, Roger was shot and in his dying breath admitted the truth to Greenlee about Simone. At Roger's funeral, Mary revealed she was only with Greenlee for the money. She pushed Simone and Mary away, not wanting to associate with people who would lie to her for so long.

Months later, Vanessa, now revealed to be the drug lord Proteus, kidnapped Greenlee to lure Leo to Miller's Falls with the diamonds she had amassed from her years on the job. Leo came to save Greenlee but could not get pass Vanessa. The three fell off a cliff. Leo professed his love to Greenlee as he fell into the abyss. Greenlee hung onto the cliff and felt someone help her up, who she believed to be Leo. His brother, Trey Shepard, tried to keep their extended family together and help Greenlee through her mourning period.

Trey and Greenlee grew very close until the revelation was made he was Kendall Hart's brother. Kendall had cost Greenlee her job at Revlon. To make it up to her, Kendall invited Greenlee to help form the cosmetics company FUSION with Mia Saunders, Liza Colby, and Simone Torres. Greenlee used the startup company as a distraction from her mourning. She constantly was at odds with Kendall and Simone, even threatening to fire them many times.

She began to get mysterious poems in her e-mail from a secret admirer. It was the one factor that helped her make it through the day. She learned this admirer to by Carlos Reyes, the handyman. They embarked in a strange relationship between their different social classes. Greenlee would betray Carlos by using his relationship with Mrs. Lacey to get prime shelf space for FUSION. He left her, alone yet again.

Mary revealed to Greenlee the truth of her paternity: she was the daughter of Jackson Montgomery. She did not believe her at first until Mary told her that her blood saved Jackson only wseeks before. Her whole life had been a lie. She went to Erica and Jack's wedding to reveal the truth. After screaming at Erica for keeping the truth from Jack, she stormed out of the Valley Inn, into the arms of Juan Pablo de Vasquez. Juan Pablo calmed her down and took her away from Pine Valley. Jack caught up with her and told her how he wanted to be there for her. She pushed him away and had dreams of her life with Roger. She almost drowned at the shore until Jackson came down and saved her. She collapsed in his arms knowing she had found the father she had always wanted.

Greenlee had Woodruff hire Lena Kundera, Bianca Montgomery's girlfriend, at Greenlee Investments. Erica Kane saw this as a power play bu her great rival. Greenlee in fact did as a favor to Bianca, Leo's best friend.

Woodruff disowned Mary leaving Greenlee everything. Greenlee kicked Mary to the curb and refused to be pawn in her ploy to win Jack back.

Juan Pablo was revealed to be Carlos' brother. Carlos was on the run because he had killed someone to defend a helpless girl. Juan Pablo came to warn him that the Argentinian mob family, the Calvatras, where getting close. Greenlee, tired of lies and a life of danger, tried to brake off whatever she had with Juan Pablo. However, she realized that what they had could be the remedy to getting over Leo.

Ryan came back to town, and she turned to her old friend for guidance. Greenlee grew jealous of his relationship with Kendall, especially after she caught them having sex together. She tried to expose Kendall's pregnancy as a lie at the Michael Cambias murder trial. When she revealed Kendall’s fake pouch, Greenlee realized that she had exposed a plan Bianca, Kendall, and Ryan had created to get Kendall off of death row. Her betrayal of Bianca got to her as she thought she had betrayed Leo.

Bianca’s baby was thought to be dead, making Ryan the Cambias heir. The Cambias Estate had accumulated Chandler Enterprises, Enchantment, and FUSION. Ryan gave a proposition to Greenlee: marry him, and get FUSION back. They can away to a castle to get married, but Kendall was already there. Ryan was torn between love and a business venture. Greenlee won Ryan over, and they married that summer day.

Greenlee moved in with Ryan to make their marriage look legitimate. Secretly, Greenlee was falling for her co-conspirator. The only person who threatened their happiness, and their plan was Kendall. Kendall hired Bobby Warner to seduce Greenlee to reveal where her heart truly was. But Greenlee stayed true to Ryan. She professed her love to Ryan after he fell victim to a sniper. Even after Miranda Montgomery, the true Cambias heir, was revealed to be alive, Ryan and Greenlee remained married. They had fallen in love and their marriage was anything but strictly “business.”

