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February 19, 2008

Dare I say that AMC is on the upswing? Will that jinx it? Are there still too many issues? Well we'll delve into all that with this Editorial as well as recap the shows that aired from February 11-15 and February 18. Since it was old home week, I decided to jump back into the 80's with my musical choices this week. I've got the B-52's Time Capsule, Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain, Billy Idol Devil's Playground (ok technically that was released in 2005 but Billy is very representative of the 80's!) Blondie Parallel Lines (ok ok, that was released in '78... give me a break!) and The Police Synchronicity.

I'll jump right in with the worst of the worst. It's hard to decide which is worse actually because both of these storylines are pretty bad. But I'll start with Kendall and Aidan sleeping together about a minute after they both thought Zach and Greenlee were dead. Grief sex. Up there in the stratosphere of most overused plot devices on soaps. I hate it, I've always hated it. Hell I threw things at my TV when Dimitri and Maria did the deed after Sam was taken from her. This time I didn't hurl objects at my TV because, well... let's face it, Kendall is a whore. She's always been a whore. She will sleep with whoever is giving her attention at that moment. And what was with Kendall's insane declaration to Aidan that she doesn't trust herself around him. WHAT!? Since when is Aidan any kind of threat to her happiness with Zach? Where did the "Always Only You" crap that is constantly being shoved down our throats go? Where is her undying love for Zach? I'm perplexed by this comment of hers. Does she fear that for absolutely no reason, no grief, no revenge, no other reason than she's feeling randy that she and Aidan will once again hit the floor of some old cabin in the woods and boink again? Does she think Aidan wants anything more to do with her? Considering the amount of guilt both of them are feeling what exactly is her "I don't trust myself around you" point?

To make matters worse, they keep getting shoved into situations together. Aidan is going to Chicago on business, Kendall is going to Chicago for a book signing. And while I'm here, don't even get me started on the turnaround on Kendall's book! She's writing her thoughts one day, the next day it's all typed and nice and perfect. The next Greenlee finds it and submits to a publisher and a few days after that Kendall is an author, she has a party, she has a book tour and I suspect within a few hours it will be a best seller. Get ready for obsessive fans, stalkers and whatever else they can do to make AMC even more all about Kendall than it already is. I'm sure all this is making it sound like I really hate Kendall. But quite the contrary. I love Kendall and Alicia Minshew is probably one of the sweetest and most giving stars from the show that I have ever met. I just want some of the focus off her for a little while. Give the girl a vacation for crying out loud. Sorry... got off track. Kendall and Aidan are not only on the same flight to Chicago, but they are seated next to each other. How convenient. At any minute I fear they are going to join the Mile High Club!!! Instead we get treated to another sick, overused soap plot device, the pregnancy scare after the inappropriate sex. Kendall is talking to Aidan and suddenly feels the need to hurl and rushes past him to the bathroom. Well, now come to think of it, I felt like I could retch watching them in this scene too. Aidan and Kendall are constantly talking about how they slept together, constantly regretting and crabbing at one another about it. They both look so guilty all the time it's ridiculous, especially when someone sees them together. Last time I checked they were friendly with each other before this so for them to talk to each other is not exactly strange. But they are making it seem like it should be. They are both so jumpy and nervous and drawing so much attention to themselves that I have no choice but to give them both a SUPER COLLASAL I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD this week. And to make matters worse, Kendall utters these famous last words, "I've dealt with secrets, and believe me, secrets have always come back to haunt me," which prompts them to make a vow to never ever tell anyone.

After sparring with Kendall a little more, Aidan decides he's had enough and leaves the plane to go to the hospital to see Greenlee. Job, he don't care 'bout no stinkin job! And since the plane has yet to take off, he doesn't need a parachute. I know he's former Special Ops, and a sexy hunky PI and all, but isn't it against airport regulations to let someone off the plane once they enter it? Silly me, I'm piddling with pesky reality! I'll try not to let that happen again. At the hospital Greenlee just wants to go home and get on with her life. She tells Aidan that she's grown a lot and I can't help but wonder how long it will be until she regresses. But her new attitude and outlook prompt Aidan to give us this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when he says, "Hey, you're not the same person as you were when you came back to town." No kidding! Since I went there I will say a big WELCOME HOME to Rebecca Budig. To me, her return has been seamless. Her chemistry with everyone is off the charts, but especially with Kendall. She brings back a much needed dose of glamour to the show and hell, I just missed the heck out of her! But I also have to say that the "Real Greenlee" ad campaign was over the top and unnecessarily cruel to her replacement Sabine Singh. ABC handled this very poorly and should be ashamed of themselves.

