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Erica Kane


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Erica Kane
Alias and Nicknames: 
Princess (by Nick Davis)
Sheila (as a waitress) 
Desiree Dubois (as a Las Vegas Showgirl)
Mother: Mona Kane (deceased)
Father: Eric Kane (deceased)
Mark Dalton- half brother
Silver Kane- half sister (deceased)
Dr. Jeff Martin (divorced)
Phil Brent (deceased) (divorced)
Tom Cudahy (divorced)
Adam Chandler (2x's divorced)
Travis Montgomery (2x's divorced) (deceased)
Dimitri Marick (2x's divorced)
Kendall Hart- Daughter (Result of rape by Richard Fields)
Bianca Montgomery- Daughter (w/ Travis) 

Grandchildren: Miranda Mona Montgomery- Granddaughter (Bianca’s w/ Michael Cambias)

Occupation: Host and creator, New Beginnings

Erica Kane's first scene in Pine Valley will live in infamy. She riled out to her mother, Mona Kane, everything she was looking for in a husband, establishing her ambition and her knack for rich men. But deep inside, Erica was nursing the scares of the abandonment by her father, movie producer Eric Kane. At the same time, her father’s life in Hollywood was the driving force for her longing to leave the provincial setting of Pine Valley.

While in High School, she made hell for Tara Martin and pursued Phil Brent. All the wile, Erica was dating Chuck Tyler, part of a social class she longed to be part of. Her mother’s friend, Nick Davis arrived in town with a secret. She heard him discussing with Amy Tyler Phil’s true parentage. Nick was his father, and Amy was his mother. Elated with the revelation, she took the information to Phil. Phil in an outrage dumped Tara, but he didn’t want anything to do with Erica either. So Erica found consolation by sticking it to Tara farther by romancing her older brother, Dr. Jeff Martin.

Erica was too young to get married in Pine Valley, so she and Jeff crossed the border to elope. She learned being the wife of new doctor wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be. Erica began working for Ann Tyler and Kitty Shea at The Boutique permitting her to go on trips to New York. There, her modeling career was launching off the ground and she could not really afford to have a family. But, she discovered she was pregnant. Erica made the decision to have an abortion, the first legal abortion on television. An infection revealed the truth to Jeff about her condition. There marriage was crumbling. On her many trips out of town, Erica found out Jeff had befriended a nurse, Mary Kennecott. Erica did not want to look like the loosing partner in the marriage, so she embarked on a relationship with her agent, Jason Maxwell.

Erica told Jason that Jeff was jealous of her relationship with him causing their impeding divorce. Jason showed up in Pine Valley and exchanged some words with the newly liberated Jeff at the Valley Inn. The next day, Jason was found dead in his room, and Jeff was the main suspect. Mona knew something was wrong with the situation and aided Paul Martin in exonerating his nephew. She had a flashback to when she had in fact shot Jason on accident warning him to keep away from Erica. She had blocked out the traumatic incident.

Phil was on the rebound from Tara and he and Erica had a one-night stand. That one night of passion left Erica pregnant again. Phil knew the right thing to do was to marry Erica, whether he liked the idea or not. Erica miscarried soon after the wedding and had a nervous breakdown. Phil helped her recover, but he no longer wanted to be married to her. When he filed for divorce from her, Erica was ready to fight to keep him. Phoebe Tyler wanted to insure this union to protect Chuck’s marriage to Tara. Erica began to do anything to please Phoebe, her idol. Nick, however, had a proposition for Erica. If she let go of Phil, he would make her the new hostess at his uber-trendy restaurant the Château. Erica couldn’t let the proposition go by, and accepted divorcing Phil.

Surprisingly, Phoebe had another task for Erica. She had her romance her son, Lincoln Tyler to keep him away from Kelly. Erica confided in Kelly that Phoebe was an evil woman and that she would never be a true Tyler. When she failed to break them up, Phoebe confronted Erica and told her she was a classless hoar. Erica warned Phoebe one day she would be force to be reckoned with.

In this time, Erica met her half-brother Mark Dalton after an almost incest relationship. Both shared a deep resentment for their father, Eric. Erica began flirting with Nick while she was on the job. Soon, Nick began to feel uncomfortable because of their obvious age difference. Erica wanted to test Nick’s affections, and ran away from home to Center City to stage a kidnapping. Alone in the city, no one was there to help Erica when she was attacked. Nick proposed to Erica as she lay dying of viral pneumonia. But, when she recovered, he could not go through with his promise.

