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February 24, 2009

Every time I'm gone for a long time I say the same thing... I have been meaning to write an Editorial for weeks. And I'm saying it again. And it's true. Week after week I have a bunch of notes and I'm ready to sit down and write. Then distractions happen, life happens, or I just decide the next week will have more to write about. This week I am here and I am writing dammit! This Editorial reflects the shows that aired February 16 - 20, give or take some details before or after that time.

My music of choice this week is, Mamma Mia, the soundtrack in honor of Sunday nights amazing Oscar telecast and seeing our own little Joni Stafford (also known as Amanda Seyfried) strutting her gorgeous self on stage with *sigh* Hugh Jackman and Beyonce! And not only that, she got to present an award with Edward Cullen! Anywho.. next is PJ Harvey, Rid of Me; The Killers, Sam's Town; David Bowie, Hunky Dory; and ending with Oasis, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Bianca and Reese get married among a very odd array of guests. Granted, it's possible that some of them were Greenlee's guests, but seriously, why was JR there? He is not friends with Bianca or Greenlee. Was he maybe Amanda's plus one? I guess. Tad is very close friends with Erica from time to time, so she probably invited him. Jake could have been a guest of Greenlee's. As well as Randi. Frankie and Greenlee were on deaths door together from drinking funky root water. But where were Angie and Jesse? Angie saved Greenlee's life. The least she could do is invite her to her wedding. Considering this was supposed to be a double wedding, the guest list was pretty sparse. But I will say, of those in attendance, they looked gorgeous! The days of wedding guests wearing gowns are long gone but not for this wedding. I absolutely loved Opal's, Erica's and Amanda's gowns. Randi's, not so much. Even nanny Rachel looked fabulous! As did Gabrielle and Miranda. The colors were amazing. Loved the deep plum on Amanda and does Erica not look amazing in red? All this and I haven't even gotten to the brides yet!

The brides. Wow. Personally I liked Bianca's gown the best. The fit, the draping, the gold accents. It was exquisite. Reese's was an OK second place, but I really wasn't all that impressed with it. The back really threw me off. The front is low cut and strappy, and then it has a full back. Very odd. But the worst of the three was Greenlee's. I absolutely hated it. From the high empire waistto the hundred tiers of ruffles. I give her props for being the only one of the three to wear a veil, but that dress. Ugh. No. It was not worthy of our very stylish Greens. It was unflattering and bulky. How she road a motorcycle in that monstrosity is beyond me.

This has been the PVB Fashion Report!

After seeing Reese and Zach kissing at the chapel, Ryan told Greenlee he didn't want to get married with Bianca and Reese who are starting out their marriage in a lie and told her about what he saw, jumping to the very wrong conclusion that Reese and Zach slept together. Greenlee agreed to postpone but wanted to talk to Zach. She could not believe he would ever betray Kendall in such a way. So without even changing out of her huge confection of a dress, she donned her leather jacket and took off on the road to the chapel. At the same time, Kendall and Zach are headed back to the hotel from the chapel and arguing the whole way. Kendall is pissed that Zach has a connection to baby Gabrielle even though everyone keeps insisting he's just a donor. Usually I find Kendall to be very irrational, but about this I think she is on point. Bianca and Zach kept this very intimate act from her. And no, by intimate I don't mean sexual. But it is very intimate to give your sister in law some of your swimmers without your wife's knowledge and create a baby. So whenever she sees Zach looking or holding Gabrielle she gets very angry. Kendall had only agreed to go to the wedding at all because Bianca agreed to her terms... leave town and take your skanky wife and that baby with you. Bianca said she would, but then decided not to. Bad move Binks. You're already on shaky ground with Kendall. Kendall overhears Bianca tell Erica they are staying in Pine Valley so she leaves the chapel, Zach in tow. Erica tries to postpone the wedding but Bianca is sick of all the drama. All she wanted to do was get married to the woman she loves so the wedding went on without Ryan and Greenlee and without Kendall.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The words Bianca spoke, the words Reese spoke. The historic nature of two women getting married on daytime, legally. The wedding gets this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. It was lovely, heartfelt, and made me proud to be an AMC fan. Of course, that pride is tainted by the fact that one of the brides was kissing a man the night before. No matter who Bianca has ever been with, that woman has vacillated between being with men or with women. Bianca has never wavered, not once, but all her girlfriends have. All of them. Sarah, Lena, Maggie, now Reese. Being of hetero persuasion, I don't know how accurate that is. I would guess it's not accurate at all. Then again, things were said last week that made sense to me. Bianca said lesbians don't go around kissing men. I would think that is true. But then Reese said that maybe people fall in love with a soul, not necessarily a gender. And that sounds true. I like the idea that you cannot help who you fall in love with, you just fall in love. But, you still have to be attracted to a gender. Am I making any sense? The bottom line is, Reese was wrong to kiss Zach, Zach was wrong to kiss Reese. Commitment means not kissing someone else no matter what the circumstances are. Drunk? Doesn't fly. Upset because your betrothed's family is a bunch of judgmental bitches? Nope, sorry, not good enough.