OK, back to the action. Zach decided to head to Chicago and surprise his trampy wife at her book signing, which is mobbed with people only a few hours after the book was released. Seeing Zach sends Kendall running for the bathroom for another round of the guilt pukes. Zach is sure Kendall is hiding something from him and wants to know what it is. Kendall plays off her weird shifty behavior as just wanting to go home. That few hours on her grueling book tour has really taken a lot out of her. Zach changes their flights, they go out to eat where Zach presents her with her Valentine's gift, a locket with pictures of Spike and Ian in it. He mentions that there is more room in case they need to add more pictures of more babies. Kendall perks up suddenly and asks Zach if he wants more children. He does. Kendall then decides to take the food to go and rushes back to the hotel to boink her man. Kendall wants to make sure, if she is pregnant, that the timing would mesh and that Zach could be the father. Make no mistake, that is exactly what she was doing. And when all is said and done, Kendall tosses out the pregnancy test, content in the fact that she will make sure Zach is the father no matter who's baby she really is carrying. Can I slap her again!?

One terrible storyline down, one to go. Ryan's amnesia. Trying to think logically (I know I know, I shouldn't do that) I have wracked my brain trying to come up with a reason for this drivel. It's something else to come between Zach and Kendall? But why, they have plenty coming between them already, starting with Kendall's infidelity and his friendship with Greenlee. A way to push him and Greenlee back together? Maybe. Because they are out of ideas and fell back on another horribly overused soap plot device? That is about the only reason I can think of that fits. Can you believe that AMC has used four plot devices that make soaps a mockery of other television all in one month? 1) grief sex 2) pregnancy scare 3) amnesia and 4) return from the dead. All we need now is a surprise child (hello Kate anyone) and AMC will have it all covered!

Backing up to Ryan again and before Zach leaves town, he goes to Kendall's house to see her but she's gone. Zach answers the door, much to Ryan's dismay. I have to say, Zach is being awfully patient and kind, while Ryan has fallen back into ass mode. On the one hand I do try to feel for the guy because I do love Ryan. But I hate this story, especially since there is no medical reason they can find for this sudden amnesia. Isn't it odd that Ryan was shot in the head but still the doctors can't find a reason for his amnesia? I'm not doctor but I think he lost his memory because HE WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD! At any rate, I'm off track again. Zach takes this opportunity to introduce Ryan to his son Spike. He tells Ryan that he's a very good dad and hands Spike over to him to hold. Ryan is in awe looking at Spike. He so badly wants to remember him, but can't. It's kind of sad and heartbreaking then I remember how stupid this amnesia story is and I get annoyed all over again.

