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February 2, 1998

Was AMC even on this week? Geez I must have nodded off. What a dull week. Not much of anything interesting happened. For me the best part was Dimitri and Bianca. I loved it. I have always thought that if Dimitri is going to be fully redeemed he would definitely have to make things up to Bianca. He blew her off in a big way when she went to him for a place to stay. He was so wrapped up in this own diabolical plans that he couldn't see that she really needed him. And then, when Erica pleaded with him to not be a hinderance to her parole because Bianca was so sick and needed her, he practically spat in her face, not believing what she said. So there they are in the hospital. Dim is being released and Bianca is there for her group meeting. I thought it was great how Dim and Bianca talked and he realized she is indeed ill, causing him even more guilt for how he's acted in the past. I know it's not the popular feeling, but I just think Michael Nader is great!! Whenever he is in a scene, I actually watch it. I liked his scenes with Eddie this week too. I didn't think I was going to like the idea of Dim being redeemed because he was such a great bad guy. But so far, I am liking it. I am interested in seeing how Dim gets back on Eddie's good side. I've always loved the wonderful brother relationship between Dim and Eddie. I will welcome that back. I know it won't be easy. Eddie was ready, willing and able to accept Dim back in his life but Dim went bonkers and "shot" Ed. That was enough for Ed to rethink taking Dim back in his life. It will be very interesting to see what lengths Dimitri will go to to get Eddie back in his life. I know, I know Dim did some very terrible things. But I love these two guys when they are real brothers. I'd love to see it again. They are on their way back this week with Ed going to bat for Dim and talking to Erica.

We sure had an awful lot of Jake/Allie/David this week. That David is such a creep, I wish he would just head back to California. I think I'll be getting my wish soon, but not soon enough for me! I do admit, I was really surprised that Liza went along with this plan. It would be so easy for them to get caught, especially by Adam. And lo and behold, he shows up at the most popular spot in town, the Boathouse, and surprises Liza when she's supposed to meet with Jake! But as Liza said in this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK... "Nobody tries to kill my husband but me!" So she's in. And so far so good. It's kind of funny how easily David fell for it though huh? As for Allie this week... she is the recipient of the coveted I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. Her little talk with Liza was so annoying. Why the jealousy? Please, grow up honey! They are doing all this for you! This week Stuart joins the plot. My guess is that Stuart's capacity in this will be to pretend he is Adam. Makes sense I guess. Well, as much sense as this story could possibly make anyway.

The big ski weekend gets underway with Scott, Gillian, Ryan and Kelsey. You guys, I'm just totally smitten with Ryan. What a cutie pie. Hey honey, take your shirt off so I can get a good look at those abs again huh? Woof. This storyline is kind of goofy. The whole jealousy thing is so eighth grade. But it seems to be working now doesn't it. Scott was thisclose to kissing Kelsey this week. I don't really understand why though. He seems to be rather absorbed with Gilly. Maybe it's just a physical thing with Gill. But every time they start to get physical someone or something interrupts. Scott and Gill just aren't suited for one another, Ryan was right. She's a worldly woman and Scott is a small town prepster. I'm rooting for the Ryan/Gillian pairing, although I don't like how their new relationship will most likely be based on a lie. The lie that both of them think the other is rich. But it will push Kelsey and Scott together. By the way, how did Ryan know that Scott wasn't rich yet? Guess he's doing his homework. It will be interesting to see how this game of Truth or Dare pans out though. And again the question remains... just where does Kevin fit in? Why is he no longer hanging out with his best friend Kelsey? Why doesn't he have a storyline? Where is a the love interest for him? IS ANYONE LISTENING MEGAN MCTAVISH!????

Mateo puts on his Sherlock Holmes hat. Why? I have no idea. Why on earth would Brooke ask Mateo of all people to look into Jim's story? I would have called Charlie in CA to come back and do her this one favor. But that's just me. Oh, and speaking of Charlie, last we saw him he called Hayley to cancel his trip to meet her in VA to get the goods on Tanner in the cave. Why did he call and cancel, because Cecily was in labor. Did we ever find out what they had?? NO! I'd kind of like to know that info. But I digress. Back to Mateo, big man investigator who swears total honesty to his wife then lies about why he's going to NY. He pretty much blew his deal on that Jimbo thing. I guess there was no way for him to know that Jim is called JT in the seedy underbelly of town, but he didn't cover his tracks too well either. Hayley was much better as a bimbo than Mateo was as a gambler/lowlife. But then again, I always enjoy Hayley more than Mateo. She's just so much more natural. She just dove right in to her part as the bimbo girlfriend. Mateo actually had to convince everyone that he was what he claimed to be. Well Jim is going to be on their trail this week, after he hears that someone is asking about him. When he finds out Mateo is asking about loan sharks he realizes Brooke is behind the whole thing. The spoilers say that Brooke wants to believe Jim. I find that a little hard to believe. She's been keeping Jim at arms length and away from her sofa ever since she found that luggage. How about Brooke wise up already!?

Mystery Woman plants more little hallucinations for Adam... zzzzzzzzzz.

I'm hearing this big rumor about Mike Roy returning to AMC. So before everyone gets all crazed and happy about it let's look at the facts here. Mike Roy is dead. He was shot and killed when a scumbag hired by a corrupt judge tried to shoot Brooke (then an anchorwoman, Brooke was jailed for not revealing her source and a municipal scandal was exposed. After getting out of jail the judge hired someone to kill her, they shot Mike Roy instead). Mike was then cremated and Erica took his ashes and spread them out in Tibet. I know soaps like to bring dead characters back to life, but Mike is as dead as they come. He was never presumed dead. His return, unless he is a twin or a lookalike, cannot come between Jack and Erica. If he is Mike Roy he will have to be a ghost, and personally I think we have seen quite enough ghosts lately.

A big thanks to all who wrote in for my "Let's Get Marian and Adam Together As A Couple" campaign! I have just over 70 letters to send to AMC this week and I couldn't be happier!! Oh I could be, if say some people want to send me a few more letters?? Get them in people! If you want to be included in the packet going to AMC this week, get them in fast. My deadline is Wednesday, February 4. Then they all go!! Every single letter that was for an Adam/Marian love match!