Kendall and Zach are fighting, Kendall is driving. I hate to pick nits like reality, but in reality there is no way that Kendall would be driving a car two weeks (isn't that about the time frame here?) after having a heart transplant! Seriously, I can accept that she was out of the hospital. But traveling, going to parties and driving? All that is really testing my ability to suspend my disbelief. Anyway, while they are fighting, Kendall cuts a turn too wide and is in the wrong lane. Greenlee is right there, right then and to avoid a head on collision with the car, she drives the motorcycle over a cliff and plunges into the water below. Zach and Kendall immediately stop the car and go to see what happened. They knew someone went over the cliff, but they didn't know yet that it was Greens. As they start to look around, Zach finds Greenlee's veil and immediately tells Kendall to get back in the car and when the cops come, tell them that he was driving. He will take the blame for the accident. Kendall is stunned and horror stricken by the fact that Greenlee may have been killed. Ryan arrives first and sees that Kendall is holding Greenlee's veil. He was going to go look for Greenlee, knowing she was on her motorcycle and off to confront Zach. Ryan races off while Zach and Kendall give their statements to the police. They are both statements filled with lies. Call me nutty but when you think you may have had a hand in accidentally killing your best friend, isn't it truth telling time? It was an accident. At this point, there is no reason to lie. I don't really get the reasoning. But as usual, ours is not to question why.

In the meantime, Aidan had found Annie holding a gun on Ryan and talked her into giving him the gun. Annie suddenly has an emotional breakthrough when she realizes that she has never really had Ryan at all, that he and Greenlee never stopped loving each other and that it's no one's fault. Annie realizes she has to stop blaming others and accept that she could not lose something she never had. Sounds healthy but kind of a revisionist history to what we actually saw. Nevertheless, Aidan tells Annie that he will help her get better and that he has to take her back to Oak Haven. Annie doesn't want to go, but Aidan tells her she must and that Dr. Sinclair will no longer be her doctor. He tells Annie that Sinclair was Richie's doctor in prison and that they were lovers. Annie is shocked but glad to be getting a new doctor and promises Aidan that she will get better for Emma. Aidan takes Annie to see Emma at the inn and watches her through the window before they head back to Oak Haven.

Once there, Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan about Greenlee and is sure that Annie tampered with the brakes on Greenlee's motorcycle. Aidan tells Dr. Sinclair that if she tries to have Annie stand trial and go to prison he will testify that she was having an affair with Annie's brother and all the things she did to Annie while in Oak Haven. Defeated, Dr. Sinclair agrees to keep quiet and release Annie as her patient and into another doctors care. Aidan rushes out to the accident site. Sinclair is not done with Annie just yet though!

Jesse quickly deduces that Zach and Kendall's car was on the wrong side of the road by the tire marks. Ryan, who has been pulled out of the water by the rescue workers hears this and flies into a rage and accuses Zach of running Greenlee off the road on purpose. Well now that's just plain dumb. Sure he's distraught and overwrought at the thought of Greenlee being dead, but let's not loose all of our senses here Ryan. Kendall quickly intervenes and tells Ryan that she and Zach were arguing. Ryan very smugly asks Kendall if they were arguing because she found out that Zach slept with Reese. There was no way to soften that blow even though it wasn't true. Ryan sometimes makes it very hard to be his fan. That was low, mean and pretty irresponsible considering Kendall's condition. Zach just shakes his head in disbelief and Kendall looks like she was just punched in the gut. Zach denies sleeping with Reese, but Ryan insists that he saw them. Kendall wants to know exactly what Ryan saw. Zach admits that he kissed Reese, but that was all. Kendall and Zach leave the scene and go back to the wedding to let everyone know about the accident and that Greenlee is missing. Jack, Jake, Frankie, JR and Tad immediately leave and head to the accident site to see if they can help. Meanwhile Kendall wastes no time telling Erica why she left the wedding in the first place and that if Greenlee isn't found, Reese will be to blame. Kind of a stretch there Kendall.