The big loser in all this though is Annie. Poor Annie who has done nothing wrong. She went to bed with her husband one night and the next morning she and their daughter were strangers to him. She's hurt, confused and wants her husband back. Ryan promises her he will try to put their life back together but he really doesn't want to. He wants to be with Kendall. But he goes on a date with Annie and tries to get to know her again. It's awkward and weird and when he starts gushing about Spike, he only ends up making Annie feel bad because he doesn't have the same kind of reaction to Emma. His child with Kendall means more to him and that is very clear to all. There is so much that Ryan doesn't know and that no one has told him. Does he know he used to go to a fight club? Does he know that Chris Stamp isn't his father after all? Does he know that Jonathan came to town, went psycho, abused Maggie, killed Braden, Edmund and Aidan's friend, then was believed to be dead, only to come back with Erin's help? Does he know that Jonathan got the bad cut out and was suddenly forgiven for all? Does he know Jonathan married Lily, got divorced and then engaged to Lily's look alike half sister Ava? Does he know where the heck Jonathan even is? I guess we heard in passing a few weeks ago that Jonathan was in Europe but I don't even remember that, the folks on my message board had to remind me. He does find out when they go back to the penthouse that Erin is dead. So that's something. It's all too much for him to absorb. Last he remembers he hadn't seen Erin in years and now she's dead at the hand of a man (Alexander Cambias) that he believed to be dead. Angered and believing he still works for Cambias, Ryan decides to go there. What he finds is that Zach has his old job. Now he's really start to wonder what the hell is going on. Zach has his woman, his job, his child. Say what you will about Ryan but his feelings that Zach took his life, considering he doesn't remember all the crap that happened, makes perfect sense. Zach arrives there, after Annie went to him for help, and tries to put the pieces together for Ryan. Again, patient and kind while Ryan is treating him like crap. Ryan lashes out at him that he wants the life he thought he had back. Ryan honey, I want you to have your life back too, the one you have now! Can we wake up from this nightmare please!!!

Well, now that the really really bad stuff is out of the way let's get to the good. Angie and Jesse!!!!! Yes, I watched AMC when they were originally on and they remained one of my all time favorite couples ever. Oh that sounds like a cue for a poll (I can only choose 10 answers so these are the ones I chose to include - updated from when originally posted)!


Who is your favorite couple of all time?


At Joe's urging, Angie heads to the cemetery to make peace and say good bye to Jesse again. She has decided to leave Pine Valley. The memories are too much for her. What she doesn't know is that Jesse is already there at his own grave. Tad is with him, urging him not to leave and let him help. But Jesse won't budge. He cannot put them in any more danger than he already has. Tad tries to understand and leaves Jesse alone. After a near miss, Angie goes over to Jesse's grave and sees Jesse in front of it. She stutters out "J-J-Jesse, is that you?" and I grab a tissue as Angie is about to hit the ground from fainting. Jesse rushes to her side and catches her before she can hit the ground and holds her, comforts her. She's out cold and Jesse calls 911 to come and help. While he waits, he holds her and rocks her and I'm a puddle. When he hears sirens approaching, Jesse puts Angie down gently and hides. The EMT's arrive and revive Angie who calls out for Jesse, believing she really saw him. She's taken to the hospital where she tells Joe that she thought she really saw Jesse.

Jesse rushes back to Tad and tells him that Angie came to the cemetery and saw him and fainted. He cannot leave town until he knows for sure that she's going to be OK and wants Tad to go see her and make her believe that she was just seeing things. Tad hides Jesse out at his house while he goes to see Angie. But Frankie, who's believed all along that he really did see his father, tells Angie that he was real. And if he wasn't, who called the EMT's for her? Hmmm... something to ponder. But what really gets me is that Angie starts to think about it and realizes that if she was going to envision Jesse she would see him as he looked 20 years ago, not how he would look now. She realizes the Jesse she saw had aged. I say bravo for letting a soap character use real logic! It doesn't happen very often and I am personally grateful when it does!

At Tad's Jesse is afraid to tell Tad too much because just his being there has already put Tad and his whole family in danger. Jesse is in so much pain from just the few moments of holding Angie that he has to leave. He can't take it. He loves her too much to let anything happen to her. And at the same time, back in the hospital, Angie is in such pain from missing Jesse. She decides to go see Tad before she leaves town. Jesse is still there and hides while Tad talks to her. Darnell Williams conveys so much emotion with just looks and silence. His heart breaks when he hears Angie ask Tad to help her let Jesse go. His tears are real, his emotions so heartfelt. It's a tough call on who to give PERFORMER OF THE WEEK to, him or Angie but this week I will give it to Jesse. He's beautiful, emotional and I melt whenever he is on the screen. Which is not to say that Angie isn't equally heartfelt and emotional. But we've known about Angie's pain for 20 years. We've only known about Jesse's for a few weeks.