Erica would move on with Tom Cudahy, owner of the Goal Post Restaurant and former football star. She had let him go only a year earlier to pursue Nick. She left Nick’s restaurant, the Château, and became the hostess at Tom’s. Brooke English was still romantically attached to Tom. Tom felt assured that his relationship with Erica would work out this time after Nick left Pine Valley and broke it off with Brooke. The two married in Erica’s largest ceremony to date. Tom realized Erica was using her to improve her status. She was trying to usurp the athlete into her world of high fashion. Tom wanted nothing of it and walked out on a cosmetics contract Erica had set up for him. At the announcement party, she listened to Phoebe as she revealed the true parentage of Phillip Tyler. This secret was again linked to Phil, as he was the boy’s father, not Chuck. Again Erica let the fact slip to Phil, only after taunting Tara and Phoebe with the fact that she knew the truth.

Tom and Erica were trying to have a child, or so Tom believed. Erica was planning on making a comeback into modeling and again was not ready for a child. She was on the pill secretly. Only Mona knew the truth. When Tom confronted her with her birth control pills, Erica stormed Mona’s office blaming her for ruining her marriage. Tom had in fact found the pills on his own. Erica left Pine Valley for Hollywood, and Tom turned to Brooke.

The ink on Erica’s divorce papers was not even dry when she pursued Brandon Kingsley, Cosmetic Tycoon for Sensuelle. But, Brandon hid a big secret from her: he was married with child. Brandon promised he would leave his wife Sara for Erica, but he never really took action. Erica wanted revenge on Brandon. So, she pursued his rival, Kent Bogard. Kent was rich and used Erica’s knowledge of Sensuelle to take Brandon down. Lar’s Bogard, Kent’s father, saw potential in Erica as a national spokeswoman for his cosmetic line.

A blonde woman showed up on Erica’s door claiming to be her sister, Silver Kane. Mona corroborated her story, clouding even more the image Erica had of her father. Erica drowned herself in her work, leaving little time for Silver or Kent. The two began a torrid affair behind Erica’s back. Erica learned of Silver’s betrayal, and confronted Kent. In a fight, the gun Erica gave Kent for his birthday went off, killing him. Silver was the only witness and was ready to turn her sister in for murder. Erica went on the run, even hiding out as nun to say goodbye to Kent at his funeral. The recently returned Tad Martin would reveal Silver as an impostor Connie Wilkes. Connie testified that Erica accidentally shot Kent that night, and she was sent to prison for perjury. Lar’s still had a vendetta against Erica and dropped her as his spokes model. Palmer Cortlandt befriended the down and out model. Together they uncovered a part of Lar’s past he wanted to keep hidden, he was a former Nazi who escaped post-war trial. Lars threatened Erica’s life, but Palmer was able to defend her and send Lar’s out of town.

Then came “average-joe” Mike Roy, who helped her write her biography “Raising Kane.” There was an attraction, but Erica needed someone to rejuvenate her status. “Raising Kane” was slated to be a movie, and Erica wanted to audition for the role of herself. She met the man financing the film, Adam Chandler. Adam promised her the part in exchange for marriage. There relationship was always on the rocks as Adam believed the only way to punish her was to be married to her. Adam never even gave Erica the role. While in the Chandler Mansion, she was attacked by the monster of the west wing, Adam’s twin Stuart Chandler. Joanna Yaeger Chandler, Stuart’s wife, had manipulated the simple minded Stuart into thinking she was an evil woman. The kind Stuart was the only bright spot about her marriage with Adam. She divorced Adam after he faked his own death to test her loyalty, but it was too late to marry Mike as he was shot down protecting Mark and Brooke in an open field. Erica said her vows to Mike as he died in her arms. Brooke’s refusal to reveal a source was the driving force for the sniper’s attack only fueling the conflict between the two women.

While bringing Mike's ashes to Tibet, she was told by a high priest that she would find true love in Pine Valley again. Working at Tempo, she met Jeremy Hunter, a celibate monk who was once friends with Mike. This relationship started another rivalry for Erica with Natalie Marlowe Hunter, Jeremy’s step mom and former lover. Alex Hunter and Erica were away when Natalie slipped in bed next to Jeremy. Weeks later, Alex died in a fox-hunt accident. Natalie claimed that she was pregnant with Jeremy’s baby. Jeremy decided the right thing to do was to marry Natalie. But Erica was not ready to let her new love go. She sent an actor to pretend to be a minister while she investigated the truth behind her claims. Erica stormed in and revealed Natalie’s deception showing the child was in fact Alex’s. A pregnant Natalie, Jeremy, and Erica were stranded on an island together after a plane crash. There, Natalie gave birth to Timmy Hunter. The trio were rescued and returned to Pine Valley were Jeremy’s continued association to Natalie annoyed Erica.

