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Edmund Grey


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born:   Edmund Gresham Grey
Mother: Flora Gresham

Father: Hugo Marick
Step-Father: Alfred Grey

Siblings:    Dimitri Marick (half-brother)
Married to:
   Maria Santos
   Brooke English (invalid)
   Samuel Carlos Grey (adopted from Kelsey Jefferson and Bobby Warner)
   Madelyne Flora Grey (w/ Maria)

Occupation: Owner of Tempo Magazine

The compassionate journalist Edmund Grey came to Pine Valley in search of a life he once had. He returned to childhood home Wildwind after the recovery of his friend, Angelique Voyenitzva. Angelique was once married to Wildwind Prince Dimitri Marick, Edmund's long time rival growing up. To escape Dimitri's oppression, as he was the child of two servants, he went to college out of state. While in Pine Valley, he became determined to uncover the Will Cortlandt murder mystery. Yet the only mystery he would solve would be the lies of his past.

A servant told Edmund that he deserved everything Dimitri had. Not knowing what he ment, Edmund began to investigate with current flame, Brooke English. They discovered that Edmund himself may have been a Marick. Determined to prove this, Edmund went on a rampage against Dimitri. He became so determined he would loose the respect of both Brooke and Angelique. Edmund would discover that Helga, Angelique's mother, knew the truth. On one of the towers of the castle, she revealed to Dimitri and Edmund that they where brothers. Betraying the pact she made with Hugo Marick, she jumped off the tower to her death. Dimitri conceded Edmund's half of the fortune and the brothers began a process of reconciliation for their father's faults. Edmund and Brooke's work at Tempo had them uncovering a senior citizen scam. A man was pushing around a fake retirement complex called Willow Lake Acres. To entrap him, they enlisted the help of an unwilling Phoebe Wallingford. Edmund posed as her gigolo, Eduardo. Brooke and Edmund feigned an argument to make their relationship look real. Phoebe warmed up to the charming Edmund, and went along with the plot. The climax of their story had Brooke sinking in the swamp where the retirement home was meant to be. Brooke and Edmund's romantic flame was not yet extinguished.

He tried to move on with Brooke, but she felt a need to give her son, Jamie Martin, a stable life with his father, Tad Martin. Brooke left Edmund, and entered a loveless marriage with Tad. Edmund was left heartbroken.

Edmund fell in love with new Pine Valley neurologist, Maria Santos. The two married after a brief courtship. The two married after a brief courtship. Their marriage was challenged early on because of Edmund's dangerous job. He was presumed dead in a car explosion at the hands of Matt Callaway. In fact, Edmund was alive and used his supposed death to finish out getting information for his story. He came back to Wildwind the night of his funeral. Maria rejected Edmund thinking he had chosen his job over her. But, their love was strong and Edmund was relentless in his pursuit. Husband and wife were happy again.

Maria and Edmund had troubles conceiving. Anita Santos arranged for them to adopt her friend, Kelsey Jefferson's baby. Kelsey was at first happy to find the baby a happy home. She moved into Wildwind and soon harbored a crush for Edmund. Kelsey had her baby and the couple named him Samuel Carlos Grey. Kelsey convinced Edmund that she should stay longer in Wildwind to wean the baby. When Edmund did not return her affections, she turned her attention to regaining Bobby Warner, Sam's true father. She wanted to cancel the adoption, devastating Maria and Edmund. Maria tried to make a run for it with Sam, but Edmund caught up with her at the airport. Edmund told his wife that the right thing to do was to return Sam to Kelsey. Maria turned the baby over to her husband. Betrayed, Maria returned home without Edmund and found solace in Dimitri's bed.

Maria was soon pregnant, but the question of paternity loomed over the brothers. Skye Chandler, switched the results to make Dimitri look like the father in hopes of getting Edmund for herself. The night Maria had the baby, it supposedly fell into Willowlake and died. In fact, baby Grey was Erica's newly adopted daughter Sonya Kane. Erica's conscious wore away at her, and she returned the baby. The Grey's named her Madelyne Flora. Erica was sent to prison for kidnapping, but the compassionate Edmund could not see her suffer. Erica's daughter Bianca Montgomery refused to eat. Edmund dropped the charges and told Erica to help Bianca. The Greys could now live in peace.

Returning home from Brooke's award ceremony in New York, the plane the Greys were on crashed on the Jersey shore. Brooke and Jim Thompson saved Edmund and Maddie, but could not get to Maria in time. Edmund lost some of his hearing because of the crash and began to act erratically. Edmund seemed to never have a chance to mourn Maria's death. It seemed as if he would never come to grips with it. Dimitri did not want Maddie hurt, and sued for custody. He won as the tests said he was the father. Skye tried to tell Edmund the truth, but he could not hear her confession. When she finally came across, Edmund and Tad Martin plotted a rescue of Maddie from Valdzel in Hungary. Dimitri refused to let her go, but his wife Gloria Marsh Marick told him it was the right thing to do. They all returned to Pine Valley. Edmund planned the first Crystal Ball in honor of his late wife. Dimitri had other plans for Edmund and plotted to kill him that night. Gloria thwarted the attempt after hearing his confession to Edmund at the crypt. A fallen branch injured Dimitri, yet Edmund still saved his brother's life.

Adam Chandler offered Tempo Magazine to Brooke, Jim, and Edmund. Edmund wanted to know more about Jim before going into business with him. When he found out that he was a former child pornographer, Jim retaliated and imprisoned him in an aqueduct where he would drown. Dimitri found his brother and helped him out. Unconscious, Edmund found the will to survive when he was visited by an image of Maria telling him to live for the children. In a way it gave Edmund a sense of peace. Finally, the man had closure over his wife's passing.