Tad so badly wants to tell Angie that Jesse is alive and reunite them. You can see it in him. He wants them to be together. But he cannot betray Jesse's trust and instead remains mum. Krystal comes home and finds Angie there and wants her to open up about her feelings and maybe that will help her move on. She wants to hear all about Jesse and Angie's romance. Angie starts to relate their story from beginning to end. It's a nice history lesson for those who didn't know them the first time and a good refresher course for those of us who did. It's Angie and Jesse 101. The flashbacks are wonderful and the story is still amazing. The whole time Jesse listens, his heart breaking all over again. Angie breaks down and Jesse is doing all he can to get out! He has to leave, he can't take any more of listening to the love for him in her voice and he can't do anything to be with her. Tad tells him to lay low and he'll come get him when the coast is clear so he can leave. But the coast won't be clear because Krystal has talked Angie into staying the night since she will be leaving Pine Valley in the morning. And even worse for Jesse, Angie insists on sleeping on the sofa. Tad tells him to just hang tight and wait until Angie is asleep before he sneaks out. Tad goes off to bed with Krystal not too far behind but before she goes upstairs, she sees the basement door open so she closes and locks it, trapping Jesse until morning.

In the morning, Angie leaves for the airport before saying goodbye to Tad. Krystal goes looking for him and finds him in the basement with Jesse. She's shocked. So shocked she thinks it's the 80's again and is wearing a big ugly orange top with poof sleeves. *shudder* Krystal thinks Angie has a right to know Jesse is alive and wants to tell her but an angry Jesse tells her she can't. He tries to tell her how dangerous it would be without really telling her why. Krystal reluctantly agrees. Tad takes Jesse to the train station, all the while still trying to talk him into staying and letting Tad help him. Jesse won't budge. In the meantime, Angie can't find her wallet or her plane ticket and calls Krystal to see if she can find them at her house. Krystal does and agrees to bring them to her, but the wheels are turning and Krystal has a plan! Funny thing, Tad has the same plan. Krystal meets up with Angie and finds that her plane has been delayed. She tells her that she could save time if she took a train. Tad, at the same time, is telling Jesse that if he wants to leave town so fast, he should be taking a plane. Jesse though, he knows Angie is at the airport so he doesn't fall for it. But Angie does! She cashes in her plane ticket (can you do that these days?) and makes reservations for the train.

Fasten your seat belts folks, just as Jesse is pulling away from the train station, a stunned Angie watches the train go and sees Jesse on it. She runs, screaming and crying for Jesse, running after the train. I'm a puddle, I'm crying and hoping with all my heart that Jesse sees her and will jump off the train. He doesn't. Devastated, she collapses on the tracks then drags herself up and walks sadly back to the train station. But the SCENE OF THE WEEK is upon us! The train is backing up for whatever reason, who cares! Angie stops and watches and through the smoke, Jesse emerges walking towards her, she towards him. Slowly, then faster... they run... they stop. Angie looks at him and asks if it's really him, is she dreaming. He tells her it's really him and oh dear Lord pass me a tissue! Nothing... not one thing, about their reunion disappointed. They were both magic. Angie was a mess of tears and emotion, Jesse was emotional with underlying fear that he will be seen and Angie will be in danger. The three of us weep as they slowly and emotionally embrace. Angie cannot stop touching him. She can't wrap her mind around him being real and he's actually standing in front of her. He knows he cannot leave her like this so he takes her somewhere private to talk. A place they both know, a cabin that they used to go to back in the day. Fine, it's far fetched but I don't care! I'm loving them too much to get hung up on the improbability of that cabin being nearby and actually still standing and empty. I just want more. I want more Angie and Jesse. I get more. Jesse tells Angie that no one can know he's alive and no one can ever see them together. Then at long last, they kiss. A kiss that has been waiting 20 years to be given. A kiss that is so deep, so passionate, so emotional. Oh my, I'm such a hopeless romantic. Pass me another tissue! At the moment, Angie doesn't want to know what happened or the details of where he's been. She just wants to touch him, hold him. But when Jesse breaks down, she knows he is full of fear. She has to know because there is no way that she is letting him leave her again, even though he tries. *sigh*

Now I must compose myself. Phew. I'll go with some random thoughts before I continue...