Jeremy was later in prison for a murder he did not commit, and Erica planned a helicopter jail break. As Erica wanted to marry Jeremy, he rejected her rather to see the justice system through. Erica got on the helicopter alone, closing the chapter of her life with Jeremy.
Love struck again with political candidate Travis Montgomery. A night of passion left Erica pregnant with his child. Travis was too consumed in his career to do anything about the situation. Travis’ ex-wife, Barbara, was working on his campaign too and strayed his attention away from Erica and on to her.

Noelle Keaton, a mysterious woman, came to town and was revealed as the real Silver Kane. The sisters went to Dr. Damon Lazzarre for help in revealing the secrets of Silver’s amnesia. Then, they learned Silver was brainwashed by Damon and that her mother, Goldie Kane, planned to kill Erica so that they could cash in on Eric Kane’s inheritance. Eric had left Erica a small Canadian isle called Cobb Island that Silver would get after Erica’s death. Jeremy saved Erica and Silver from Damon who was ready to throw them off a bridge. Silver and Jeremy began a relationship, alleviating some of the tension Erica had with Natalie. Natalie cut silver’s life short in an accident, creating a larger rift with Erica and Jeremy.

Erica experienced a bout with toxemia when she was in labor with her child. Travis stood by her as she drifted into a fantasy about all her lost loves. When she came to, Bianca Montgomery was born into the world. The little bundle united Travis and Erica’s love and they finally married. But, Travis’ failed campaign and ailing finances strained their marriage. This time, Erica was the one distracted by another person, Travis’ brother Jackson Montgomery. Travis was in the hole and decided he would fake a kidnapping to cash in on his insurance policy. The kidnapper, Steven Andrews, changed his plans and took Bianca instead. After Jack saved Bianca, Erica left Travis. Steven befriended Erica who did not know he was the kidnapper. Travis confronted him. Travis suffered severe injuries in their altercations causing him to have temporary amnesia. He turned to Barbara again for comfort, and Erica turned to Jackson for a way out of her marriage.

Erica founded her own company, Enchantment Cosmetics. In this time, Eric Kane was revealed to be alive as circus clown Barney. He got a stake in Enchantment and part of Erica's heart. He again left town, scorning Erica by giving his shares in Enchantment to Natalie. Mark's addiction to drugs grew worse and after breaking his engagement to Brooke, he moved in to Erica's attic. Erica arranged an intervention with those who loved him. Mark left Pine Valley soon afterwards knowing his sister would always be by his side.

Bianca fell ill of Reyes Syndrome, and Erica saw it best to give her a normal life outside the hospital. Erica and Travis remarried again for Bianca’s sake. Jack and Erica continued an affair behind Travis’ back. Erica never had to make the choice between brothers, when Bianca caught Jack and Erica in bed together. Travis sued for role custody of Bianca. Erica needed an ally and she pleaded with Jackson to testify that they never had an affair. Jackson could not lie, at risk of loosing his license to practice law. Travis won the custody battle and relocated with Barbara and Bianca to Seattle. Jack wanted to comfort her, but Erica wanted nothing to do with the man who betrayed her.

Erica embarked on a May/ September romance with Enchantment model Charlie Brent, much to the distaste of Ruth Brent Martin who believed Erica had plagued too many of the Brent/Martin men. The two were engaged to be married. Nick got wind of this news and returned to Pine Valley to keep Erica and Charlie apart. Nick’s tough love opened Erica’s eyes. Nick was now more of a fatherly figure to her, and not an ex-lover.

Adam revealed to Erica that they were still married because he sent Stuart to his divorce proceedings all those years ago. Meanwhile, Bianca was up for admissions at a prestigious school. Erica was afraid of what the bad press would do to her chances at admissions. Adam was still recovering from loosing everything to Brooke, and a bad marriage to Natalie. This time, Erica was ready for Adam, and played the dubious housewife role to a “T.” Adam couldn’t handle it, and the two parted ways, this time as corporate allies as they shared Enchantment.