Kendall collapses while she's talking to Erica. Is it any wonder? Not only is she physically exhausted from being in a coma for three months, almost dying several times and having a heart transplant, but no one seems to be too concerned about all the emotional upheaval she's had to deal with since waking up. No one gave her a chance to absorb the death of Josh and receiving his heart before more and more was piled on her with the revelation that Bianca and Zach kept this enormous secret from her about Gabrielle. Honestly, I don't care what anyone says about why they kept Zach's donation a secret from Kendall. From where I'm sitting, they knew she would object and did it anyway. They made their bed, so to speak. Who is this selfish Bianca that has come back to Pine Valley? I hardly recognize her.

At the rescue site, Jesse tells a very angry Ryan that the search has gone from rescue to recovery. That means they believe that Greenlee did not survive. Ryan can't sit back and let the search stop. He wants to keep looking. Jesse tries very hard to get Ryan to face reality... it's the middle of winter, the current is strong... no one could have survived for this long. And now, with a storm coming, they have to call off the recovery search. But then Aidan arrives and after getting in Ryan's face for not protecting Greenlee, they go off themselves to search.

Later at the chapel, Bianca asks Ryan why, if she was sick, was Greenlee coming back to the chapel at all? Ryan, who so badly needs to big honkin slap this week, but I'm inclined to cut him a bit of slack because his woman is "dead," tells Bianca that he couldn't get married next to her and Reese. A puzzling Bianca asks him why and tells him that she and Reese had worked out all their issues. Again smugly Ryan says, "So she told you that she slept with Zach?" Dude is pissing me off! He saw a kiss and he's acting like he saw them tearing each others clothes off and mounting each other on the church alter! Bianca is shocked, stares at him in disbelief, and rushes out to go confront Reese.

At the hospital David gets in Zach's face about killing Greenlee. I'm glad the show actually remembered that David and Greenlee were once in laws and that David would actually care about Greenlee's death. Zach isn't the mood to play with David though and tries to go past him to Kendall's room. David tells him that Kendall doesn't want to see him but he doesn't care and goes in anyway. Kendall asks him flat out if he slept with Reese and he says no, but asks if it matters what he says. Kendall says no because it's very clear that he and Reese share a connection because of their daughter. I'm puzzled as to why Kendall always refers to Gabrielle as Zach and Reese's daughter. It was Bianca's egg. Yes, Reese is Gabrielle's mother too, but Kendall seems to completely disregard Bianca in the equation and acts like Zach and Reese created this baby all on their own. It's kind of bizarre. At any rate, Zach tries to explain his friendship with Reese and when he's saying it, I understand it. He tells her she was essentially gone and felt like he had no one to talk to, and he needed someone to talk to. But then I realize, this is Zach, the master of brooding silence. Since when does he need someone to talk to and why wouldn't he turn to Greenlee, someone he already knows and who shares his love of Kendall? So I can kind of see how anyone in Zach's situation would need someone to talk to and lean on. But would Zach?

