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Erin Lavery

Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Erin Lavery

Mother: Gail Lavery Curry (deceased)
Father: Patrick Curry (deceased)
Braden Lavery - brother
Ryan Lavery - brother
Jonathan Lavery - brother

Occupation: Volunteer, Miranda Center.

Erin Lavery was the youngest child to live through the abusive Curry household. Luckily, her brothers took the brunt of the abuse. She witnessed as one by one, the older Lavery's ran away from home leaving only she and Jonathan. Jonathan defended Erin from Patrick’s blows, but not the mental anguish. After Jonathan left for Princeton, Erin left for Nova Scotia where she became a struggling artist.

Erin got a distress call from Jonathan one night. He arrived beaten and bruised after older brother Ryan Lavery seemingly tried to kill him. Erin had read in the news what a big shot Ryan had become. She could not believe that he had tried to kill his own brother. While nursing Jonathan back to health, Ryan arrived in Nova Scotia. Erin confronted her brother for abandoning her and Jonathan. Though Ryan was shocked, he was happy to see Erin was unaffected by Patrick’s abuse. He tried to explain to Erin how Jonathan had a break from reality, killing their brother Braden Lavery and poisoning his wife Greenlee Lavery. Though Erin was hesitant to believe Ryan, she recognized something was wrong with Jonathan.

Jonathan’s health took a turn for the worst. Ryan brought him to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor explained that his erratic behavior could be directly linked to the tumor. The anxiety of the surgery brought Erin and Ryan together. Jonathan’s surgery was successful, but he regressed to a child like state. Erin made it her duty to care for him.

Ryan, now knowing that his paranoia of the Lavery rage was a myth, decided to return to Pine Valley. He reluctantly allowed his siblings to follow him. As soon as they arrived back in town, strange crimes began happening, implicating Jonathan in the mayhem. Erin defended Jonathan to everyone, especially Aidan Devane whose associate was killed by Jonathan the night he kidnapped Greenlee and Lily Montgomery.

Portrayed by:

Connie Fletcher (2005-present)

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