In the late eighties, royalty struck Pine Valley in the form of Count Andrassy, Dimitri Marick. Although they were at odds with each other over Enchantment, the two took a romantic trip to Budapest. There Edmund Grey, who claimed to be Dimitri’s brother, kidnapped her. Erica and Edmund became friends in her captivity and decided that the situation could work in her favor by making Dimitri jealous. She did not anticipate the intervention of Helga Voyetnitzva, Dimitri’s former mother in law. Dimitri saved Erica from Helga’s grip, crowning her his prince. They planned to wed but a storm came to town in the form of Kendall Hart, the daughter Erica put up for adoption after her rape by Richard Fields. Mona recognized her birth-mark. At first Erica grew fond of the young woman and made her assistant. The day she married Dimitri, she had all her family with her, including Nick. It was a wedding made for royalty.

Kendall became nothing less of a she-devil, marrying Dimitri's illegitimate son Anton Lang to get closer to the Wildwind scene and traumatized Erica so much that she stabbed Dimitri in the chest thinking he was Fields. Erica disowned Kendall when she brought Fields to town during her attempted murder trial. Kendall even perjured herself on the stand to incriminate Erica. To add to the tragedy, Mona died later that year after defeating a struggle with breast cancer. Nick Davis and Myrtle Fargate made pacts with Mona months earlier before her cancer surgery to take care of Erica if anything happened to her. Both stayed true to Mona, especially Myrtle who became her surrogate mother. The death hit Erica so hard, that at the funeral, she through herself on Mona's coffin. Mark returned to town to help her sister mourn as well. He helped her realize how lucky she was for all the years she had with a mother like Mona. The greatest testament to Mona’s life came in the form of long time rival Phoebe. Phoebe told Erica that she always wished she could have resolved her conflicts with Mona before her death and that she truly raised a wonderful daughter. Erica had finally won over the respect of her idol.

Erica and Dimitri worked through their conflict and remarried. Kendall would leave town on the understanding that she and Erica may never have a true mother/daughter relationship. Erica became addicted to pain killers after she fell off the stage on her show, The Cutting Edge. To satisfy her addiction, she turned to evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder and stole prescription notes from sister in law, Maria Santos Grey. This was not her only way to scorn Maria. Her addiction came out at the Woman of the Year Award in which she attacked her family verbally and admitted to her affair with Jonathan. Dimitri left Erica again, but Erica learned she was bearing his child. Myrtle took Erica to rehab, were she kicked her habit. She wanted to take Jonathan down so she teamed up with Janet Green, and his ex-wife Skye Chandler. They were successful in sending Jonathan to prison for his crimes against them.

One night, she heard Dimitri and Maria discussing there on night-stand. Erica had miscarried Dimitri’s baby. Erica confronted the pregnant Maria, accidentally inducing her labor in an abandoned cabin. Erica helped her give birth to her baby and drove the child to the hospital in one of Pine Valley’s biggest storms. She careened off the road, and the baby fell into the river bellow. A woman named Ester retrieved her. Erica returned to scene of the babies “death” when the storm when Ester showed up. She gave Erica the baby. Maria and Edmund were mourning the death of their baby boy, so they had no idea that Erica new “adopted” girl, Sonya, was theirs. Dimitri and Edmund Grey revealed the truth about Sonya and Erica was carted off to prison, ending her second union with Dimitri.

Bianca ran away from home to Erica’s prison cell. Travis returned to retrieve her, but Bianca was visibly ill. Travis threatened to keep Bianca away from Erica forever when Bianca fainted. A doctor revealed Bianca was anorexic. Edmund saw all of Erica’s pain at the thought of loosing her child, and dropped the charges against Erica. Erica planned an intervention with Jack, Travis, Barbara and Dimitri to have Bianca admit to her problem. Bianca was sent to rehab. The intervention brought Jackson and Erica together again. She gave a warning to Barbara and Travis that they could not cut her out of Bianca’s life ever.

Jackson and Erica were engaged to be married when Mike Roy came back from the dead. Jack told Erica she had to make a choice between them. Erica told Mike that they were over, but Mike could not take no for answer. They had a one-night stand. Mike told Jackson, who left Erica again.

Erica soon fell for Dr. David Hayward. David helped her recover from an accident that had injured her face, her greatest asset. Their relationship was not to be after David drugged Erica with a libido heightening serum knowing very well she was a recovering drug addict.

