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December 29, 1997

What an emotional week on AMC. The scene with Natalie coming to Tim's rescue this week was so terrific. I just loved it. Both Kate Collins and Tommy Michaels put such emotion into that meeting. I know I was bawling. In fact, I'm going to go watch it over and over just so I can bawl again. Seeing Kate Collins back was such a treat. Wouldn't it be great if she could come back to stay. But of course, she's dead. Hey wait, when did that ever stop a soap? Jeremy had a twin, Tad had a twin, why not Natalie? The only thing wrong with this storyline is Trevor and Janet being in love. Everything else about it is great. If they could just make it so they were friends and both working on being good parents, the story would be perfect. And then if Natalie's twin were to hit Pine Valley, maybe Trevor would fall in love with her. Sure that would be twisted too, falling in love with your dead wife's twin, but not any more twisted than him falling in love with your dead wife's attempted murderer! I just love Janet so much... she's my absolute favorite and I wish better for her. No offense, Trev. I was so happy when she said no to his proposal. I know she didn't want to say no, but felt she owed it to Natalie for saving Tim when she asked her to. So, how, exactly, is she going to get out of that promise?

Edmund and Tad are joining forces to get Dim. Quite frankly, Tad seems to be more interested in this than Edmund. I guess Tad just doesn't like to lose women to anyone, especially the Count. It seemed kind of strange to see Edmund faking his attempt at making up with Dimitri. To me, that just doesn't seem like Edmund's style. It's beneath him. And Dimitri has cause to be suspicious of him. Why wouldn't he be? It's just all happened too fast. So, Tad and Edmund enlist Gillian for their plan. Why not, the girl is always up for an adventure, isn,t she? I had a good laugh when Tad asked Gillian if she could do other accents. Gillian answers, "I'm the master of disguise." OK hon... if you say so. That line just happened to earn you the LINE OF THE WEEK! I suspect that Gillian is going to get an idea into that head of hers to extort money from Dimitri through all this. She wants a quick fix to her money problem and Dimitri has tons to spare, doesn't he? She should know that Dimitri doesn't just lie back and give in to demands of this nature. And as we see, Dim is going to be taking a gun with him to the Ball. This does not sound good to me. A loaded gun in the hands of the madman Count of Monte Disco! Oh my, anything can happen!

The new evidence on the plane crash comes to light this week. I just know that somehow Jim is involved with this piece of luggage that was found. And still, it makes no sense to me. It wasn't discovered through the x-ray thingy before he got on the plane, it wasn't discovered during the preliminary investigation, but now, way after the fact and after the blame is put on faulty parts, it's discovered. OK, I might even be able to see myself clear to believing this part of it (grudgingly, but OK), but I can't for the life of me understand how Jim would know that he would survive the crash. That is boggling my brain. Also this week, our new Jim debuts. Urgh, this is still making me so so so mad!! I'm really going to miss Roscoe Born. I had such high hopes for Jim on AMC. The more I think about it, he could have been redeemed as the child pornographer. Perhaps Laura showed him proof that she was 18... a fake birth certificate, or driver's license or something. Then he wouldn't have known that she was underage at the time. He could have pleaded ignorance. OK, it's lame. But you want to tell me that David Hayward's existence on AMC isn't? Anyway, with all the other evil things Jim has done since coming to Pine Valley, I don't think redemption is going to happen. And personally, now that Roscoe isn't playing him, I just don't care. I promise to try and give the new guy a chance, but I've been burned on recasts before, so I'm skeptical.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone all duded up for the Crystal Ball. I just love when everyone gets all gussied up and something good always happens. Remember the tornado? That was during Glo and Adam's wedding that wasn't to be. So what could it be this time? Well, we know that Dimitri is taking a gun. This does not sound good, especially since Edmund and Dimitri are going to square off. Dim wouldn't shoot Edmund, now would he? I don't think so. Maybe he'll shoot Glo? Nah, wishful thinking. Actually I'll be surprised if anyone we know actually gets shot. From what I heard, Dim's path to redemption starts at the Ball, and I think it has something to do with his ghostly visit from Hugo. I think Dimitri will see that he is becoming more and more like his father and decide that is not what he wants to be. What I'm curious about is; if his path to redemption includes telling Gloria the full truth. With Teresa Blake leaving by late January, it's very possible. And personally, I would like for her to find out from Dim, rather than Tad. Tad's just being way to obsessive about nailing Dim. I guess that's normal since Dim did marry Gloria out from under him, but that's more Glo's stupidity than Dim's.

Also at the Ball, the entertainment will be a magician and some dancers. I heard that somehow, Kelsey and Scott get handcuffed together. Must be a magic trick. Will it work magic on these two? They seem to be thrown together a lot lately. Maybe Scott will get tired of the very exciting and worldly Gillian for Oh Woe Is Me Kelsey. Oh that just sounds silly, doesn't it? Why would he give up Gillian for Kelsey? They're both easy, so it's not a sex thing. Although Scott does know that Gillian is using him for his money. Then again, why wouldn't Scott think that of Kelsey too? She did marry Bobby for his trust fund. Personally, I would rather see Kevin get a date than anyone else. It's time to bring back Rick! They refer to him enough, how about bringing him back, AMC?! Don't chicken out on me now! I'm glad to see Belinda and Miles finally having their date. I don't mind Miles really, but I sure like Rafe a lot better. I would love to see more of him! Actually I'd like to see him come between Hayley and Mateo!! Wow, I like that?! Oh my, the creative juices are flowing now and I'm going to stop it before they get out of control!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Remember that AMC is pre-empted on New Year's Day. In the spirit of the season I have decided not to give out the Slap Award today, it'll be back next week though! My special thanks this week go out to the ladies who are always there with an encouraging, a kind or funny word, scoop, a bit of news, or just there when I need them. So thanks to Ro, Jean, Anne Marie, Beckey, Glenda, Kim, Carol, Marie, Karen, Sue, and all my chat buds! Much love and many thanks! Oh, and last week I forgot a very important person in my thanks to the men... Very Special Thanks go to Dan... thanks for letting me be me every week!!!