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December 22, 1997

So sorry for the delay this week everyone, but the Diva has been flitting from holiday party to holiday party. Whoa, that one after the Dankie's was sure something! I'm not sure if I've even recovered yet! But on with the show. This week on AMC has been actually very amusing. I've had some good laughs, and most had to do with Gillian or at Gillian's expense. There were so many good quotes this week, I'm having difficulty coming up with a line of the week! We had Adam proclaiming to no one that he will get Liza back, even if he has to have a stroke, an Adam Chandler sized stroke, to do it. We had Scott and Gillian go to see Adam, Adam tossing them out staying "Get out! and take Princess Pretty Pout with you!" Then there was Gillian proclaiming what we have all thought at one point... "Talent is relative, we don't know if I've got it. We'll find out later." But the winner of the LINE OF THE WEEK goes to Liza. In her rant at Gillian after she ruined the taping of The Cutting Edge she said, "You're attention span is as short as your hemline!" Good call Liza! What about that scene at the mall? Was she even wearing a skirt? I looked for one, but it was at least as short as her jacket which was pretty darn short! Gillian, that girl just makes me laugh. She's real good comic relief. I think it's really funny that Gel Boy is on to her being after his money. She can't slip that one by anyone can she?

Trevor asks Janet to marry him and I'm sick about it. This unlikely couple is just too unlikely for me. I hate the whole idea of Trevor and Janet marrying. Of course, you all knew that anyway. I must admit I was got a bit choked up and misty this week with that touching scene between Amanda and Tim. These kids can really act! I have to say, I feel for Tim. I wouldn't want my dad marrying the woman that almost killed my mother either. But this week the angel of Natalie appears and makes all things right with the world. But just because Tim finally comes to terms with Trevor and Janet doesn't mean I have to! Did you spot me in that mall scene? While everyone was cheering after Trevor's proposal I was the one screaming "NO JANET!!! Say no!!!!" I will admit though, that as much as I hate Janet and Trevor together, Tim has made this story interesting. And I can't wait to see Kate Collins. Janet had some really great moments this week. I really love any scene she has with Erica. These two friends are a match made in heaven and I just hope that AMC will continue it. All it took was a great pep talk from Janet to convince Erica that her plan of escape would not work. The scoop last week that Dimitri catches Erica trying to escape is just silly and turns out to be nothing. What happens is Erica hears some Christmas Carolers outside and opens her window to hear them better. Jail cells always have windows right? Dimitri sees her by the window and assumes she's trying to escape. Dimitri is there to give his testimony on why Erica should remain in jail. But it doesn't work and Erica gets released with Edmund's help. Finally! I'm sure Susan Lucci is happy for this stint in jail to end, but not as happy as the viewers! This jail stuff was just so stupid and far fetched. Windows? China? Manicures? Bowls of fruit in the cell? The list goes on and on about the unrealistic jail stuff and I for one am glad it's over.

David is a pretty smooth guy huh? What a romantic proposal of marriage. "Honey, I want you back in my life, and if I don't have you I will tell the world you lied about your undergrad grades and are a fraud. Will you marry me?" He should have hired a sky writer to do it, that would have made it all the more special. Bravo to Jake this week for waking up to the world around him and noticing how Allie stiffens everytime David is around or his name is mentioned. Big clue...he's a part of her past. They are both from California, even worked in the same hospital. What Jake should have done is give Amanda all these facts and she would have figured it out in about 5 minutes! So now that David proposes I guess we'll get to see the scene yet again and Allie could tell him that she has a new life yet again. This storyline is so redundant and dull it makes me (almost) long for a scene with Laura in it.

So the man that cried wolf is actually in some real trouble this week. Adam has another stroke and Liza just walked out on him in the middle of it. When will Adam learn not to manipulate people? Ever? Probably not. Hayley does seem to be rather gullible where Adam is concerned. At least Liza questions if he is on the level, Hayley just jumps right in and goes to his side. I guess that's what daughters are for though. And she did hire him a nurse! Oh what a hoot that was! The actress, Marsha Lewis played the part of the nurse from hell wonderfully!! At first I was thinking, this has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen, but then it just got funnier and funnier. Great casting job! But the thing that bugs me, is that Liza did walk away from Adam while he was having a stroke. After the talk they had just had, it would seem to me that Liza should have realized that he's not stupid enough to try and pull it off again. But then again, how could she believe him after all the underhanded tricks he's pulled. Will Liza and Hayley really believe him this time? Liza mentioned that he paid off the doctors the first time, so will she think that again this time? I have to think that this stroke isn't real serious either though, since Adam has a lot of stuff going on next week in regards to the plane crash. So I believe his paralysis will be short lived. But for trying the stupid stunt in the first place, for manipulating everyone around him, for being a stubborn old goat who stop at nothing to get what he wants... this week Adam is the recipient of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD.

I'm hearing all kinds of strange rumors about why Roscoe Born was replaced. The main thing I keep hearing over and over is that he just didn't show up for work one day and taping was delayed. Seems that Roscoe didn't like the direction they were taking Jim and decided to just walk away from it. I have no idea if any of this is true, and although if he did do this, it's very unprofessional, I almost can't blame him. What the heck was that obscene phone call all about?? That made no sense at all. Are we supposed to believe that he could talk Laura into leaving town because she received a crank call?? And now this new information about the plane crash? When I heard about this stuff the only thing I could think of was that they are going to pin this crash on Jim! Brooke recognizes the luggage fragment that is found with the explosive residue on it. So who's could it be? It's not Edmund's or Maria's, it's not her's. I'm not sure when she would have seen what kind of luggage Jim has...and in fact, as far as I can remember, Jim didn't even bring luggage with him on that trip did he? But the way it reads, Brooke thinks she recognizes the luggage and Jim tells Adam not to count his chickens just yet. It just all seems to point to Jim and that makes no sense to me. Why would Jim want to blow up the plane? How were the explosives not discovered before they got on the plane? How is it that when the investigation was going on, there was no explosive residue found, but faulty parts were? If anyone can enlighten me on any of this, I would appreciate it. I feel like I'm either missing something really obvious, or it makes absolutely no sense. I tend to think it's the latter.

Remember everyone, AMC will be preempted on Christmas Day. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and thanks for coming back to the Scoop week after week!! It's greatly appreciated! And a special thanks to my four boys who are always so wonderful and supportive...Ivan, Bruce, Dom and Victor! I love you guys!!!