Bianca returned to town for a visit in 2000, but Travis' death made the arrangement permanent. Bianca returned with a secret, she was gay. Erica was nothing less then shocked. It was hard to see her move on to a serious relationship with Frankie Stone. Frankie ended up dead at Cortlandt Mansion, and Erica was the main suspect. Best friend Opal tried to remedy the situation be reuniting daughter and mother. The situation grew worse when Kendall returned to town and testified against her mother. Federal Agent Chris Stamp defended Erica and was able to free her of the charges. Chris and Erica fell in love and where engaged. Later that year, Erica's child hood home the Linden House was burned down by an arsonist. The evidence at first implicated Kendall. The arsonist was later revealed to be Trey Shepard, Richard Field's and Vanessa Cortlandt's son. It was not to be for Erica and Chris as she still harbored feelings for Jack. Chris felt betrayed after Erica slept with Jackson. Their marriage was called off. He later died defending Maddie Grey from hitman Flanders.

Erica was engrossed in competition with Michael Cambias. Boyd Larraby's anti aging cream had the potential to take Enchantment to the top, even over Kendall's new cosmetic company FUSION. Based on mutual hatred for Michael, Erica and Kendall teamed up to take him down. Although she wanted to break away from Kendall again, she could not after she saved her from Michael's rape attempt. Erica flashed back to her rape, and Kendall helped her to pull through bringing mother and daughter together.

As Erica prepared to wed Jackson, she learned a bombshell from Mary Smythe: Greenlee duPres, Mary’s daughter and Erica’s former assistant and now rival, was Jackson’s daughter. Erica hired Tad to dig up dirt on Mary to keep her quiet. On Jack and Erica's wedding day, Greenlee burst in and revealed the truth of her paternity. Jack went to the hospital with Joe Martin and Tad to verify she was the blood donor that saved his life after complication from a gun shot wound. Erica and Jack were since estranged, yet love would have them gravitate towards each other again.

Bianca revealed Michael Cambias raped her after keeping the secret for about a month. Jack arrested Michael and Erica encouraged him to take Cambias down. In the end, there was not enough evidence to prosecute him as Bianca had destroyed most of the evidence the night of the rape. Erica comforted her daughter as she reverted for a time to a more infantile state. At the same time, Michael Cambias had gained control of Enchantment. Erica turned to former flame David for help in avenging Bianca's rape, and he obliged. Michael disappeared from Pine Valley soon afterward. He was presumed dead, and everyone in Pine Valley was a suspect. Anna Devane found Erica's day planner in his apartment. Kendall revealed to her mother that she had married Michael, thus gaining control of Chandler Enterprises, FUSION, and Enchantment. Erica was disgusted, and disavowed her daughter again. All the while, Bianca learned she was pregnant with Michael's baby. Erica encouraged her to abort the fetus.

Instead, Bianca decided not to terminate the pregnancy. She turned to Kendall, who agreed to her plan to deceive everyone that she was in fact pregnant with Michael's baby. Erica was even more furious with Kendall. When given the option of taking Enchantment back from Kendall with no strings attached, she rejected, refusing to be a pawn in her game. Secretly, she was suspicious as to why Bianca was being so secretive and why David was working on a case for the now dead Frankie Stone. Erica had begun to cozy up to David again. The two planned to chemically castrate Michael the night he died, but things went awry. Erica stole Michael's gun and ran away with it. She blacked out; however, she did know Adam had seen her. Kendall was revealed to have been lying to everyone in her trial for Michael's murder. Erica realized Bianca was still pregnant, and Kendall was not. Worried if she had in fact killed the rapist, Erica turned to Tad again to fill in the blanks of the night he died.

Tad’s investigation turned up a witness who placed a woman who looked a lot like Erica at the scene. In fact, it was Bianca who killed Michael. Erica could no longer handle the pressure of the trial and the pregnancy. She slowly turned to the bottle, worrying everyone around her including her ex-husband, Tom. Bobby Warner, seeing Erica in such a moment of week judgment, took advantage of the situation and took her in as his “whale” at a Las Vegas casino.