It dawned on me while watching all the Jesse/Angie flashbacks that back in the day, not everyone in Pine Valley was rich. Not by a long shot! People were a lot more normal in the 80's. Now everyone has money from somewhere. It was kind of nice to see people actually struggle to make ends meet.

Colby gives JR his ring back that Adam had given him and quickly finds the listening device in it.

Richie is told that someone has been found to be a match for his marrow and jokes about how Babe should break into the hospital records and find out who it is since the person refused to donate. Babe, being kind of a dumbass, decides she will do just that and gets Krystal to help her. They easily break into Joe's files and find out that JR is the match!

Adam tells JR that the hospital has been calling him because he is a donor match for Richie. JR immediately decides that he wants to be that guy, the good guy that Babe will respect and that he will do it. But Adam had already told the hospital he wasn't interested. JR is angry that Adam made that decision for him and confronts him about the listening device.

Erica and Pam both flirt with Samuel Woods.

Unbeknownst to Erica, it is Samuel Woods who has her assets frozen. She fires her whole financial team when they cannot provide her with any answers for her financial woes.

I would have liked to see the Go Red fashion show and the Angie and Jesse reunion as two stand alone episodes. The Angie and Jesse reunion for sure! I was not thrilled any time they cut away from them!

The Go Red fashion show is about to get underway with Erica as the host. It's a big deal for FUSION and for Pine Valley and full of blatant product placement for Campbell's. It's so bad and so blatant that I almost expect Erica to pick up a V-8 V Fusion and ask me if I want one! But Erica notices that Kendall is wigging out. Please, who hasn't noticed that Kendall is wigging out! Well so much for vows of silence. Kendall spills all to Erica about getting her freak on with Aidan. Erica is understanding. Of course she is. She's cheated on her significant others quite often and she always has a way to justify it to herself just like Kendall is doing. Erica urges her to take the pregnancy test if for no other reason than to prove to herself what she already knows, she's not pregnant. I should mention that Kendall bought another test after she threw out the last one. As Erica leaves the restroom, Greenlee arrives and sees Kendall holding the pregnancy test. Kendall being the big honkin idiot she is, acts guilty and evasive. That's not really how you act when you think you and your husband might be pregnant again, so Greenlee is understandably confused. Kendall blows off taking the test, which in turn, means Greenlee has to tell Aidan that Kendall thinks she may be pregnant. This is definitely not what Aidan wants to hear. Those visions of Zach kicking his ass from here to England give a whole new meaning to the term "spotted dick." Aidan confronts Kendall about possibly being pregnant but she blows him off and tells him that if she is pregnant there is no way the baby is his. Say that a little louder Kendall, the lighting crew didn't quite hear you.

Even though she wasn't in the fashion show I have to say VA VA VA VOOM to Krystal, the BEST DRESSED woman of the night. Good Lord that woman has the most gorgeous figure and the new haircut is adorable! She looked incredible. She's got it and she flaunts it and I say good for her!

BEST DRESSED from the fashion show goes to the mother/daughter team of Annie and Emma. Annie's dress was gorgeous and Emma really was the prettiest princess there! There was one glaring omission at this be soiree though and that was Julia. I would have loved to see her out of the scrubs and all dolled up for the evening. Maybe even knock MyJoshy off his socks! Josh's only part of the whole thing was to razz Aidan about being a model at the show. Hey, why not get Joshy up there on the runway!

In the back stage area, Babe decides she has a way to get JR to agree to be Richie's marrow donor and pulls out all the slutty stops to get JR's attention. She flirts with him and then when he helps her unzip her dress, she pulls it down and exposes herself to him. She certainly has his attention now so she proposes that they play a poker game and if she wins, he has to agree to be Richie's donor. But if he wins, he can have whatever he wants. Now, we know that JR was going to do it anyway. JR though, doesn't tell her that. So that leads me to this... if JR were serious about being a new man (how many times has he said that now?) he would tell Babe that he had already decided to donate marrow to Richie and she didn't have to turn herself into a slut for him to do it. But JR is only too happy to play along. New man indeed!

So much good, still a lot of bad but for the Angie and Jesse reunion alone, AMC gets an A+!!!!