Back at Oak Haven, Dr. Sinclair taunts Annie about killing Greenlee. The newly lucid Annie is confused, knowing she didn't kill Greenlee. But Sinclair shows her the newspaper (wow, that was fast, isn't it the same day?) that shows a headline saying that Greenlee is missing and presumed dead. She tells Annie that she knows she tampered with Greenlee's motorcycle. Annie denies it but Dr. Sinclair keeps taunting her and tells her that since her savior Aidan got her removed as Annie's doctor, she won't be going to prison where she belongs.... instead she'll be going to the MORGUE!!! Bwaaaa bwaaaa!!!!!! Then she goes all Janet from Another Planet and pulls a lug wrench out of her pants (Hey Dr. Sinclair, is that a lug wrench in your pants or are you just happy to see me?) and threatens to kill Annie the same way Annie killed Richie. Annie fights back and tells Dr. Sinclair that Richie never loved her, he never loved anyone and he just manipulated her the way he did everyone else. In the end Dr. Sinclair only wanted to scare Annie with the lug wrench. Her real weapon is a syringe of who knows what. The two women brawl and when Annie whacks her head on the chair and struggles to get up, Sinclair moves in for the kill. Annie is able to struggle with Sinclair and suddenly Aidan and an orderly burst in and save Annie. Sinclair flips out when she realizes the syringe is in her own arm. Aidan removes it and then she is taken to the hospital. Aidan has found out that the motorcycle was not tampered with and promises Annie he will always protect her. Aidan is positive that Annie is not faking her looniness. I always thought that she was, now I'm really not so sure. What about you?



At the hospital, Dr. Sinclair is treated and saved. But she still thinks she is going to die so Jesse goes to question her. The koo koo shrink confesses everything... she tells Jesse that she doesn't believe that Annie is faking her insanity, she tells him she tried to kill Annie and that she loved Richie. Annie is vindicated.

Back at the accident site, it's apparent that Greenlee's body is not going to be found and that she is going to be presumed dead. Ryan can't deal, doesn't want to accept it. When one of the rescue team finds a blood piece of that awful wedding dress, Ryan clutches it, not wanting to face the truth. Greens is gone. Do I want to say, how fitting? Well, no. But it is interesting. Ryan faked his death when he was married to Greenlee the last time by riding his motorcycle over a cliff. And Leo died by falling over a cliff into the icy waters below and never being found. Now we have Greenlee doing both of those things. There are some really treacherous cliffs and waters around Pine Valley. Not only did Leo die that way, but so did Vanessa, Hannah and now of course, Greenlee. I think Hannah jumped, but still. Heck even Maria! She went over a cliff into the icy waters below but then she came back to life so I don't know if we can really count her. At any rate, Greenlee is dead, supposedly. We all know what not finding a body means. Oh hell, even if they find a body she wouldn't be really dead, she wouldn't be most sincerely dead. Wouldn't it have been cool though, if somehow, when we saw Greenlee lying there in the water, that we saw someone come and pick her up and carry her off? Someone we couldn't see from the front but looked like maybe the Creature from the Black Lagoon in black leather pants?

Bianca goes to the hospital to see Kendall but Kendall isn't exactly thrilled to see her. They argue about all the lies and about Zach and Reese. Meanwhile out in the hall Zach tells Reese about Kendall and Bianca's deal, then tells her that everyone knows about the kiss and they can no longer be friends.

Once Bianca leaves, Kendall sleeps and has a dream about Greenlee. Kendall apologizes for killing her but Greenlee doesn't blame her and tells her to always remember that Zach loves her. Awww... our last glimpse of Greens was so sweet and tender. Much better than the violent end she really had.

Back at Zach and Kendall's, Reese tries to explain things to Bianca but Bianca is hearing none of it. She doesn't want to hear excuses and honestly, Reese has none. She tries to tell Bianca she was drunk, she was humiliated, she was upset. Bianca doesn't care. She can't trust her anymore and tells Reese they are over. A stunned Reese stares at Bianca. She's so tortured and distraught and Reese is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. She pleads and she begs for Bianca to give her another chance. But it all falls on deaf ears. Reese tells Bianca that she has no doubts, that she meant her vows and has never been more sure of her love for Bianca. But unmoving Bianca continues to refuse any kind of forgiveness. And when she tells Reese that if Greenlee isn't found, it will be Reese who is to blame for Greenlee's death, Bianca earns this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD.