Edmund returned to Wildwind and opened his house to his large extended family including Gillian Andrassy, Ryan Lavery, Hayley Vaughan, and Mateo Santos. A brief relationship with Kit Montgomery did not bear any fruit. He was ready for Dimitri’s return from Hungary; however, on the plane ride home he supposedly died. At the hospital, he wanted the doctors to do more to save him but a mysterious woman stated that they should do nothing. When he asked who she was, she remarked she was Dr. Alexandra Devane Marick, Dimitri's wife. Thinking she was another gold digger, he dug into her past. He discovered she was in fact an amnesiac who was raised by the leader of one of the largest espionage groups in Europe. He vowed to help her regain her memories, constantly putting his own life in danger. While in England, they found Dimitri alive! The three tried to return home, but he seemingly died again to thwart the plans of Alex's evil mother Charlotte Devane. Charlotte revealed Alex's sordid past as a spy. Edmund and Alex where able to take down Charlotte. Edmund began to have feelings for Alex and proposed to her. But Dimitri would rise from the ashes again revealing David Hayward and Dixie Cooney, to cure his degenerative disease, were treating him. The engagement was off.

Dimitri thought Edmund had a hand in Alex's disappearance after Ryan's launch party. Edmund was sent to Oak Haven by Dimitri as a punishment. Brooke helped the brothers reconcile. They decided to pull their resources together to find her. Alex returned on her own, with a surprise, her late sister Anna Devane. Anna was also being targeted by Charlotte's minions, and the Wildwind crew came together to protect her.

Proteus hit Pine Valley's teen scene by storm. Edmund's sister in law, Rosa Santos, became involved with one of the drug suppliers Marcus. Edmund and Mateo came together to uncover who the drug lord was. Simone Torres acted as their go between, and Anna investigated David who Edmund saw as a suspect. At the same time, he and Brooke became closer. After Edmund saved Brooke's son Jamie from Proteus, Vanessa Cortlandt, they unified their love. Edmund proposed to Brooke. She was reluctant to say “yes” as she was the last person to see Maria alive. Phoebe Wallingford with the help of the little Greys and Jamie plotted a romantic evening for them at the Crystal Ball. The two were to be married.

Enzo Santos needed a liver transplant and all the Santoses and Chandlers where tested. The only match on hospital records where Maria Grey and a woman in Nevada named Maureen Gorman. All hope seemed to be gone. Brooke went to investigate Maureen and discovered she had an uncanny resemblance to Maria. Tad told her to forget about it and finally marry Edmund. On the day they where married, Maddie remarked that she saw her "Mommy Angel" in the crypt. Edmund did not understand. Brooke told him it was Maria. With anger in her eyes he went to crypt to find her. He arrived and saw his late wife alive again, yet she had no memory of her past life.

Maureen began to have flashes of the past including her death and giving birth to Maddie. Edmund was tired of how slow the recovery was coming along taking extreme measures like arranging a visit by her sister Julia Keefer who was in the Witness Protection Program. Anna revealed David had found her after the crash and gave her a drug to cure her injuries that wiped out her memory. Edmund was at first angry, but then asked him for the drug to get the memory back. She had a bad reaction to it and Edmund admitted to drugging her drinks. Maureen was furious Edmund and left Wildwind with Aidan. It seemed as if all was lost. Edmund turned to new friend Mia Saunders for comfort.

After Chris Stamp saved Maddie from an assassin’s bullet, more of Maria's memories came to Maureen. They grew in intensity all the way to the night that Maria and Edmund where married. Maria came to Wildwind and Edmund saw something was different. They embraced and Edmund was overjoyed to have the love of his life back. Edmund planned a vow renewal ceremony and they wed again in front of their children and family.

Edmund and Maria's marriage was rocked by attacks on them and their friends by the Calvatras family. He took a bullet in the back to save Maria, and was paralyzed from the hip down. Edmund was tired of being an invalid, and turned to Brooke for help in researching a risky surgery. A surgery Maria did not want him to have. Edmund decided to go through with it, with or without Maria’s support. After the surgery, Edmund woke up and realized it was unsuccessful. He finally had to com to grips with his permanent parlysis.

Edmund's ego was hurt because of his paralysis. Edmund got a mysterious call that there was going to be a murder in Pine Valley. Edmund suspected new Pine Valley resident Zachary Slater. Maria tried to calm his pursuit, but soon he learned why. Maria, while in Nevada, had a romance with Zach. Edmund thought he was loosing his wife to Zach again. When Ryan was shot at Zach's casino, Edmund was sure it was Zach's fault. Bobby agreed to corroborate Edmund's story. But when the police arrived, he had jumped town with Edmund's incentive money.

Edmund took matters into his own hands. He began spying on Zach, which in turn had him spying on his wife. He caught them in an intimate moment. Edmund got the ball rolling on a divorce. But later, he changed his mind. Instead, he thought it was going to be more just if he lulled Maria into a sense of security before he finally broke off their union. Brooke caught on to his plan and could no longer recognize the man in front of her. Furthermore, he was now feigning paralysis.

Edmund got a call from a person who was a witness to Ryan's shooting. Edmund went to the Wildwind barn to get the story, and was hit on the back of the head with a shovel. Jonathan Lavery wanted to spike suspicion that Braden was back in Pine Valley causing trouble. He was Edmund's "witness." Zach and Ethan Ramsey arrived on scene and pulled him from the flames. But, no matter what Maria and the other doctors did at the hospital, they could not save Edmund. Maria refused to stop, but Edmund never regained consciousness.


Portrayed by:

John Callahan (1992-present)


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