After the supposed death of her granddaughter, Miranda, Erica got a strange call and left her penthouse. She arrived in Las Vegas, at her father’s funeral. He had died minutes before she arrived. Erica wanted to blame Eric for all the tragedies of her life. By cursing on his grave, Erica found a sense of closure she desperately needed. Nonetheless, her downward spiral continued. She was befriended by the owner of The Seasons casino, Zachary Slater. Zach knew she was Erica Kane, but followed through with her charade as Desiree Dubois. After a drunken out lash, Zach forced her into a hospital. She called Ryan to save her. He arrived and, after much argument, was able to take her out of the hospital and back to the Pine Valley. As she left Las Vegas, the dark image of Eric followed her.

Back home, the pressure of being around loved ones only fueled her alcoholism. She went to Jack’s apartment to confront him, but instead ran into Lily Montgomery, Jack’s autistic daughter. In her inebriated state, she scared the teenager. Jack showed up and kicked Erica out. The next morning, she heard knocking at her door. When she opened it, Jack was there along with her daughters, Opal, and Myrtle. She recognized what Jack was doing: it was an intervention. Erica refused to listen to Jack. She did not think that she had a problem. Not even Bianca’s pain of loosing her daughter, or Kendall’s confrontation could dissuade her. It all looked in vain until Mark appeared at her door. Mark told Erica her problem was just like his drug addiction, and that just like she saved him, he was going to save her. Erica admitted to the addiction and its root, her rape. Eric had given Erica to Fields all those years ago, and in return Fields was going to star in his movie. With the truth out in the open, Erica could finally move on. She promised to go to rehabilitation to overcome her addiction. In an emotional move, she also proclaimed her love for everyone in the room, including Kendall.

Zach followed Erica back to Pine Valley, and invested heavily in Bianca’s foundation. Zach seemed to have a vendetta against the Kane women. In fact, he was Alexander Cambias, II, Michael’s supposedly dead brother.

Jack and Erica again rekindled their love. On the night they were engaged Erica got devastating news, Bianca had fallen off a terrace and was in a coma. Erica rushed by her bead-side where Kendall revealed a startling fact: Miranda wasn’t dead. In fact, she was being raised as Bess Chandler by Babe and JR Chandler. Erica was worried about what the manipulative JR would do if she learned Erica knew the truth, so she made a bold move. She stormed into the Chandler Study and confronted Adam. She threatened her ex-husband saying no Kane would be raised under his watch, ever.

Adam was forced to comply with Erica's demand for a DNA test. This time, the results left no doubts in anyone's mind: Bess Chandler was Miranda Montgomery. JR tried to make one last run with the child, but Erica and her granddaughter were reunited. She and Jackson rushed to the hospital with Miranda in hand. She reintroduced her to Pine Valley, this time with the correct identity. Bianca laid in a coma. By her bedside, Erica demanded that Bianca wake up for the sake of her child. Bianca slowly gained consciousness as Erica reunited her daughter with her own.

The coming weeks were pure bliss for Erica. Her family was reunited. Nick and Mark came back to town to welcome the newest member of the Kane clan as well. Nick had a gift for Bianca that neither Kane was expecting. It was a letter, from Mona, written before her death for Bianca when her first child was born. In it, was Mona's wisest words of advice to Bianca on being a mother and Kane woman. But, in the coming weeks Bianca announced her decision to leave Pine Valley and have a new beginning in Paris. Bianca left promising Erica that she would be back when Erica and Jack finally married.

Erica's only worries now were aimed toward Kendall and her relationship with Ethan Ramsey. She did not want another Cambias in the family. Erica was desperate enough to enlist the help of Zach. Erica also pushed Ryan to stand strong in his decision not to have children with Greenlee. Jack realized all of Erica's erratic actions stemmed from her cold feet to get married. Jack whisked Erica away from Pine Valley in a yacht to finally get married. Erica tried to get away, but could not. Finally, she gave in to her feelings. All the Kanes and Montgomerys arrived in Boca Raton, Florida for the nuptials. Erica lit up seeing Bianca and Miranda again. The Kane women united in front of the mirror again before the wedding, letting Miranda in on a part of Kane history. Finally, Jack and Erica walked down the aisle in a magnificent ceremony. The all-family affair seemed all too short. Erica had the last word when she surprised Jack with a wedding gift, the yacht he kidnapped her in.

The new Mrs. Montgomery returned in Pine Valley and laid the groundwork for her new company "New Beginnings." But, many of the problems she left behind remained. She enticed JR to break up Kendall, who married Zach to make Ethan jealous. She also learned of Greenlee's plot to steal Ryan's sperm from a sperm bank, again intervening in her life.

Portrayed by:

Susan Lucci (January 6, 1970- present)


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