I cannot believe how many people in Pine Valley are blaming other people for anything and everything! Ryan blames Zach for Greenlee's death. Aidan blames Ryan for Greenlee's death. Erica blames Reese for the kiss with Zach. Bianca blames Reese and Zach for the kiss (ok that one is valid). Bianca blames Reese for Greenlee's death. Kendall blames Zach for the kiss. Reese blames Ryan for her break up with Bianca. Zach blames Ryan for Greenlee's death. Is anyone ever responsible for themselves? Greenlee is responsible for Greenlee. SHE chose to hop on her bike and go confront Zach. The end. Ryan telling her about Zach and Reese didn't cause Greenlee's death. Zach and Kendall arguing and not seeing her accidentally facilitated her death, but it's not exactly blame either. They are all really getting on my nerves with the blame!

Back to Bianca and her slap! She so deserves it. She is acting like Zach and Reese were climbing all over each other at the chapel and boinking themselves into oblivion. I'm not condoning the kiss, don't get me wrong. But it was JUST a kiss! Wrong yes, deal breaker? No. All Bianca can see is this supposed bond between Zach and Reese, that quite frankly, I don't even really see it at all. And she is willing to throw everything away because of that one kiss. It seems pretty irrational to me. Granted, that kiss was the night before their wedding. Should she be mad? Hell yes! And I do agree with taking the kids and moving into Erica's room for a few days. Cool off. Let the dust settle. And then realize why you fell in love in the first place. The most serious of arguments can be settled if both parties are willing to settle them. When one isn't, that's where problems arise. It's a shame. Good relationships end when they don't have to because one party can't see what is right in front of them. Bianca let no dust settle at all. She went straight to a lawyer and had her draw up annulment papers. Hasty much? Then in one days time, she declares that she no longer loves Reese. But Reese isn't about to just give up her whole family and tells Bianca that she has a right to see their children and will fight her. Reese tears up the papers. I'm in a little bit of a role reversal here because I have always loved Bianca. But I cannot help but cheer Reese on! She is being vilified for a minor infraction. Reese is fighting back and gets a court order to see the kids and keep Bianca in the country. Go Reese!

Random Comments....

I loved when Erica tried to comfort Jack and relates her loss of Josh.

Tad had a potential LINE OF THE WEEK when, while talking to Jake after the wedding Jake asks Tad if he thinks he'll ever marry again. Tad replies with, "How the hell can you ask me that? I'm still in the bitter and sardonic phase."

David continues to threaten to tell JR about their deal if Amanda doesn't help him get Little A. The coming weeks are going to be really bad ones for poor Amanda! She wants to do the right things, but never seems to. I hope, in the end, she can somehow turn the tables on David in a fun way. Wouldn't that be infinitely more interesting that having one of the men ride their white horse to her rescue?

Although I'm a little annoyed with Zach at the moment, I did love how, when he got back to the casino, he tried to talk it out with Myrtle. She was always there for him. He needs her now and she's gone.

Big "awww" moment when Emma notices that Kendall looks sad and gives Kendall her stuffed animal to make her happy again.


Ryan goes to the casino, still clutching that bloody piece of wedding dress and confronts Zach. Oh Ryan. I really hate anger mode. I hate when he gets that raspy voice, looks down all the time, and beats on his chest like an ape. He really did deserve a slap this week, but I gave it to Bianca instead because she's headed back to Paris next week. I'm sure we'll have ample time to give Ryan slaps in the coming weeks. Anyway, he vows to take everything that Zach holds dear as revenge for killing Greenlee. I think Ryan needs to be in the room next to Annie at Oak Haven. He doesn't even make sense. Zach tries to get Ryan to walk away and not make things worse, but when he doesn't, Zach goes right back into blame mode himself and blames Ryan. Oh it's all so tiresome. The thing is, when it's revealed very soon that Kendall was driving the car, not Zach, this vendetta won't end. It will go from Zach was driving and arguing, not paying attention and not seeing Greenlee, to Zach kissed Reese, therefore he is to blame for Greenlee's death. He might as well go all out with it at that point and just say that if Zach were never born, none of this would have happened. Now we have the Zach and Ryan showdown to look forward to. *yawn*

Kendall has since checked herself out of the hospital and went home. Zach is so happy to see her when he gets there and she has ordered dinner for them. They briefly try to have a nice dinner together, but Kendall abruptly gets up and heads for the door. When Zach asks her where she is going, she tells him to Ryan because he needs her. Kendall helps Ryan tell Emma that Greenlee is gone and then the two grieve together.