Greenlee began to act erratically. Everyone was turning to Kendall as the culprit again, but she maintained her innocence. It was Kendall who found Greenlee on the brink of suicide on the FUSION rooftops. Tests revealed Greenlee was being poisoned. Kendall was suspicious of Ryan’s recently returned brother, Jonathan Lavery. Greenlee wasn’t completely convinced, but decided to go on Kendall’s exploratory missions. But, their plans almost went awry when Simon volunteered to seduce Jonathan while he was doped on truth serum. Alas, their kooky machinations only tore Ryan and Greenlee apart. Ryan was convinced the culprit was a recently returned Braden Lavery. Ryan also learned he was in fact Patrick Curry’s son, making him worry if he too would inherit his bad habits.

Autistic Lily Montgomery, Greenlee’s sister, was a key witness in the murder of Edmund Grey at the hands of Braden Lavery. But Jonathan knew something no one else did: Jonathan was doing all the crimes in Braden’s name. Jonathan abducted Lily and Greenlee on the way to Lily’s school. Lily was frantic, and Greenlee kept her sister calm. The calamity made Greenlee embrace her sister and her shortcomings. Kendall and Ryan both had botched rescue attempts. Jonathan finally snapped and revealed he had killed Braden. Ryan tried to calm his brother down, but it was too late when their prison cave exploded. Greenlee watched in horror as the rescuers found Ryan’s limp body.

Ryan recovered but he was not the same. He put his and Greenlee’s plans for children on a permanent standstill. Greenlee turned to Jack and her new family for comfort.

The ordeal brought Kendall and Greenlee back together as friends. Greenlee's need for a child could not be ignored, so she turned to a fertility expert, Dr. Greg Madden, for a way to get pregnant with Ryan's baby. Years earlier, Ryan had donated a sample to a sperm bank for Liza Colby. Greenlee wanted to get her hands on the sample, but the ever ethical Greg turned her down. Greenlee hatched a break in caper with Simone to steal the sample. Kendall at first intervened, but decided it was best to help the other girls out. With the sample in hand, Greenlee turned to David to help her get pregnant.

Greenlee learned she was successfully inseminated. Kendall helped her set up a romantic evening to break the news to Ryan. When all was looking like it was going her way, Ryan snapped at the news that he was going to be a father. Ryan went for some pills that David had created to tame his anger, afraid of what he was going to do to his wife. Greenlee revealed that he was in fact taking a placebo that Greenlee had David create. Ryan prepared to strike his wife, but hesitated. Instead he decided to take a ride to cool off. Greenlee chased after him, but could not stop him. Accelerating, Ryan's bike went off a cliff. Greenlee called out for her husabnd, but it was too late. Ryan was dead.

Mourning the loss of her second husband, Greenlee's body underwent significant stress. Not soon after, she miscarried. Kendall decided the best thing she could do for her friend was to give her a baby. With the help of Dr. Madden, Kendall arranged to be a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan's baby. Greenlee and Kendall promised to raise the child together in Ryan's memory, much to Erica's chagrin.

A shock came to town when Ryan reappeared in Pine Valley. Greenlee's happiness soon turned to devastation when a chain of events revealed that her closest friends were all lying to her. First, Ryan was harboring Jonathan at the Pine Cone Motel. She could not put her mind around her husband bringing back the man that had attempted to kill her on multiple occasions. Then, she learned Kendall was not carrying her baby, rather her own. On the night she was inseminated, there was a blackout and Kendall was afraid that they were going to loose Greenlee's embryo. So, she impregnated herself with Ryan's sample. Greenlee confronted her husband and best friend at Thanksgiving dinner with the truth. When neither could deny their lies, she stormed out.

Greenlee returned to her penthouse and quickly packed a suitcase. Ryan agreed that she needed time to cool off, but Greenlee did one better. She announced that she never wanted to see Ryan or Kendall ever again. In tears, Greenlee drove out of Pine Valley for whereabouts unknown.

Portrayed by:

Rebecca Budig (Aug. 11, 1999 - Present)

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