While Kendall is at Ryan's, Bianca shows up to see Zach. She is a shell of her former self. She assumes that Kendall has left him and tells him he deserves it. She tells him that any trust she had in him is gone and that the worst mistake of her life was asking him to be the donor for her baby. Actually Binks, the mistake was not running it by Kendall first! Bianca tells him she wishes she could take it all back. Zach asks her if she regrets that Gabrielle is here. Bianca says she loves her children more than anything. You know I would really love to sit Bianca down and ask her what she thought would happen once Kendall found out. Did she think Kendall was just going to be so understanding and welcoming of the baby? Does she not know her sister at all!? Anyway, Bianca tells Zach that she is going back to Paris with the kids and without Reese and that neither of them will ever see the kids. Zach tells Bianca that what he has always loved about her was that she got all the best parts of Erica. That is until now. Now she has turned into Erica and it makes him sick. Bianca storms out.

I find myself in a weird position with this storyline. I am usually on the side of the wronged parties. I hate infidelity and I hate excuses for it. But Kendall and Bianca are being insanely irrational about what happened that I can't help but side with Reese and Zach on this. No excuses, they wanted to kiss. They did. But they pulled back, they stopped. They knew it was wrong, they didn't go further. Can Kendall say the same? She cannot. She slept with Aidan. She thought Zach was dead, but she thought that for about 5 minutes before they boinked. Zach forgave her. She is torturing him now over a kiss. Once trust is broken it's very hard to get back. But if Reese didn't want to work things out with Bianca, if she wanted to be with men, if she wanted to end things and move on, would she really debase herself over and over again with all the begging and pleading? Bianca has gone so far as to tell Reese that she doesn't love her anymore and doesn't know if she ever did. She tells Reese that she loved what she thought Reese was, but now she doesn't have any idea who she is. I'm ready to give Bianca a second SLAP when she hands back Reese's rings and says, "I can't wait to tell the judge how you strung me along, how you ruined my life and the lives of two completely innocent girls. And I never thought that I could agree with your mother about anything, but she was right about something. You're a disgrace to your family, and I hope I never have to see you again. " Ouch!

Random comments....

Reese spots Erica with Gabrielle and wants to see the baby, but Erica tells her no way. Reese gives Erica a lot to think about when she says, "Ok, Erica, I know that what I did was wrong. I know that, but if the situation was reversed, I don't care what Bianca may have done, I don't care how hurt I may have been, I would never, ever take my children. Look, I know what it feels like to have a parent disappear. I know all the pain, I know all the questions you're left with. And I don't ever want Gabrielle to feel that way. I'm never going to let her feel like I deserted her." Having been abandoned by a parent herself, Erica softens and lets Reese hold Gabrielle for a few minutes.

Ryan tells Jesse he wants Zach charged with murder. Oh please Ryan. Stop. I can't take it. You're being such a major asshole and it's killing me! Thankfully Jesse tells him there is no way he can charge Zach.

Not to be deflated by Jesse, Ryan tells Erica that he is going after Zach and could she please make sure that Kendall doesn't interfere. Erica urges Ryan to give himself time to grieve. And isn't that what they all need?

Kendall wants to tell Ryan she was driving. She's sick of the lies, but Zach isn't quite sick of the lies yet and urges her not to say anything to Ryan.

Reese overhears Zach tell Kendall that he doesn't care about Reese at all and wishes he could make her go away. He's Zach, he can make her go away if he wants to. He was ready to make Josh go away after he embezzled.


At ConFusion, Jake and Tad see Krystal come in and Jake asks her to join them. She does, a little reluctantly and then she's sorry when Tad immediately spots her big honkin ring. Tad is stunned and asks if she's engaged to David. Krystal assures Tad that it's not an engagement ring but more of a promise ring. Tad snorts and delivers this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when he says, "What did he promise you? Eternal damnation?" Krystal is clearly not as amused as I am and stomps off. Jake goes after her and tries very hard to talk some sense into her, but it falls on deaf ears. Krystal is completely delusional where David is concerned. Will she wake up and smell the coffee any time soon? I sure hope so.

This weeks AMC gets a B+. I have really been enjoying AMC for the most part. Oh yeah, I'm annoyed at some characters, pissed off at others. But isn't that part of the fun?